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Cooperation discussion

Celane, Stevie-O and I were talking, and for three players (Earth - Stevie-O, Air - you, and Water - me) to make three sets of sandwiches is even more efficient (158-167 AP per character). We were considering starting to do so Tuesday evening EST (around midnight GMT). Does that work for you? -- BlaisedeC 05:26, 11 March 2006 (GMT)

All righties; I'm at the Dragon Pass at the moment and am waiting for enough AP to do the growing on a nearby Hillside. I've got 10 beans; given the probability on plums that *ought* to do it. I've also got 2 Bits of Molten Glass I'll go ahead and blow into Jars for you guys (and, for that matter, I already have an Empty Vial as well for the salad dressing, so no worries there). How are we going to handle the race condition losing-things-at-trading-posts bug? *clip contact info* if we need to chat off-site.Celane 10:55, 12 March 2006 (GMT)
Kudos to you guys for teaming up on this. In my experience, things get lost at trading posts when your character does something _while_ another character is giving you something. Speaking counts. For example, if you were to "say" in the game, "I'm ready for the sandwiches now" WHILE someone was giving them to you, they _could_ be lost. This has only happened to me once. Best way to avoid it, I believe, is for the recipient to do NOTHING in the game until you are sure the trade is done. Communicating outside the game is an excellent idead. Good luck! Celane, please note, I am signing my post. -- Sertularian 14:24, 12 March 2006 (GMT)
Yeah, we really don't want to lose any produce on this one. And re: comment signing: Oh, so THAT's why you gave me that kudo that one time.  ;) Celane 19:36, 12 March 2006 (GMT)
After talking to Stevie-O on IRC, let's all sign onto and use #sarnies for our discussion (no need to bother the folks in #cities). -- BlaisedeC 06:42, 14 March 2006 (GMT)
OK, I'll get to a Trading Post near normal terrain and summon you. Then you can use that summon stone to summon Stevie-O, and we'll get to work. I'll also update the Beans Table to reflect that Heaths can't grow beans. -- BlaisedeC 05:39, 14 March 2006 (GMT)
We don't need that last Basket of Plums after all -- we lucked out. Stevie-O was at the Southern Market just as a Basket was available for 100 GP! I'll summon you tomorrow evening/tonight at 7:00 PM EST (midnight Wednesday morning game time). -- BlaisedeC 06:23, 14 March 2006 (GMT)

The Task Table

Now for the nitty-gritty... here's the table I worked up. It's been revised to include making or acquiring what's necessary for the Treasure Hunt and the APs for passing ingredients back and forth; it's also been adjusted so that I (who have the least AP available) can finish my part by 1AM.

DirectionsAP for 3AP for usNotes
Find the Ingredients
Find 24 Pieces of Wood 24 0 Done
Find 60 Units of Sand 18 0 Done
Find about 37 Magic Beans 37 0 Done
Grow the Veggies
From 9 Magic Beans, grow 9 Sheaves of Wheat (most common terrain) 45 0 Done
From 5 Magic Beans, grow 50 Cloves of Garlic (Desert) 50 0 Done
Give 17 Magic Beans, 24 Pieces of Wood, 1 Sheaf of Wheat, and 1 Clove of Garlic to the Air player421/2 done
From 15 Magic Beans, grow 3 Baskets of Plums and 12 Bunches of Grapes (Plains) 75 25 2/3 done
From 2 Magic Beans, grow 40 Olives (Badlands or Dusk Plain) 20 0 Done
Give 6 Magic Beans, 1 Sheaf of Wheat, and 1 Clove of Garlic to the Water player312/3 done
From 6 Magic Beans, grow 18 Cucumbers (Desert) 60 0 Done
Acquire 3 Sun Flowers 15 0 Done
Give 1 Sun Flower to the Water Player10Done
Give 1 Sun Flower to the Air Player11
Acquire 3 Bags of Coffee Beans 30 0 Done
Give 1 Bag of Coffee Beans to the Earth Player10Done
Give 1 Bag of Coffee Beans to the Air Player11
Prepare One Set of Glassware, Oil and Vinegar (can be shared by all four)
Turn the 24 Pieces of Wood into 24 Units of Charcoal 144 0 Done
Give 24 Units of Charcoal to the Water player 1 0 Done
Turn the 24 Units of Charcoal and 60 Units of Sand into 12 Bits of Molten Glass 108 60 2/3 done
Give 12 Bits of Molten Glass to the Air player 1 1 2/3 done
Turn 5 Bits of Molten Glass into 5 Empty Bottles150Done
Turn 6 Bits of Molten Glass into 6 Empty Jars18121/3 done
Turn a Bit of Molten Glass into an Empty Glass Vial 3 0 Done
Give a Bunch of Grapes, 1 Empty Vial, and 2 Empty Bottles to the Water player 3 3
Give 40 Olives and 2 Empty Bottles to the Earth player 2 0 Done
Press the 40 Olives into an Empty Bottle to make a Bottle of Olive Oil5 0Done
Give 5 Bunches of Grapes to the Earth player 1 1 1/5 done
Crush 4 Bunches of Grapes to make 4 Crushed Bunches of Grapes 8 6 1/4 done
Give 4 Crushed Bunches of Grapes to the Water player 1 0 Adjusted
Press a Bunch of Grapes into an Empty Bottle to make a Bottle of Wine 3 9
Spoil the Bottle of Wine to make a Bottle of Vinegar 9 9
Give a Bottle of Vinegar to the Water player01
Give 1 Bottle of Olive Oil to the Water player1 1
Prepare the Primary Ingredients
Grind the 6 Sheaves of Wheat into 6 Bags of Flour 18 18
Give 6 Bags of Flour to the Water player11
Knead the Bags of Flour into 2 Handfuls of Dough 2 2
Give 2 Handfuls of Dough and 16 Cucumbers to the Earth Air player22
Bake the 2 Handfuls of Dough into 4 Loaves of Bread6060
Give 4 Loaves of Bread to the Air Earth player11
Slice the 4 Loaves of Bread into 32 Slices of Bread 4 12
Slice about 15 Cucumbers into 75 Cucumber Slices4545
Give 30 Slices of Bread to the Water player 1 1
Give 75 Cucumber Slices to the Water player11
Make the Fifteen Sandwiches (Repeat 15 times, re-using the vial, oil and vinegar; AP is for all 15)
Use the Empty Vial, 3 Cloves of Garlic, and some Oil and Vinegar to make a Vial of Salad Dressing 45 45
Use two Slices of Bread, the Salad Dressing and 5 Cucumber Slices to make a Cucumber Sandwich45 45
Make the Jams for the Treasure Hunt
Give 6 Empty Jars to the Water player11
Give 3 Baskets of Plums to the Earth player111/3 done
Crush 3 Baskets of Plums to make 3 Baskets of Crushed Plums641/3 done
Give 3 Baskets of Crushed Plums to the Water player11
Press 3 Baskets of Crushed Plums into 3 Empty Jars to make 3 Jars of Plum Jam99
Press 3 Crushed Bunches of Grapes into 3 Empty Jars to make 3 Jars of Grapes Jam99
Give 5 Cucumber Sandwiches, a Cucumber, a Jar of Plum Jam, and a Jar of Grape Jam to the Earth player44
Give 5 Cucumber Sandwiches, a Jar of Plum Jam, and a Jar of Grape Jam to the Air player33
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