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  • Alignment: Earth
  • Maximum Action Points: 446
  • Maximum Hit Points: 528
  • Base to-hit chance: 112%
  • Damage Multiplier: 5
  • Number of Times Died: 1
  • Dragons Killed: 81

I discovered Cities in early/mid December and now seldom find myself with AP's in double figures :( It kept me sane on a rather boring DNS training course just before Christmas.

I play as the Earth aligned user trad_chad. The alignment choice was pretty much an accident, I didn't really take notice of that selection box when I created an account! I don't think there's any major advantage in being one alignment over another, though the higher to hit chance of Fire characters would be advantageous at times. The character name is something I've used online for some time now on LJ etc, and is a protraction the type of music I'm into in my circles and my name. IRL you'd often find me hanging about in places like the Temple of Love (I saw them at their secret gig last year), but I'm not as mopey as the clientele in there :p If I'd realised you can have spaces and capitals I'd probably have picked a different name.

Like most people, I'll document my progress and wants etc here. Standard stuff.


Current Status

  • Currently sailing the ocean in my speedboat, many thanks to Zingus for the wood
  • Recently killed the Gorgan and have made a few sandwiches
  • I've picked up Pandora's socks, ready for evil extraction at some point
  • Ventured underground at the great rift, activated the altar and killed the serpent


  • Palantir: trad_chad
  • Usually found lurking on the Cities IRC channel as:
  • trad_chad (active during work hours, 9am-5pm game time, lurking othertimes)
  • [had or Chad (evenings and weekends, gametime)

Quest Progress

Earth Quests:

  • Initiation / Getting Drunk
  • Treasure Hunt
  • School of Hard Knocks - 11 levels completed
  • Rock Soc Pub Crawl - I lovesh you I do, let me buys shou a drink...

Fire Quests:

  • Getting Knighted
  • Initiation
  • Befriending the Guards
  • The Duel
  • Becoming a Baron
  • Becoming an Earl
  • Becoming a Duke
  • The Gauntlet
  • The Caverns/Bomb Squad

Water Quests:

  • Learning to Swim
  • Initiation / First Aid
  • Snark Hunt
  • Becoming a Doctor
  • Killing the Undead Dragon
  • Water Skin - currently On Call, 2320HP healed to date

Air Quests:

  • Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities
  • Time and Space
  • Creature Survey
  • Standing Stones - details
  • Fortune Tellers - I was born under the sign of the Eagle
 You dig.
 You find a magic apple!
 You place it on the ground and wait.
 After a while a Eagle wonders into view. It ignores you totally and eats some of the apple.
 A noise startles you and you look behind you. When you look back both apple and creature
 have gone.
 Thinking back, you remember your mother telling you that you were born under the sign of the Eagle!
 You lose a Magic Compass.
  • Totems
 Penguin 	Daemonic Sword
 Salamander 	5 Iron
 Firefox 	Daemonic Knife
 Fire Dragon 	Lemon
 Angel 		Tee
 Water Dragon	Degree of Enlightenment
 Earth Dragon 	Rodden Berry
 Roc		Daemonic Letter Opener
 Lion		Putter
 Toad		Pomegranate
 Gnome		Can of Wyrms
 Sparrow	Rattle
 Crocodile	Tribble
 Triffid	Daemonic Dagger
 Air Dragon	Toy Unicorn
 Undine		7 Iron
 Worm		Giant snowball
 Glow Worm	Issue
 Bull		4 Iron
 Pheonix	Power Crystal
 Thunderbird	Consonant
 Gnu		Vowel
 Sylph		Copy of Battlefield Earth
 Eagle		3 Iron
 You make the connection!
 You lose a 3 Iron.
 Ancient forces increase your strength. (+5 max AP)
 You have connected all 24 totems! You've earned 30 seconds apdelay. Go you!

Other Quests:

