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Hello my friends,

I know you haven't seen much of me lately, that's because my inet connection doesn't work. I'm fine otherwise and will be back when it works again.

Merry mid winter holidays and a happy new year to all who read this!


WTF did I drink that I'm seeing myself double now?


Rubber Duckie sighting after their deparure for their natural habitat


My adventures in the land of the elemental cities

or: a cronicle of stupidity

the early times

the first real bad mistake

a christmas present and it's aftermath

hungry Ghosts, rusty swords and a bloated ego

Uh what is this? Hungry Ghost? Sounds interesting. What? it sucks my very life juice instead of hurting me in a worldly way? What an interesting beast, I guess it'll drop loads of things. I hacked at it with my rusty sword. It sucked LOTS of life juice. Heck, how strong that beastie is! How big my loot will be. I hacked at it again, with my life juice my reason seemed to leave too. What was i doing there? and more importantly Who was that, me? Never mind, there was something big in front of me that seemed in need of killing. My sword was quite rusty, so it broke soon. My mind was really confused now, and some dim rest of it cried "run, while you still know how to". But i saw some funny red mist in front of my eyes and some other voice in me cried aloud "YOU CAN'T SUFFER DEFEAT LIKE THIS", no i really couldn't let this nitwit have the upper hand on me, He wasn't hurting me in fact. I hammered on him with bare fists for three days bevore he was finally down. I grabbed my loot, grinning insanely. I hope there weren't to many others, seeing me in this state. I played with it in glee, not realizing what 26 glittering pieces of gold were really worth, compared to the mind I just had lost, along with roughly 1700 XP. When i finally recovered some semblance of sanity I realized my stupidity had deepened, and i was better off hunting toads for a while.

down and out in windy city

Now, after all those misfortunes, I was killing monsters in the area arround windy city again. I found myself in between a dark mist and a few wisps. This time, i was wise enough to read the wiki bevore tackling the wisp. 200 HP? oh well, that may take a few days, in my sorry state. Does only 5 damage, and drops things i can sell? Fine, i'll do it. But then, i hacked at it, but my sword arm wouldn't move. Click, f*cking WLan, click, monitor is freezing, sh*t, click-click-click - WLan came back up, so did browser, and i went on the monster hit-hit-hit-hit-hit accidentally, Wisp hit back, and i awoke at the shrine of air dizzy and confused. No, i'm not telling you where. It only has a few things anyway, but I WANT MY STUFF BACK!
I spent a few days like this: Hack at the wisp, kill a few worms to get gold, get healing, wait for more AP. Then today, I found that goddamn wisp gone. someone else has killed it and got my stuff. §ĦıŦŦ< ª↑©& ªØŦ Ħ€ŁŁ§ §Æ&€
So i was out in the rain again, ridden with nightmares about the flood to come, and busy killing worms and toads.

a day without mistake (bevore noon ;) )

Right there outside windy city i saw it : a Leprechaun!!! Wiki says this critter is worth killing, so i went for it. First time it hit me it nicked over 200 gold - i thought "no, i can't loose my gold like this, i need the 1000 G for that book you get at the hobbit". But then, I had a bright idea. I returned to the town and spent all my money on coffee and booze. You always need that, after all. Then I went back to the Leprechaun and hacked at it with that precious rusty sword I nicked off some toad. (No, I'm not longer breaking them killing worms). After a few hits the thingy was dead and i got over 1900 Gold off it! Seems i'm getting a grip on my life again!
Next big creature i saw was that small n0rx. I remembered killing one without any problems bevore. To be sure, i looked in the wiki. It said 9 damage. I was still quite healthy, so I attacked. It did 2 damage. I thought "great, that shouldn't be a problem." I hacked away without paying much attention to our stats. Suddenly, it did 8 damage and i awoke at the shrine of air...

getting lucky

After some sleep, I went to kill a few small monsters to regain some useful equipment. Thankfully, I killed an extremely rich Firefly, it dropped over 100 Gold and lots of goodies, among them a cloak of invisibillity. That cloak made it possible for me to get near that darn N0rx without taking much damage. I hacked at it as long as i could and then went to sleep again. Thank good someone healed me in my sleep. But then I found myself between a Leprechaun and said n0rx. All my impatient, greedy self, i couldn't resist and attacked the Leprechaun until i had to sleep again. When i awoke i found the monsters as they were, the Leprechaun dropped dead and made me rich after two other hacks, the n0rx took about three bevore it went down, i had loads of gold and all my old stuff back. Now i sat there, sifting through my wonderful posessions, and I found I was better off than bevore that incident with the Gnome. Great, but what should I do now? I think it's the next market and then the Quest of time and space!

getting sensible

Well, it didn't take me long to head to the next market and aquire the guide to Time and Space cheaply. On we go! But then my thinking process kicked in (didn't even know I have such a thing). Last time I tried that Quest, i died miserably. Why shouldn't it happen again? Because i'm so kewl now? I think not. I killed a few more toads, had to visit quite a few healers after them, and talked to some helpful people. They strongly suggested I get initiated into all four elements and learn some more crafts bevore I go questing like that. I did not WANT to heed them. But my brain kept yelling at me. so i yielded to reason, bought a set of water wings and set out to water City
So let's go swimming! the learner's pool was overcrowded and slimey, but i did quite well. Next I swam to the Temple of water to ask for initiation. That impertinent priest was too busy for me, so i had to bear with a pimple-ridden and unfriendly Assistant. Never mind, i was glad i was done with this. So now I'm able to be charitable and heal others. As if I wanted that! At least I was also allowed to sign up for the snark hunt, which promises to be fun.
But for now, i resisted the lure of the snark and hit the road to earth city, killing Toads and Worms along the way to rise money for earth initiation.

Sir Eusebia

Mission completed!

You kneel before the 'king. 
'Greetings Eusebia' says the 'King.
Yeah, I guess your worthy.
The 'king makes you a knight. Arise Sir Eusebia. 
The 'King explains that all knights are known as 'sir' regardless of gender. 
The 'king also awards you 1000 gold. neat!
The 'king gives you a cool sword.
You gain 1000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Sword of Omens.

Festivals are kewl

Baron Eusebia

Now that iwas done with those strange stone circle folks, I talismaned to fire city to do the forgotten fire initiation. It was nothing special, really, no wonder i forgot it. Ah, that's what it was good for! Matchen! I can make charcoal now!

the nightfall shrine

Next, i decided to visit the nightfall shrine, because it is quite near the Royal Palace anyway. Nothing special happened. I'm beyond the point were i have to worry about getting from here to there because of worms and gnomes blocking the way.

Night falls 
I fall 
And where were you? 
Where were you?
Warm skin 
Wolf grin 
And where were you?
  -- 'blue' by Angie Hart
You feel your fear dying with the light.
The Guardian of the Shrine gives you a gift...
You gain a Glowing Dusk Tusk.
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