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Duke Cerril MD

Not sure why anyone would want to know this stuff, but here are the particulars of things I've done that I care about:

  • Meager Accomplishments
Finished the Gauntlet
x5 Damage mulitplier
Finished all four initiations and the scavenger hunt
Creature Spotting and Time and space
Got that water skin
Spent over 2300 AP at the monestary in (fruitless) search of a real life
Carrying a sacked snark to beat up tar with
Got more HP than I'd thought was feasible not long ago (7 levels at Hard Knocks)
Learned my Sign (Bull)
Picked up a Gorgan Head.
Got my cornucopia
Fed the forest thief until he burst
Meditated at the Altars
Joined the Bomb Squad
Got my base to-hit up above 100%
Made a pair of Air Catanas (one broke)
  • Currently...
Working on my caffienation
Cursing my rapidly dwindling aligned weaponry.
Collecting CDs
  • At some point soon
Will be making a hard decision between Oz and Space, and between Armourer and Magician
Will be getting back to the Dojo with a new Dawn Horn (thanks, Solune!)
  • And farther in the future
Will be trying to do something with the standing stones.
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