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  • Argentinian
  • 29 years old
  • Economy teacher
  • Married to Yaedra
  • Likes to eat Asado
  • Plays a lot of RPGs both PC, and dice ones
  • Avid reader of almost anything I can get my hands on, specially the works of Borges, King, Poe and Philip K. Dick, just to name a few.
  • Lazy and proud of it
  • Finally my nickname is not a reference to Guevara, those are my initials, and also a very commonly used interjection where I live (that's how Guevara got his nickname, for using that word a lot, a thing most Argentinians do and cubans don't)


Well I don't feel like making a full list of what I have made in the game, first because I'm new and haven't done much, second (after almost 3 years playing, I cant really use that excuse anymore) because I'm too lazy to keep it up to date, and third because I don't think anyone ever read those, but for the really weird chance you are truly interested, you can see my current status here

After a month or so playing I decided to start a little experiment. I want to see how hard it is to become a Mage or an Armourer without doing the Nobility Ranks or the Military Ranks (although they would probably get knighted to get the fire initiation and the fire skills). Why you may ask? because although the game is not designed that way I like to think some people are just born to follow a certain path. Of course I imagine these poor individuals will have to pay large amounts of gold, do favours to a lot of people and spend a really long time getting there, but there's no rush.

If you want to check how far along they are:

Mage: Raistlin Already a Wizard

Armourer El_Forjador Already a master armourer

On the other hand if you are more interested in the RPG side of MMOs, or just want to know why one of my characters does the things he does, you can see that here

Thanks to:


Well, this is not the first game I play that has a wiki, and over time I developed some sort of skill with wiki code, if you need help doing something don't be afraid to ask.

Some of the things I did



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