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Quests I have completed are in bold; quests I am currently working on are in italics. The format was copied from Sertularian's Quests page.

Quest Status
Initiation / Getting Drunk
Treasure Hunt
Rock Soc Pub Crawl
School of Hard Knocks Kindergarten
Getting Knighted (Completed)
Initiation (Completed)
Befriending the Guards (Completed)
The Duel (Completed)
Becoming a Baron (Completed)
Becoming an Earl (Completed)
Becoming a Duke Looking for a sandwich-making team.
The Gauntlet
Learning to Swim (Completed)
Initiation / First Aid (Completed)
Snark Hunt Still looking...
'Becoming a Doctor 100 HP out of 600.
Killing the Undead Dragon
On Call
'Water Skin 100 HP out of 2000
Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities (Completed)
Time and Space
Creature Survey Still need a Pinata, Knights who say Ni, Esquilax, and Ghost.
Standing Stones My Horoscope
Collecting Tarot Cards 2 out of 22
Merchants Guild
Jack and the Beanstalk
Martial Arts Training at the Dojo
Tree of Life (Caverns) and Bomb Squad
Training from the Master Thief
Ghost Hunters Guild
Malaria I was never able to participate
Animal Sanctuary
Smelly Pete
Pandora's Socks
Herman the Hermit
Talisman Maker/Book Club I have read 0 out of 32 books
Thor in a Cottage
The Labyrinth
Treasure Hunt 2

Places to Go


City Status
Fire City (Completed)
Water City (Completed)
Earth City (Completed)
Windy City (Completed)
The Forbidden City


Attraction Status
Royal Palace First three visits done.
Festival (Completed)
The Arena
Cloud Land
Space, the Final Frontier
Thor's Cottage
Darksatanic's House
Ignatz's Retreat
Take a Ride on Isam Bard's Space Elevator


Island Status
Bombadiers Den
Eigh-Bay Island
Isle Of Fright
The Isle of the Gorgan
Holiday Island
Monster Island (technichally a peninsula)
Ninja Island
Cigar Island
The Cursed Island

Quest Details

Cucumber Sandwiches

Looking for folks to team up with.

Quest of Time and Space

Not yet started.

My Horoscope

This is where I keep track of what I need and when I need to worship at the various Standing Stones. I don't know any of them yet.

* I
* II
* IV
* V
* VI
* IX
* X
* XI
* XV
* XX
  • 74E 49N - I -----
  • 73E 55N - II ----
  • 71E 62N - III ---
  • 67E 67N - IV ----
  • 62E 71N - V -----
  • 55E 73N - VI ----
  • 49E 74N - VII ---
  • 43E 73N - VIII --
  • 37E 71N - IX ----
  • 31E 67N - X -----
  • 27E 62N - XI ----
  • 25E 55N - XII ---
  • 24E 49N - XIII --
  • 25E 43N - XIV ---
  • 27E 37N - XV ----
  • 31E 31N - XVI ---
  • 36E 27N - XVII --
  • 43E 25N - XVIII -
  • 49E 24N - XIX ---
  • 55E 25N - XX ----
  • 62E 27N - XXI ---
  • 67E 31N - XXII --
  • 71E 36N - XXIII -
  • 73E 43N - XXIV --


interpolated (I need it)
verified (I need it)

There is a one hour period for worship at each stone.

Worshipping requires 30AP.

I hope none of them fall on me.

Tarot Cards

I have the bold-faced cards. Once I have a couple of dupes I'll start looking to trade...

