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BortJr is neither Bort nor Jr


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Art Contest

Told you BortBortBort was Swedish


Horsie Sequencing

You set up your chemistry set and do some magic with the blood. You lose a Bottle of Rum. You lose a Bottle of Whisky. You lose 2 Mugs of Ale. You lose a Bottle of Vodka. You get a syringe full of DNA.

and then, 30 ap later, at HOGO:

You lose a Syringe of DNA (Belladonna's blood). You lose an Agar Dish. Your horsie has been sequenced. We didn't get it all, but this is what we could work out: ??R?WR?WWWRV BVRB?WVRRWRV

[11:40] <BortJr> My quantum sheep keeps giving me the stink-eye for using his food.
[11:42] <BortJr> HEY! EVERYONE!
[11:42] <BortJr> You feel funny.
[11:42] <BortJr> You gain a Jelly Fish.
[11:42] <naath> WOW
[11:42] <naath> Where?
[11:42] <naath> What allignent?
[11:42] <naath> allignment even
[11:42] <BortJr> 45e 183s
[11:42] <BortJr> i'm neutral but can't see the buggers
[11:43] <naath> ah
[11:43] <BortJr> i hit fish randomly :)
[11:43] <BortJr> who here /isn't/ neutral, and would like a summon to see who can see them?
[11:43] <naath> I don't have a net
[11:45] |<-- Incen has left (Ping timeout)
[11:47] <BortJr> naath, what alignments are you?
[11:47] <naath> air/water/earth
[11:47] <naath> no nets
[11:47] <BortJr> AndyLandy> but you can see fishes of all alignments represented on your trawler
[11:48] <BortJr> so i should be able to see the fish if i have someone of the right alignment on my boat
[11:48] <naath> ah
[11:48] <naath> well, summon if you like
[11:48] <BortJr> who first? :)
[11:48] <naath> grab naath
[11:49] <naath> I'm not doing anything with any of them
[11:49] <BortJr> what alignment is naath?
[11:49] <naath> water
[11:50] <BortJr> well, we now know that jellyfish are water :)
[11:50] <BortJr> Trawler:
[11:50] <BortJr> Jelly Fish: Some.
[11:50] <naath> coool!
[11:50] <BortJr> SCIENCE!
[11:50] <naath> yay
[11:50] <naath> you should wiki that
[11:51] <BortJr> i will, just a minute.
[11:52] <BortJr> if you want to go to the TP near the party, and summon BortJr, there might be something a little jellied, and a little fishied in it for you.
[11:52] <naath> ooooh
[11:52] <naath> here you are
[11:52] <naath> still on your boat
[11:53] <naath> now I REALLY REALLY MUST get a bloody Indigo guard tomorrow
[11:54] <BortJr> theres you a fish and your stone back :)
[11:55] <naath> it was your stone to start with... but thanks
[11:55] <BortJr> oh, duh, that's okay, i've got hordes.
[11:56] <BortJr> and now to rest at the party. I have 3 ap left :)


