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.This page a mixture of my different characters Rol in the game, their personality and some of their greatests achievements.

Since I like the RPG side of MMOs my characters have personalities, wishes and hopes of their own. If one of them did something you didn't like (I'm thinking in one in particular while writing this) and you would like some revenge go ahead, each one of them stands by their choices. I just ask you not to take it on the others, or for that with myself, this is just a game. Show some sense of humour.

Achievements take into account what each character considers important, for example career paths and related quests.


- Che -

He is an adventurer by nature. I think he is the only one that will do every quest out there, just for fun. He is a hard worker and prefers to do things "properly" although he is also too polite to refuse the help he is given. As he considers himself a true adventurer his achievements are few and not very often


  • He went from having no title to being an Earl in less than 24 hours. He killed his first dragon with less than 2500 xp, and with the use of coffee and some talismans he managed to kill 9 more the same day. A thing to point out, he didn't use a lance for those dragon kills, just rusty swords and a bow (the only things he could afford).

- Raistlin -

He wants power in all of it forms be it magical or plain old money. His life philosophy is "The end justify the means". This one is the one I meant before, I imagine he will get some people angry, since he has no real moral and he is capable of anything and everything to get what he wants


  • He became an apprentice shortly after finishing the 4 initiations (and little more since it was only 22 days since I created him). Thanks to some advice from who Raistlin consider his master in the magic arts Shaman Macksting. He got into the Golden Condor and off to Bleak Island avoiding all the long journey and it's dangers.
  • He hires mercs to do some of the most dangerous and/or boring stuff for him, like the bomb squad or totems talismans.
  • He became a full wizard with a lot of effort (too bad people can do it for you...)

- El Forjador -

A true normal person, or as normal as a person can be in cities he is a farmer and dreams of becoming an Armourer some day. He doesn't enjoy adventures (too risky) or killing monsters, and prefers to stay safe.


  • Became a smith without risking his life. He used a glass sword and a diamond bling for the final ultraviolet guard.
  • He finally became a master armourer after an awful lot of work making all those tools.

- Zerger -

I created him as a joke, and don't play him that often, I tend to forget what he is doing, and timed quests like standing stones can take a really long time that way

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