  • Tarot Cards got a deck, extra cards here
  • Merchants Guild
40 adventurers have spent >1GP
43 adventurers have spent >10GP
39 adventurers have spent >100GP
26 adventurers have spent >1000GP
A lot less than Vashka then...
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Martial Arts Training at the Dojo
  • The Brunch Punch, I had to give:
 1. Night Club
 2. Brave Star
 3. Long Bow
 4. Reznor Blade
 5. Golden Gun
 6. Dusk Tusk
 7. Broad Sword
 8. Golden Gun
 9. Pair of Scissors
10. Reznor Blade
  • The Painful Punch, I had to give:
 1. Bull Whip
 2. Pointy Stick
 3. Spikey Ninja Throwing Star
 4. Spikey Ninja Throwing Star
 5. Reznor blade
 6. Repeating Bow
 7. Knife
 8. Merz Bow
 9. Morning Star
10. Breakfast Bar
11. Dusk Tusk
12. Pair of Scissors
13. Elf Arrow
14. Dragon Spear
15. Morning Star
16. Long Bow
17. Reznor Blade
18. Dawn Horn
19. Sacrificial Dagger
20. Ooops, I appear to have miscounted, he offered me training at this point
Not Dojo arts, but I have also learned:
  • Poke of Death
  • Stone Fist
  • Fire Punch
  • Nasty Blow
  • Wet Slap
  • Training from the Master Thief
  • Snacks requested:
1. A Bunch of Grapes
2. A Gram of Spice :(
3. A Basket of Plums
4. A Flying Fish. I see I'm getting all the easy ones.
5. A Gram of Spice. Oh joy.
6. An Eel
7. A Magic Bean
8. A Fortune Cookie
9. A Mushroom

10. A Magic Bean 11. a Jar of Grape Jam

  • Ghost Hunters Guild
  • Animal Sanctuary
  • Pandora's Socks - Got the socks
  • Herman the Hermit
Herbs requested:
  • a Bunch of Long Silvery Leaves - a Sprig of Sage
  • a Brown Fleshy Root - a Ginseng Root
  • a Bunch of Dark Green Needles - a Sprig of Rosemary
  • a Bunch of Small Green Leaves - a Sprig of Oregano
  • a Fleshy Seed Pod - a Cocoa Pod
  • a Bunch of Pale Hairy Leaves - a Sprig of Wormwood
  • an Elongated Seed Pod - a Vanilla Pod
  • a Yellow Fleshy Root - a Mandrake Root
  • a Handful of Papery Flowers - a Handful of Hops
  • a Pointed Red Fruit - a Chilli Pepper
  • a Red Seed Pod - a Rose Hip
  • a Bunch of Small Yellow Leaves - a Sprig of Thyme
  • a Knobbly Root - a Ginger Root
  • a Small Blue-black Berry - a Sloe
  • a Bunch of Curly Green Leaves - a Sprig of Parsley
  • a Small Black Berry - a Juniper Berry
  • a Large Hard Seed - a Nutmeg
  • a Pinch of Small Brown Seeds - a Pinch of Aniseed
  • a Piece of Bark - a Piece of Chinchona Bark
  • a Bunch of Pointed Aromatic Leaves - a Sprig of Mint
 Herman the Hermit says "Thanks for fetching that herb - it was a Sprig of Mint."
 "There doesn't seem to be any more that I can teach you."
 You feel more alert.
 You feel healthier.
  • The Talisman Maker

Substance Abuse

Dragon's Blood

1. You feel demotivated. Bugger.
2. The dragon blood detoxes your own blood. Hurrah, back on the coffee then :)
3. You feel demotivated. Damn and blast. At this point I felt like never touching the stuff again
4. You feel stimulated
5. You feel stimulated
6. The dragon blood detoxes your own blood
7. You feel stimulated
8. You feel motivated (+5 max AP)
9. The dragon blood detoxes your own blood
10. You feel demotivated (-3 max AP)
11. You feel Stronger (+5 max HP)
12. You feel Stronger (+5 max HP)
13. You feel motivated (+5 max AP)
14: You feel motivated (+5 max AP)
15. You feel motivated (+5 max AP)
16. You feel Stronger (+5 max HP)
17. You feel Stronger (+5 max HP)
18. You feel motivated (+5 max AP)
19. Searing pain rips through your body (-3 max HP)
20. You feel demotivated (-3 max AP)
21. You feel stimulated
22. You feel demotivated (-3 max AP)
23. You feel stimulated
24. You feel stimulated
25. You feel demotivated (-3 max AP)
26. You feel really good (+10 max AP)
27. You feel motivated (+5 max AP)
28. You feel so very weak (-5 max HP)
29. Searing pain rips through your body (-3 max HP)
30. You feel so very weak (-5 max HP)
31. Searing pain rips through your body (-3 max HP)
32. Searing pain rips through your body (-3 max HP)
33. You feel stimulated
34. You feel Stronger (+5 max HP)

Net +15 max AP, +17 max HP

I think I might leave it there. For now anyway...

