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Greetings, one and all! I am the mighty, the unstoppable... Eruantion. (Feel free to leave me a message)

The title will, in theory, change, as I perform quests and do stuff that gives me titles and things.

My current rough location: On the road west to... Fire City?, from Water City.

I am an Earth aligned player who's quite new. So don't bite. Please.

I hope I will enjoy myself in Cities.

I don't think I yet have a palantír, so... er... don't feel free to palantír me. Yet.

I will soon, hopefully, become a member of The City Guards. Hurrah! I shall (hopefully) resolutely poke people, stand about, and protect the 'king. By attacking things away from the city and in dense woodland and suchlike. It's something I would like to try, a sort of modern guarding.

The page will hopefully become a lot thicker, content-wise.

I have decided to create a log of my adventures.



January 2007

Monday 8th January

Well, today is the first day of the log. With the account... er... about 3-5 days old, I had managed to get from Earth City to Water City. I foolishly tried to learn to swim - with a paltry gold sum of 120, I could do nothing but look ashamed. I headed westward, slaying ducks and the like as I passed them - though my fists were not as useful as I first thought. Not yet deadly weapons - I wonder if these Karate-like moves I've been seeing around could help me?

Luck, however, prevailed - I found a rusty sword, amongst other things. Now I have a more powerful thing to bash stuff with, though I'm not sure it'll help after it breaks. Still, an increase in to-hit (40-50%) and quadruple damage can't hurt.

Hmm... my gold reserves have increased - to the rapidly engorging sum of 169! By the time I reach Fire City, I might have enough, for, say, a weapon of some description. Time goes well.

Strange - a glow worm on the path! I glared at it, and swung my fists - a clout threw it over the road and out of my way. No poncy worm is gonna stop me! I am now, however, out of AP. I must get that Air Initiation done ASAP, so I can benefit from, I believe, 10 minute AP regeneration. I also need enough beer to become positively drunk, which could take a while. Earth Initiation is so close!

Through further adventuring along the path, I have acquired the total sum of 261 gold pieces! Leaving it there for the day, I look towards tomorrow - a day, perhaps, for some fulfillment of dreams and ambitions.

I have also taken pen to paper to see what writing a memo can do. I was thoroughly disappointed - my HTML did not work. I shall have to experiment more. Goodnight.

OK, I wanted on final test: to see what these beans do. The Magic Beans. No cows in sight to trade for. I tried planting in a valley, and gained a sheaf of wheat. Very nice. Doesn't really help me though, since I don't know what to do with it.

Tuesday, 9th January

Well, began the adventuring as a new day. Killed a Sparrow in about 5 swings, then headed west. Only problem is, now there's a Blizzard in the way. Better go off the track for a minute.

Went round. Had to kill a couple of toads and sparrows, but looted myself a sextant. Now I can calculate my latitude, which I have discovered is N. 95N. Hurrah. Continuing west... Aha! a road marker. I'm at 51E, 95N it seems. So my sextant works. Goodo.

Friday, 13 January

Sorry about the lag in records (if anyone is reading this), but nothing interesting has happened. However, today I arrived at Air City, and initiated. Now my AP regeneration is and 10 minutes, I can surely start getting things done.

February 2007

Saturday, 3 February

I have been checking cities and playing it, but never got round to logging my adventures... I am currently recovering from making 100 BBs out of Bits of Iron. That 100 AP cost has killed me, but it seems I have become quite rich - the Cities Worth Calculator puts me at 111179 GP, 50000 of which comes from my BBs. I'm quite interested in the Onions I carry around with me: It seems they are worth 14000 each. I wonder where I can find a market, I could get enough money for water and earth initiation then...

There seem to be, from what I can gather, four markets I could reach: along the roads connecting the four cities. If I can work out where I am, I could head to one of them and put things up for sale...

Sunday, 11 February

ThHaaAtT weerrrsss gaaaadd... cRrreeestelLl caaAyve... lOtShhh OooVvv BoooOOZeee... *hic*

Iii liiikeD theeeE WiiiInne eeethhhpeeethHiiiaaAllY, tHaaaAT waaAsss gooOooOOOd... fr*hic*Om WaaAttTerR Cii...CiIi...CII *Achoo!*teE... MuUust GooOO thhheeErrRRe foOrr swii... swiImMmmminG lEsssons...

OoOhhhhH... nnnddd eeEEe dEeed tHeee Fiiiree theEnngy... 'Kiinggy weRE vaaArrRY Naaiccee... So waaAss eEee F'iRIee TampalLee... *hic*

Aaanad NoooOW 'Eee sAAsysing Iiee goOttTaaa go get stoooOFs!?! 'Ee's NooOT Goaooana get MeeiIEe dOingGG thaaAt!

'EElllo! EveerrYbthing's suuu NiiicCeee... I lIkke thAa tInngs Ee Saaeee... hehe... *hic*

NooowwW... NoboOOOOADY come hItt meE... JUsut bEcaase Eeem a Djuu... Djjuuuleest. *hic* Sir *hic* tyoulld me 'EeeE wuUDdd give maaee lOTstA GoOdly PaaeEceEss...

EEe noTt givEVe meEE thEem, bUUTe mEe's Gototoa lotsSs frrrrRom thaaeeE MaaArrKeeeTs. LoSta Funn. *hic*


Stuff I'd like

  • A decent weapon, preferably one that won't break so much.
  • Some booze, so I can get drunk and Initiate into Earth.
  • Some coffee, which I believe can sober me up (and get me some AP in the bargain).
  • People to talk to.

Stuff I have to Trade

  • A Pair of Tongs (?)
  • 4 Fire Crackers
  • A paltry 261 gold pieces
  • A set of 29 feathers I've collected from Ducks, Sparrows and Parrots
  • 48 bits of iron
  • 4 Magic Beans
  • A Sheaf of Wheat


Quests I have done

Quests I am trying to do

  • Earth Initiation
  • Air Initiation
  • Water Initiation
  • Fire Initiation (don't know how)

Quests I could do in the future

  • Standing Stones (?)
  • Fortune Telling (?)

Notes to Self

  • HTML don't do owt in these 'ere memos o' mine.
  • I think the cities go like this:
  • Somewhere liveth the King. I would greatly like to pay him homage. But where is he? South is Desert, North is ice, big mountains in centre... I don't see where he can fit except extreme west and extreme east.
The King liveth in his palace, along the King's Road, east of Windy City.
  • Rusty Swords - quite strong, but break all too easily. Perhaps if I had lots of them...
  • This chart is very useful.
  • When you need help, ask! All these lovely cities players will be delighted to offer assistance to you.
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