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Quest Checklist

Earth Quests

  • Initiation / Getting Drunk (done)
  • Treasure Hunt (done)
  • Rock Soc Pub Crawl (not gonna do)
  • School of Hard Knocks (done 4 levels so far)

Fire Quests

  • Getting Knighted (done)
  • Initiation (done)
  • Befriending the Guards (done)
  • The Duel (done)
  • Becoming a Baron (done)
  • Becoming an Earl (done)
  • Becoming a Duke (done)
  • The Gauntlet (done, this was too easy, even with my fire bow and a fire sword braking right at the beginning)
  • The Caverns/Bomb Squad (done)

Water Quests

  • Learning to Swim (done)
  • Initiation / First Aid (done)
  • Snark Hunt (done)
  • Becoming a Doctor (done)
  • On Call ...doing...
  • Water Skin (done)

Air Quests

  • Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities (done)
  • Time and Space (done)
  • Creature Survey (done)
  • Standing Stones
  • Fortune Tellers (3/8 done)

Thief Quests

Northern Quests

Underground Quests

Other Quests

Stuff to get and why

  • Flying Fish for Potion of accuracy
  • Seaweed Front for Potion of accuracy

Dragon Blood

  • "The dragon blood detoxes your own blood". x2 (1 right after the other...)
  • Removes 100AP to a minimum of 1 and drops max AP by 5 "You feel really demotivated"
  • Removes 50HP to a minimum of 1 hp and reduces max HP by 3. "Searing pain rips through your body"
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