Caffeine/AP boosters

This is where I intend to try and keep tabs on my caffeine tolerance

Too many x mugs of Coffee. I need to go and see Betty.
2 x cans of Red Bull
2 x grams of Spice (eaten in one go)
6 x Doses of Magic Powder
2 x Triffid Stings

I'm now completely tolerant to caffeine :( It'd be nice if your tolerance were to drop naturally if you abstain for a period, as IRL...

\o/ I got a clinic invite from a monster! \o/


Well, 1 death so far :( I signed up for the Duel, and spotted another duellist sitting at the Temple of Fire. I should have known it was a trap! I had a jab with my trusty sword and was rewarded with a blast from a Golden Gun - how ungentlemanly :-( Before I knew it I was back in Earth City, scratching my head and wondering what happened.

Undeterred, I signed up as a duellist again and happened upon another fellow duellist at the festival. This time I took no chances and am ashamed to say I whipped out my own Golden Gun and took a shot. Profuse apologies to the chap I despatched, I hope we can meet up in a seedy tavern sometime and I'll buy you a drink.

But boy did that shot cost me dear... over 10,000GP :/


Cod and Flying Fish
Midas wand
Glass swords
clinic invites
Most weapons considered, esp. Earth aligned
black powder

I can trade for Earth stuff - Eels, Garlic, Wheat, Flour, Dough or what have you. Or good old Gold Pieces.

Good Folk I've met whilst Questing

A list of Good Eggs I've traded with

  • Douro

I got heaps of stuff I was after, including enough cards to finish the tarot deck. Many thanks!!

  • JMB

Ah, co-operative play - this is what Cities is about! Armed with IRC for AP-free chat (maybe if people could "say" for *free* at a trading post it'd encourage more co-operation?) and stationed at a trading post we exchanged goods as well as skills.

e.g. It would cost me 50AP to bake bread, but only 10AP for JMB... so I handed over the dough and got sliced bread back. (We also determined slicing was cheaper for JMB, the wiki had some blanks filled in as we went). In return I ground up some coffee, and wheat to make flour and then dough for JMB as it cost me relatively little to do so. And we traded some alignment produce. Top stuff. So stop hoarding all the cucumbers you Water people and join in :)

  • JohnnyRogers

I got myself a rare Flying Fish which may just prove very useful for the stones quest. Also acquired some Triffid stings so I can start hard knocks :-) Being Earth I have to "anger" Triffids to fight them which means there's always a risk of poisoning :(

  • Darksatanic

Traded some Roc Rocks for Croc Scales so I can complete another couple of levels of Hard Knocks. I was slightly miffed at having just killed 2 crocs and got no scales :( Rocs aren't too bad for me as I do double damage, 3 hits with an Earth sword and they're history... I can take a few hits now I've been through Hard Knocks a couple of times.

  • MikeJ

Various bits exchanged on a few occasions, I finally got a Cod for the stones!! Lent out my SV plans too.

  • Eusebia

Swapped some feathers for something

  • eyepeel and antdos for herb swappery, summoning, sickle sharing and IRC chat :)
  • Macksting

Macksting came through with a heap of Flying Fish despite the system having lost a load when he handed them over previously :(

  • Syagrius

Triffid Stings! I thank you sir, more hard knocks ahoy.

  • Zingus

Standing stones stuff for Hard knocks stuff, and a nice healing potion :o) Ancient Wood for a speedboat! Thanks!!

Good stuff


 You attack the Rabbit.
 You cause 6 points of damage, and receive 6 experience.
 You slay the Rabbit.
 You gain a Brave Star.
 You gain a Bull Whip.
 You gain 499 Gold Pieces.
 You gain a Cruel Blade.
 You gain a Sacrificial Sword.
 You gain a Pair of Magic Boots.
 You gain a Golden Gun.
 You gain a Sextant.
 You gain 2 Glass Swords.
 You gain an Earth Stone.
 You gain a Clean Bandage.

Two glass swords :) Watch out Giant...

Bad Stuff

Tight arsed Sandworms:

You slay the Sand Worm.
You gain 13 Arrows.

About the last 5 I've killed now have dropped no spice :(

Lord and other Dignitary Spotting

I saw The Great Lord Yendor in a cave, he waved to me and then:

An official from the Council of Great Lords appears, hands you a package, and then disappears again.
You gain a Fortune Cookie.

Recently in Brighthelm I spotted both Harvey, resplendent in a purple Pimp's hat, and Ignatz, wearing a most fetching Jesters Hat. Neither hat seemed to be, er, "borrowable" :-)

'king Elseware himself nicked my own Red Party Hat just after Xmas, exclaiming "Ha!" as he did so.


List of all my stuff's here

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