Martial Arts

School of Hard Knocks

Level Gold Stings Scales Feathers Rocks Status
Now 0 0 0 0 0 In Kindergarten
1 .5k 1 2 2 1 I Overslept
2 1k 2 4 4 2 The Bus Was Late
3 1.5k 3 6 6 3 My Dog Ate It
4 2k 4 8 8 4 Bad Hangover
5 2.5k 5 10 10 5 There's Too Much Reading
6 3k 6 12 12 6 My Teacher Hates Me
7 3.5k 7 14 14 7 I Had A Big Game
8 4k 8 16 16 8 The Class Is Too Early
9 4.5k 9 18 18 9 I Don't Have Time To Do Homework
10 5k 10 20 20 10 Anywhere Else, It Would Have Been An A !!!
1-6 10.5k 21 42 42 21
7-9 12k 24 48 48 24
10-12 16.5k 33 66 66 33
13-15 21k 42 84 84 42

Each level n gives +30 Max HP, and costs:

500*n Gold Pieces
n Triffid Stings
2*n Crocodile Scales
2*n Phoenix Feathers
n Roc Rocks
50 AP
Current Goal: assemble the necessary components to go straight to Level 10.
27,500 GP Currently around 500
55 Triffid Stings Currently 0
110 Crocodile Scales Currently 0
110 Pheonix Feathers Currently 0
55 Roc Rocks Currently 0

My Library

Color Key (bold means I have it IRL)

I read it, but I don't own it I own it and I read it I own it, but I have not read it yet I need it! Do you have it?

The Robert Heinlein Collection (needed for the Talisman Maker)

Beyond This Horizon Rocket Ship Galileo Starman Jones To Sail Beyond the Sunset
Sixth Column Farmer in the Sky Between Planets The Puppet Masters
Have Space Suit - Will Travel Glory Road The Star Beast Double Star
Tunnel in the Sky Variable Star Time for the Stars Citizen of the Galaxy
The Door into Summer Methuselah's Children The Rolling Stones Starship Troopers
Podkayne of Mars The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Red Planet I Will Fear No Evil
Time Enough for Love The Number of the Beast Space Cadet Job: A Comedy of Justice
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls Farnham's Freehold Friday Stranger in a Strange Land
Stranger in a Strange Land (Hardback) (not needed for the Talisman Maker)

(I'm disturbed to discover that some that I believed I had in real life have gone missing...)

Heinlein books not available in the game that I also have:

Assignment in Eternity The Green Hills of Earth The Man who Sold the Moon The Menace from Earth
Orphans of the Sky Revolt in 2100 The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag Waldo & Magic, Inc.

Useful and Questionably Useful Books

The Citizen, Vol. 2 Guide to Time and Space Norse/English Dictionary The Way of the Finger
The Art of the Flaming Punch The Art of the Stone Fist The Art of the Wet Slap The Art of the Nasty Blows

My Herb Collection

Description Locations Status Proper Name
a Brown Fleshy Root Unknown
a Bunch of Curly Green Leaves Unknown
a Bunch of Dark Green Needles Unknown
a Bunch of Long Silvery Leaves Unknown
a Bunch of Pale Hairy Leaves Unknown
a Bunch of Pointed Aromatic Leaves Unknown
a Bunch of Small Green Leaves Unknown
a Bunch of Small Yellow Leaves Unknown
a Cactus Not Needed for Herman a Cactus
a Dragon Fruit Not Needed for Herman a Dragon Fruit
an Elongated Seed Pod Unknown
a Fleshy Seed Pod Unknown
a Handful of Papery Flowers Unknown
a Knobbly Root Unknown
a Large Hard Seed Unknown
a Piece of Bark Unknown
a Pinch of Small Brown Seeds Unknown
a Pointed Red Fruit Unknown
a Red Seed Pod Unknown
a Small Black Berry Unknown
a Small Blue-black Berry Unknown
a Yellow Fleshy Root Unknown


Item I have Raft Small Boat Survey Vessel Caravel Ferry Speedboat
AP 0 100 100 100 100 100 100
Plans ---> 0 0 0 0 0 0
Pieces of wood 3 30 60 100 150 250
Pieces of Ancient Wood 0 30 30 30
Lots of Tar 0 8 16 24 32 40 15
Bronze Nails 0 25 25
Copper Nails 0 50 50 20 40 20
Bits of Iron 7 250
GPS 0 1
Map 2 1
Bottle of Sparkling Wine 0 1 1 1
Empty Bottle 0 1 1 1
Power Crystal 0 1

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