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Tonight, on Cryptozoology of the Mysterious:
In November 2006, a page on our world's wiki community was edited. The culprit, whose only identification was bel3338, was never seen. Forensic evidence suggests this mysterious editor appeared suddenly and disappeared without a trace.
Here is our re-enactment of that night.

Sorry for the complete and utter blandness of this page - but as soon as labs (I'm a chemist if
you're wondering - and no not the sort that works in Boots) are over I promise (to anyone foolish
enough to have stumbled across this meager and pathetic offering) that I'll try and make it more

Recently, more evidence of bel3338's existence has been brought to light. Authorities have refused to discuss the possibility of bel3338.
Some have speculated that bel3338 is a missing link between Citizens and the Skippy, a form of life found only in Oz. However, in December 2008, special Cryptozoologist of the Mysterious on-site reporter S. Mackie unearthed evidence of bel3338's existence. Here, for the first time ever, documents are revealed which offer a glimpse at a different possibility. Could bel3338 actually be a prototype government aircraft? Government authorities have refused to comment on this, and have never launched a formal investigation into bel3338.
Recently, a strange creature has been seen in the Sewers of the 'Kingdom. Some believe this shadowy creature may be bel3338. If so, what brings it to these dank corridors? Is there some substance in its murky depths which bel3338 requires for sustenance? Is bel3338 actually a ninja? Are the Great Lords sending reconnaissance aircraft into our bathrooms through drain pipes?
Citing other recently unveiled government documents, S. Mackie believes this latest appearance in connection with Sewers may be related to an air crash many years ago in the vicinity of what is now the North-East Tunnels. His investigation of the sewer sightings have revealed a damaged air vehicle deep in its eastern-most recesses. Visible in these photographs are indications that the craft is, indeed, of an extra'kingdom nature. Our on-site reporter contends that bel3338 may be an alien.
However, the documented evidence of a government project is difficult to ignore. What's the truth of this mysterious beast?

  • Is bel3338 truly the missing link between man and kangaroo?
  • Is it a stealth-capable aircraft, built to spy on Citizens by the Great Lords while at their most vulnerable?
  • Is bel3338 actually a being from another world, stranded in the 'kingdom by a damaged spacecraft? This Strange Metal found near the Sewers displays unusual properties.
  • Could bel3338 be a ninja assassin, using the Sewers as refuge, or even training grounds?

We may never know.

Next on Cryptozoology of the Mysterious...

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