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Image:HatWizards.gif Wizard
This user is a Wizard and is probably off bending the rules of the universe.
Wizard Corellis
  • Alignment: Earth
  • Maximum Hit Points: 878
  • Base to-hit chance: 163%
  • Maximum Action Points: 670
  • Experience Points: 114379008
  • Damage Multiplier: 1
  • Movement Modifier: -6
  • Starsign: GNU
  • Total AP Spent: 154884
  • Total Distance Travelled: 41210
  • Dragons Killed: 842
  • Number of Times Died: 9
  • Dragon's Blood Drunk: 41
  • Taxi Rides Taken: 20





Get/do List

  • 100 pouches of magic herbs, 1200 wheat, 1500 cucumbers, 2000 garlic
  • Smith
  • Armourer
  • Blue Prince
  • Advanced martial arts pizzas made so far: 10
  • Master Smith
  • SE Tunnels

Nice Kills

  You slay the Eagle.
  You gain a Sacrificial Sword.
  You gain 149 Gold Pieces.
  You gain a Piece of Chalk.
  You gain 10 Feathers.
  You gain a Vorpal Blade.
  You gain 2 Short Strings.
  You gain a Glass Sword.
  You gain a Clean Bandage.
  You gain a Rusty Sword.

Yes! I was looking for those 2 short strings.

 You slay the Bling Wraith.
 You gain a Gold Bling.
 You slay the Mutant King Penguin.
 You gain 10080 Gold Pieces.
 You gain 3 Pairs of Snowshoes.
 You gain 3 Possibilitys.
 You slay the Gorgan.
 You gain an Air Knife.
 You gain a Speaker.
 You gain a Head of the Gorgan.
 You slay the Skull Gull.
 You gain a Vorpal Blade.
 You gain a Daemonic Letter Opener.
 You gain 28 Skull Gull Skulls.
 You gain a Glass Sword.
 You gain a Rainbow Blade.

A speaker! Yessss!!!!


I think I've progressed far enough in the realms to start an autobiography that no one else will read.

  • . Eh, just got my healing wings as a doctor on the 4th. Woopie! Now I can hit on nurses with impunity.
  • . Now I'm stuck on the snark hunt. I'm not really sure why people say pinatas are rare, I've just sight about 6 in a cluster of trees. Refer to the pinata page for more details.
  • . Gah, just lost my 4th duel. I'm sure making a habit of collecting these dueling sabres.
  • . It's on this day Jan 18, at 1924GMT that I finally found the bloody snark. Mugs of coffee consumed:
  • . cans of red bull: 1. Tolerance to caffeine: up a poo poo load. Bagged: 1 snark. yay.
  • . In between chilling out at the parties and looking for the snark, I got killed by a Triffid, had my alignment changed in a duel (a pox on your house) and made my way up to Earl. I do think this cucumber business does seem a little .... plebeian. I'll stick to the way of capitalism and buy myself a couple of good sammiches.
  • . I've just had a brilliant epiphany, thanks to Syagrius - I'm going to spend the next month or so tracking down critters that drop magic beans, and turn my sad haul of 30 magic beans into 3000! Then I'll be the most respekted Earl in all the land, and the ladies will swoon at the mere mention of my name and soil their linen.
  • . Sometime ago, I graduated from being a lowly Earl into a Duke. Hurrah! Thanks to Syagrius, Stelios and Durkon for helping me out with my cucumbers. Woot. 0757, 26 February (GMT)
  • . Finished up the gauntlet a few days ago, and I've busied myself with the mundane chores of life. The attrition rate for bows in the gauntlet is irritatingly staggering. Still, I'll spend my time working on making potions and doing quests! 16:47, 29 March (+0800 GMT)
  • . Bah! Just got murdered by a large mimic. Next time I need to deal 180 damage, I'm going use an Earth bow that can hit someone 10 times and do a maximum damage of 400, rather than a long bow that does a maximum of 200 damage. Bastard. 11 April 2007
  • . An incredibly productive day indeed! After consuming 12 grams of spice, I've completed my fortune teller and bomb squad quests (the latter at the expense of 3 glass swords) :DDD Personally, I would have rather been a dragon than a bloody GNU. Not exactly intimidating, if I might say so. -- 05:00, 16 April 2007 (GMT)
  • .
You gain an Empty Mug.
You feel a bit better. Damn caffeine tolerance.
100 cups of coffee. You enter a state of perfect caffination.

