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--Duke Conzy MD--
Alignment: Earth
Maximum Hit Points: 635
Base to-hit chance: 77% (Thanks Verckel)
Maximum Action Points: 476
Experience Points: 4439044
Victory Points: 0
Damage Multiplier: 5
Movement Modifier: -4
Starsign: Toad
HP Healed: 51479
Total Action Points Spent: 131280
Total Distance Travelled: 12035

Completed Quests:
Initiation / Getting Drunk
Treasure Hunt
School of Hard Knocks (level 15)
Learning to Swim
Initiation / First Aid
Becoming a Doctor
On Call
Water Skin
Snark Hunt (yep, I let it go)
Killing the Undead Dragon
Getting Knighted
Befriending the Guards
The Duel (sorry bazauckland)
Becoming a Baron
Becoming an Earl
Becoming a Duke
The Gauntlet (oooh, scary...)
Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities
Creature Survey
Time and Space
Standing Stones (notes)
The Dojo ( (level 2))
Master Thief (menu)
Herman the Hermit (foraging)
Ghost Hunters Guild
Fortune Tellers (Toad)
Jack and the Beanstalk twice :-)

The Conz is a Fool as the Fonz is Cool!
the Cities Collection Cards (c)



Hello, I am Conzy!

I started to play Cities in between tasks or when I had to wait for a computation anyway, but I am afraid that the game is very addictive.

Already I have a bad history of MUDding addictions, so this was just what this poor soul needed, ... The food in the fridge starts to turn green, my hamster has left me and my index finger is grown attached to the left mous button. When my AP is down to 0 (always, duh), my heartbeat stops for the following 9 8 minutes.

More confessions

Current Quest

I have finished the Gauntlet some time ago and hope to join the Bomb Squad as soon as possible.

The Cattle Drive makes me curious :-) I'll try at 14E 3N as soon as possible. Muu!

My first attempt gave me 5000 GP: two cows in less than 30 AP. To be honest, I had fun, this might become a new addiction, haha :-)
Well, I succeeded to get four cows in place, it took a lot more AP (I guess around 90) but the fun and 20000 GP made it worth it!

Wish list

Here are some things which I am missing. I am always willing to trade, just take a look at my list of spare items .

  • Ingredients for many many Potions of Accuracy, my base to hit chance is only 53% 77% because of my Dragon Blood addiction. Kids, beware!
I now need 10 potions for my next hit.
I now need X (3?) sammiches for my next hit.
  • A bag (for safekeeping)
  • A bucket (plowin' the field, milkin' da cow, makes a simple man like me happy)
  • Show me the MONEY!!! Bling bling y0!

Future Quests

Tarot Cards

I don't have the intention yet to extensively look for Tarot Cards, but here are the ones I have already. Let's have a collector's convention and trade ;-)

  • Card: The Fool x4
  • Card: The Magician x6
  • Card: The High Priestess x3
  • Card: The Empress x4
  • Card: The Emperor x3
  • Card: The Hierophant x4
  • Card: The Lovers x5
  • Card: The Chariot x5
  • Card: Strength
  • Card: The Hermit x4
  • Card: Justice x4
  • Card: The Hanged Man x2
  • Card: Death x2
  • Card: Temperance x6
  • Card: The Devil x8
  • Card: The Tower x4
  • Card: The Star x3
  • Card: The Sun x4
  • Card: The Moon
  • Card: Judgement x4
  • Card: The World x8
  • Card: The Wheel of Fortune x2


Martial Arts

More information about Martial Arts in Cities, can be found here.

  • The Way of the Finger
  • The art of the Flaming Punch
  • The art of the Stone Fist
  • The art of the Wet Slap
  • The art of the Nasty Blows

Thanks Macksting!

