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My Timezone: UTC+2

HISTORY Came to play cities via link from Urban Dead browser gameĀ“s wiki.


In holiday island, for period ....unknown. Now Back, will visit time to time. Quess it will be quite scarce!
Will plan next move abit, some quest. Visit Oz maybe.




  • Age: 1 year (had 1 birthday)
  • Align: Air
  • Rank: Duke
  • Starsign: GNU
Fortune for sign of the GNU - Monday 27th November 2006 to Sunday 3rd December 2006.
You may have some problems with trading with other players,
but there may be a surprise relating to your
items in the market next week. There is a chance at the begining of the week
that you might take damage badly.



  • Accuracy potions drunk: (1)
  • Learn to use wiki-edit (some day)
  • make some gas jars (why not)
  • Get roc rocks to School of hard knocks, and crocodile scales and triffid stings
  • Get scarf so can get in to research library 38E 148N
  • get Totem quest items x2
   X 2 Iron 
   X 3 Iron 
   X 4 Iron 
   X 5 Iron 
   X 6 Iron 
   X 7 Iron 
   X 8 Iron 
   X 9 Iron 
   X Putter 
   X Tee     
   * Can of Wyrms
   * Coconut
   I Consonant                 (Dropped by Vorder Men, in oz)
   I Copy of Battlefield Earth
   X Daemonic Letter Opener
   X Daemonic Dagger
   X Daemonic Knife
   I Daemonic Sword
   * Degree of Enlightenment  (Gained from staying on a retreat in a Temple in Oz)
   I Giant Snowball           (Make one while standing on Snow terrain at high latitudes (above 190N).)
   * Gram of Fairy Dust        (note: exists as duck-billed in Oz) attack fairy(ghost) with nuff
   X Issue
   I Lemon
   * Lime
   I Measure of Serenity       (Gain by going on a Retreat (300 AP) at a Monastery.)
   * Orange
   * Perl                     (attack a giant clam with a unit of sand, then kill it.)  
   * Pineapple
   * Pomegranate
   * Pint of Fairy Liquid      ( (note: exists as duck-billed in Oz) attack fairy(ghost) with nuff)
  XX Power Crystal              (Found on monsters in space.)
   X Rattle
   X Rodden Berry               (Forage in Space.)
   X Toy Unicorn
   I Tribble  
   * Vowel                     (Dropped by Vorder Men, in oz)


  • Coconut;
  • Pineapple;
  • Pomegranate;
  • Fairy liquid? Gram of Fairy Dust? Will get from Oz, needs 2! nuffs. GOT 1
  • Lime; Orange? found from jungle
  • Perl; form Oz , how hard to find?
  • Degree of Enlightenment; needs APs if from OZ
  • Daemonic Sword; hard to make
  • Can of WYmrs; where to get it??
  • 7 Irons; to slow to get from OZ?
  • Vowel and Consonants; Vorder men dif to kill??


  • Vodka Martini
  • Champagne Cocktail

-OK. Bring me a Bottle of Tequila, a Bottle of Orange Juice, a Bottle of Grenadine and 3 Empty Cocktail Glasses.


Earth Quests

  • School of Hard Knocks 5LVL

Fire Quests


Water Quests


Air Quests

  • Totems


  • Slay the Gorgan
  • Ghost Hunters Guild
  • Pandora's Socks
  • Talisman Maker and Heinlein Books
  • Pop Idol
  • Ancient Castle
  • Jock McStrapp
  • Dread Cthu1hu's Garden
  • The Goodyear Pimp
  • Paul

Norhern Quest

  • Thor in a Cottage

Underground Quest

  • South-West Tunnels
  • North-West Tunnels
  • North-East Tunnels
  • Royal Engineer
  • Not Open Yet - South-East Tunnels

  • Bomb Squad
  • Ghost Hunter's Guild
  • Animal Sanctuary
  • Pandora's Socks

Hermits Herbs DONE

Gingsen Root
Sprig of Parsley
Sprig of Rosemary, Bunch of Dark Green Leaves (Forest,Badlands)
Sprig of Sage, Bunch of Long Silvery Leaves (badlands, dust)
Sprig of Wormwood
Sprig of Mint
Sprig of Oregano
Sprig of Thyme, Bunch of Small Yellow Leaves (badlands)
Vanilla Pod, Elongated Seed Pod (jungle)
Cocoa Pod
Handfull of Hops
Ginger Root
Nutmeg, Knobbly Root (hills, wildernes, heath,trail, clearing)
Piece of Chincona Bark
Pinch of Aniseed
Chilli Pepper
Rose Hip
Juniper Berry, Small Black Berry (forest, thieves forest)
Mandrake Root, Yellow Fleshy Root (Jungle)
Nutmeg, Large Hard Seed (jungle)

Standing Stones DONE:

  • I 74E 49N needed Feather 15-16
  • II 73N 55E ned Jar of Plum Jam 16-17
  • III 71E 62N needed Loaf Of Bread 17-18
  • IV 67E 67N ,Piece of Chalk 18.00-19.00
  • V 62E 71N ,Legolas Cocktail 19.00-20.00
  • VI 55E 73N ,Gollun Cocktail 20.00-19.00
  • VII 49E 74N ,Gandalf Cocktail 21.00-22.00
  • VIII 43E 73N ,Frodo Cocktail 22.00-23.00
  • IX 37E 71N ,Bilbo Cocktail 23.00-0.00
  • X 31E 67N ,needed D12 0.00-1.00
  • XI 27E 62N needed D10 1-2
  • XII 25E 55N needed D8 2-3
  • XIII 24E 49N needed D4 3-4
  • XIV 25E 43N neede D6 4-5
  • XV 27E 37N needed cucumber 5-6
  • XVI 31E 31N needed Sun Flower 6-7?
  • XVII 36E 27N needed Bunch of Grapes at 7-8 (UTC+2)
  • XVIII 43E 25N needed Sheaf of Wheat 8-9
  • XIX 49E 29N needed Eel 9-10
  • XX 55E 25E needed Lion Fish 10-11
  • XXI 62E 27N needed Flying Fish 11-12
  • XXII 67E 31N needed Cod 12-13
  • XXIII 71E 36N needed Earth Stone 13-14
  • XXIV 73E 43N needed Fire Stone 14-15

Treasure Chests:

Brown Beards *18?? (58E133N) :13 000 gold, gold piece, mysterious envelope(pink beards-), Healing Bling

Blue Bears (7E0S) : Copy of friday, Impending kick spell, earth sword, 14kG, Gold bling, bottle o RUM!

Pink Beards (35E0S) : arrow, aling all to earth spell, 13kG, Major healing bling, Bottle o RUM!!! %D






Nasty Experiences

  • Always remember to skin the new Tribbles right away, 1 costed me 6000 worth of Handfull of Dough.
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