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Treasure is always important, arrr!


Pirate Loot

Yellow Beard's Treasure

20 June 2006, 29E x 25S:

You are hot.  (Why, thank you!)
You lose a Treasure Map (Yellow Beards Treasure) *2217.
You gain a Treasure Chest.
You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain a Plans for a Speed Boat.
You gain a Card: Justice.
You gain a Water Talisman.
You gain a Gold Piece.
You gain a Wand of Anger.
You gain 8000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Watch Bling.
Now using Fists.

The Earth City Treasure Hunt

I felt it would be useful to categorize the list by item acquisition method, since some things are laughably easy to come by (Fountain Pen) and some are the sort that drop off Fire Foxes once in a blue moon when you're doing something else and weren't paying attention (Glass Sword).

Also, if and when I get motivated, I'll table-ize this basic list and add columns for (1) price to purchase from a store, if applicable, (2) said store, and (3) recent prices per item from the Eastern Market (the only one I frequent normally, since I like Water City and its legions of slaughterable penguins so much).

March 14: Not motivated yet, but our sandwich-making party took care of the alignment produce. A quick stop by the market, maybe a quick run to the Temple of Love, and I should be ready to rumble. Ehrm, so to speak.

Alignment Produce & Craftables

These items may be crafted or grown by other players or yourself.

  • Bag of Coffee Beans (Have.)
  • Bunch of Grapes (Have.)
  • Cucumber (Have.)
  • Clove of Garlic (Have.)
  • Jar of Grape Jam (Have.)
  • Jar of Plum Jam (Have.)
  • Sheaf of Wheat (Have.)
  • Sunflower (Have.)
  • Unit of Charcoal (Have.)

Wizardly Wares & Other Merchandise

These items may be purchased in the Four Cities at appropriate wizards or stores.

  • Air Stone [Air City Wizard, 250 gold.] (Need.)
  • Earth Stone [Earth City Wizard, 250 gold.] (Have.)
  • Fire Stone [Fire City Wizard, 250 gold.] (Have.)
  • Water Stone [Water City Wizard, 250 gold.] (Have.)
  • Kings Crest Talisman [King's Store thingummy, 250 gold.] (Need.)
  • Summon Stone [3000 gold at any wizard.] (Have.)
  • Stone [Any General Store, 200 gold.] (Have.)
  • Glass of Absinthe [Temple of Love outside Fire City, 2000 gold.] (Have.)

Random Junk

You will probably have all of these by the time you reach 2500 exp, unless you did so by repeatedly thwacking one dragon you never did kill. Ye gods, that was a lot of ducks...

  • Empty Coffee Cup (Have enough Empty Mugs to choke a dragon.)
  • Fire Cracker (Have.)
  • Fountain Pen (Have.)
  • Gold Piece (Have.)
  • Huge Fire Cracker (Have.)
  • Magic Bean (Have.)
  • Pair of Scissors (Have.)
  • Palantir-as-you-go (Have.)
  • Pocket Watch (Have.)
  • Sextant (Have.)
  • Sheet of Paper (Have.)

Quest Items

If you've initiated to all four elements, you probably own these already.

  • Empty Bottle (Have.)
  • Piece of Chalk (Have.)
  • Set of Water Wings (Have.)


Try searching a ruin, killing things, or just go shopping at the markets.

  • D4 (Need - for rolling Incantatrix HP.)
  • D6 (Have.)
  • D8 (Have.)
  • D10 (Have.)
  • D12 (Have.)
  • D20 (Have.)

Expensive as All Hell

Unless you happen to, y'know, randomly find one and save it for evers and evers and call it Precious and Wuggles and all sorts of cutesy, vaguely disturbing nicknames.

  • Glass Sword (Have?!)
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