Robert Heinlein Collection

(Completed thanks to Lady Caroline and the Honourable Duke Sertularian)

I didn't know yet, but apparently this is also a quest to be able to enchant blank talismans. Sounds neat :-) I've read them all, but these are the ones in my inventory:

  • 2 Copies of Beyond This Horizon
  • 2 Copies of Rocket Ship Galileo
  • 3 Copies of Space Cadet
  • 2 Copies of Farmer in the Sky
  • a Copy of Between Planets
  • a Copy of The Puppet Masters
  • a Copy of The Rolling Stones
  • 2 Copies of Starman Jones
  • 2 Copies of Tunnel in the Sky
  • 2 Copies of Double Star
  • 2 Copies of Time for the Stars
  • 3 Copies of Citizen of the Galaxy
  • 4 Copies of Have Space Suit - Will Travel
  • a Copy of Friday

Currently holding Caroline's bag of books, I will give it back as soon as possible. You can find me in the Memorial Library, just north of the Park Bench.

Passed the book bag to Meteu.



Terrible caffeine tolerance: now I only get 13 AP for a mug of coffee :-(

You lose a Mug of Coffee.
You gain an Empty Mug.
You feel a bit better. Damn caffeine tolerance.

Woohoo, Dragon Blood has (finally) detoxed my blood and now I get 30 AP for a mug of coffee again :-)

update Conzy 21:14, 25 April 2006 (BST)
You lose a Mug of Coffee.
You gain an Empty Mug.
Wow, you feel great. Let's go!

Of course, as I am a coffee addict in "real life" as well, I can't resist a good mug from time to time in Cities eather... So within a week I just gain 13 AP for a mug of coffee :-(

Let's kill some dragons and hope for detoxication!

Ok, I learned my lesson... Conzy 15:46, 28 September 2006 (BST)

You lose a Can of Red Bull.
Argh. Caffeine crash!

Which costs me 50 AP...

Also, drinking dragon blood is not something I will do again in the near future. Now (I drunk 63 units of Dragon blood) I get a "you feel clumsy" way too often, causing my base to hit chance to fall to 50%. Thanks to Macksting and TerrorRemedy, I could make my first Potion of Accuracy, so at least it is 53% now. Somebody has some Crushed Plums, Empty Vials or Seaweed Fronds that I can use?


It is by will alone I set my mind in motion
It is by the juice of saphoo
The thoughts aquire speed
The lips aquire stains
The stains become a warning
It is by will alone I set my mind in motion
You lose 4 Grams of Spice.
You gain 260 AP.
Now using Fists.


  1. 23nd of NivĂ´se, 4 grams for 260 AP

Thanks to

The following people -among others of course- have really helped me out during my life as Sir Conzy:

  • King Elseware, for all the healing
  • Halfmoon, for killing that ugly Tar monster
  • Macksting, he learned me to defend myself better
  • Caol, for getting rid of my poison levels
  • Celane, for helping me on my way for the Time and Space quest
  • Dragon, for trading me Triffid Stings.
  • Lady Caroline, for her Bag of Books.
  • BlueFlame, Wanda and Aer-O for the cucumber sandwiches.
  • Sertularian, one of the most honourable and selfless Dukes I have met. I bow to Thee (although the prices of your Hard Knocks store might be a little bit lower ;-)).
  • Hendsch and TerrorRemedy for the fish trading.
  • Palindrome, Alanda and Fun Assassin for the plums (fruit is healthy!)
  • Duke ketchup: when a bunch of crushed grapes got mixed up and lost during trading, he immediately gave me some of his personal stock. Respect, you little altruist :-)
  • Fun Assassin for the cool Widget of Doom, a custom weapon specially for me!
Damage is 100 and To-Hit is 12% (my Damage Multiplier is 5 and To-Hit Chance 62%, you do the math)
I love the red glow and the "my other weapon is a Merz bow" sticker on it.
When I kill something, it says "Hasta La Vista". Vote for Schwarz!
  • Verckel for helping me to brew Potions of Accuracy
  • Flt lent me his Survey Vessel for Shrimp hunting, gave me an Earth Bow as a present (woooow, thx!!!) and just loves my Bags of Flour. Thanks for the trading!

Thank you guys for helping out this small shrimp, I hope to grow bigger and be of better use to all of you :-)

The Blues

(has put a big smile on my face the whole day ;-))

I got a fishy!

Today, Pontefract, 13th of Germinal, I got a fishy! I still had a present left and was just too curious to leave it :-)

Jumps around in ecstatic joy, waving his arms around and shouting to all who want or don't want to hear it: I got a fishy, I got a fishy!

You can read more about her adventures.

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