[12:12] <BortJr> ??R?WR?WWWRV BVRB?WVRRWRV
[12:12] <Suchros> Bort just ate a jellyfish ;)
[12:12] <Spacer> Vashka: you have an Ice Cream named after you...
[12:12] <BortJr> suchros, not quite :) that's Belladonnas DNA
[12:12] <Vashka> Yes...though I did pay for it :)
[12:12] <naath> oooooh
[12:12] <Spacer> Ew Bort...didnt your mother ever tell you not to out those things in your mouth (four rooms)?
[12:13] <naath> what's Belladonna's type and colour?
[12:13] <BortJr> belladonna is a pinto horsie
[12:13] <naath> girl/boy?
[12:13] <BortJr> girl
[12:13] <darksatanic> <BortJr> ??R?WR?WWWRV BVRB?WVRRWRV
[12:13] <darksatanic> \o/
[12:13] <Spacer> wow, the genetic string is really long...
[12:13] <BortJr> yay me!
[12:14] <BortJr> actually, i'm assuming the ?s are where HoGo said they couldn't quite get it all.
[12:14] <naath> so we've got - gender (2?) colour (2?) quark (2?) type (2?)
[12:14] <Spacer> Im gonna have to get that figured out for LF soon
[12:14] <naath> so there's lots more than that there
[12:15] <BortJr> By the way, doing SCIENCE! on horsie blood is thirsty work:
[12:15] <BortJr> You set up your chemistry set and do some magic with the blood.
[12:15] <BortJr> You lose a Bottle of Rum.
[12:15] <BortJr> You lose a Bottle of Whisky.
[12:15] <BortJr> You lose 2 Mugs of Ale.
[12:15] <BortJr> You lose a Bottle of Vodka.
[12:15] <BortJr> You get a syringe full of DNA.
[12:15] <Spacer> wow
[12:15] <Suchros> Any drinks in bags / lost any there ?
[12:15] <Spacer> I wouldnt think you could be scientific if you were that drunk...
[12:15] <Spacer> or do you use the booze as chemicals?
[12:15] <Eusebia> well, working in a lab sometimes is boring
[12:15] <BortJr> darksatanic: it really should say "You set up your chemistry set and do some SCIENCE! with the blood."
[12:15] <BortJr> :)
[12:15] <Suchros> You're just waiting for the results I guess... (been there done that:)
[12:16] <Eusebia> especially the DN stuff, that does make you drink some days ;))
[12:16] <Eusebia> btw, dinner
[12:16] <BortJr> I think you have to use alchohol to prepare DNA in the real world
[12:16] =-= Eusebia is now known as Eusebia-afk
[12:16] * darksatanic points at the letters used for DNA base pairs
[12:16] <Eusebia-afk> Yes Suchros, those damn electrophoresis machines take so long
[12:16] <BortJr> RWVB? Rum whiskey Vofka Beer?
[12:17] <darksatanic> :)
[12:17] <naath> heh
[12:17] <Vashka> hehe, that's brilliant
[12:17] <naath> do we have allignment associations for those drinks?
[12:17] <BortJr> no wonder our horsies miss so much. they're drunk down to a genetic level
[12:18] <BortJr> now for a flurry of wikiing
[12:19] <Spacer> LF doesnt miss :)
[12:19] <darksatanic> Was your horsie one of the ones that's been sequenced completely?
[12:19] <Spacer> she didnt even miss much when she was a Pwny
[12:19] <Spacer> DS: who?
[12:19] <naath> hmmm, yeah. Next sequenced horsie should be one we know already
[12:20] <darksatanic> Spacer: That was @ BortJr
[12:20] <BortJr> I dunno, i don't pay much attention to science, just SCIENCE!
[12:21] <BortJr> i'm just trying to find where to wiki this newfound SCIENCE!
[12:21] <naath> Belladonna is Pk, EA according to the wiki
[12:21] <naath> XX
[12:21] <Spacer>
[12:21] <naath> no quark noted
[12:22] <Spacer> Bort: I would think: here
[12:22] <naath> ??R?WR?WWWRV BVRB?WVRRWRV> so I dunno what DNA records normally look like but I'd guess that the two 'halves' are from one parent each


[12:38] <darksatanic> Hello, Elsephone.
[12:38] <darksatanic> Someone's just found a shoal of jellyfish, and sequenced the first horsie...
[12:38] * Elsephone is a bit drunk. Splattered with fake blood and reading zombie comics.
[12:38] -->| Corellis ( has joined #cities
[12:38] <darksatanic> Sounds like a good party. :)

My Fifth Record

While going down to monster island (technically a penninsula) to change my alignment, I am confronted with a vampire on one path, and a vindaloo monster on the other. I have no lager...but I have wood! I make pointy stick and stick the vampire.

You slay the Vampire. You gain 3 Mugs of Coffee (proper). You gain 2 Mashers. You gain a Record. You gain a Night Stick. You gain a Water Talisman. You gain 217 Gold Pieces. You gain a Mall Talisman. You gain a Clean Bandage. Now using Fists.

BortBortBort is a marine biologist


Terrains which should be .indoor, but aren't, and terrains which are .indoor, but shouldn't

Should be .indoor...

Phoebes Palantirs 94, 96
Swim School? 96, 93

Also, the four bridges in water city are apparently covered, because they are .indoor.

Should not be .indoor...

The Knights of Tubthumping roads 81, 97, and 81,96
the road to the airport, at 15, 93, and 15, 94
The airport itself?

Wanted: Someone who is educated in .CSS

I'm looking for a .CSS educated collaborator. A preference for ROGUEish activites helpful. Contact BortJr via IRC, PAYG, or user page discussion to proceed.

This is no longer a valid offer. Go see Bort Goggles

Cities Message Board

There is a message board for Cities that has been started over here: Cities Board Right now, it is mostly myself and my brother-in-law chatting about stuffs. Come by and bug us. The catch, you ask? you have to register to even see the board. (sad panda)


BortJr, Fire, CotRNG
BortAtion, Earth, CotRNG
Bortia, Air, CotRNG
BortBortBort, Water, CotRNG
For a good time, contact BortJr on IRC.


The Cult of the RNG formed today. --BortJr 10:00, 9 August 2007 (BST)

To the generous person who gave me oil and vinegar

I'm sorry, I don't remember who you are. I'm a terrible human being. Please get in touch with me, here or via PAYG or IRC so that I may properly bash you with kudos.

y helo thar. I'm the infinitely generous, wise and handsome human being who decided on a whim to give you the oil and vinegar at the trading post near the dragon pass. I have several characters. The one who happened to give you the items was my second, Aras. I saw that you didn't have them in your inventory and you were an Earl. I figured you'd need them. We met earlier in the week on IRC. I was Blue_Refugee (or Ade, I can't remember). You and bitchinbetty amused me, so I decided to pay you back. No kudos are necessary, man. We're even. --Ade 15:13, 7 August 2007 (BST)
At least now I have a name to thank. Thank your name!

Make shelves! Shelves good!


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