Oh yeah. :) -- 17:04, 22 April 2007 (GMT)

  • . Mmm. Just fed my baby lion to Lord Harvey's content! So happy I could punch a lion in the face. -- 09:28, 27 April 2007 (GMT)
  • . Hell yeah! Just got smacked over the head 5 times in a row, bringing my max HP up to 316. Man, this is going to make hunting so much easier now. -- 8:01, 16 May 2007 (GMT)
  • Another monumental occasion - I be a corporal! Woo hoo. Now to give some grunts a blanket party. ;) -- 4:29, 27 May 2007 (GMT)
  • After a long hiatus, I'm back! Now a full sergeant, I think it's time to explore the other career options. A king I'll be. Woohoooooooooo 14:30, 30 July 2008 (EST)
  • Murder by a Huge Mutant Møøse! Damn thing hit for 200 damage a shot. Okay, next time I'll just use a damn healing potion. Thusly, my vendetta against mooses begins. 20:50, 19 September 2008 (EST)
  • . Simon Pegg's knocked a girl up! Now to see how long it takes for the new hamster to be born! 11 November
  • . Two weeks after Simon snuck one past the umpire, Adrien Brody was born. Now to see if we can't get a female from all this horizontal hamster hysterics. 28 November 2008
  • . Simon Pegg's been returned to Zacharias. *sniff* I hate to see a good rodent go! 20 January 2009

Quarrel Bow death count

  • 1 (5/10/08), 2 (13/10/08), 3 (17/10/08), 4 (18/10/08), 5 (15/11/08), 6 (2/12/08), 7 (5/12/08), 8 (12/12/08), 9 (15/12/08), 10 (2/2/09), 11 (3/2/09), 12 (7/2/09), 13 (7/2/09), 14 (28/2/09), 15 (5/4/09), 16 (9/4/09), 17 (12/4/09), 18 (14/4/09), 19 (5/7/09), 20 (22/7/09), 21 (25/7/09), 22 (29/7/09), 23 (1/8/09), 24 (19/9/09), 25 (9/10/09)

Places to visit

  • My vault: M17 (neighbours: Pip, TerrorRemedy, Tilowatt & Fun Assassin)


  1. jmb
  2. Hbookbinder
  3. 000
  4. JAD
  5. SpacerOne
  6. JPV
  7. Andrewsi
  8. Jayco
  1. Greycat is owed 150 charcoal.


 An official from the Council of Great Lords appears, hands you a package, and then disappears again.
 You gain 3 Whippits.
 An official from the Council of Great Lords appears, hands you a package, and then disappears again.
 You gain a Dispenser.
 An official from the Council of Great Lords appears, hands you a package, and then disappears again.
 You gain an Empty Balloon.
 An official from the Council of Great Lords appears, hands you a package, and then disappears again.
 You gain a Jäger Bomb.

Tan Beards Treasure

 You open the chest...
 You lose a Treasure Chest.
 You gain a Water Knife.
 You gain an Impending Kick Spell.
 You gain 24000 Gold Pieces.
 You gain a The One Bling.
 You gain a Bottle of Rum.

  1. Estimated AP to navigate Oz mountain trail: 250 (align and move)
  2. Estimated AP to navigate Great Desert: 100 (hunt and move)
  3. Estimated AP to navigate from Water City to Northwich: 400 (hunt and move)
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