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Standing Stones

Template snarked from jmb's excellent page.


  • regular typeface is used for unverified items copied from Tialaramex's Horoscope, which is apparently the same as my own. The Standing_Stones page has also been an invaluable resource.
  • items in italics have been verified by checking the Stone, but have not been offered.
  • bold face marks items offered and accepted at the time given.
Your offering is consumed by the hungry earth.
You lose a Jar of Plum Jam.
You feel the stones' power making you healthier (+5 max AP).
You have now made an offering at the entire network of standing stones. The combined power reduces your AP regen. 
time by one, and you can now move freely between the stones.
  • 74E 49N I     0800h Cod
  • 73E 55N II    0900h Earth Stone
  • 71E 62N III   1000h Fire Stone
  • 67E 67N IV    1100h Water Stone
  • 62E 71N V     1200h Air Stone
  • 55E 73N VI    1300h Fire Talisman
  • 49E 74N VII   1400h Water Talisman
  • 43E 73N VIII  1500h Earth Talisman
  • 37E 71N IX    1600h Air Talisman
  • 31E 67N X     1700h Measure of Serenity
  • 27E 62N XI    1800h Clove of Garlic
  • 25E 55N XII   1900h Feather
  • 24E 49N XIII  2000h Jar of Plum Jam
  • 25E 43N XIV   2100h Loaf of Bread
  • 27E 37N XV    2200h Piece of Chalk
  • 31E 31N XVI   2300h Legolas Cocktail
  • 36E 27N XVII  0000h Gollum Cocktail
  • 43E 25N XVIII 0100h Gandalf Cocktail
  • 49E 24N XIX   0200h Frodo Cocktail
  • 55E 25N XX    0300h Bilbo Cocktail
  • 62E 27N XXI   0400h D12
  • 67E 31N XXII  0500h D10
  • 71E 36N XXIII 0600h D8
  • 73E 43N XXIV  0700h D4
* I
* II
* IV
* V
* VI
* IX
* X
* XI
* XV
* XX

Apple Pips

There goes my stock of talismans...

You dig.
You find a magic apple!
You place it on the ground and wait.
After a while a Salamander wonders into view. It ignores you totally and eats some of the apple. A 
noise startles you and you look behind you. When you look back both apple and creature have gone.
Thinking back, you remember your mother telling you that you were born under the sign of the 
You lose a Magic Compass.
  1. 20E 09S
  2. 24E 12S
  3. 17E 21S
  4. 82E 17S
  5. 22E 30S
  6. 07E 23S
  7. 66E 34S
  8. 87E 33S
  9. 12E 19S
  10. 65E 18S
  11. 92E 18S
  12. 64E 09S
  13. 19E 24S
  14. 46E 22S
  15. 75E 31S
  16. 26E 21S
  17. 29E 33S
  18. 88E 15S
  19. 32E 26S
  20. 06E 31S
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