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Unofficial Cities Historiographer. See here: History of the World - Part I.

History is written by the victors bored.



In the interest of finally determining the effects of Mixology, I have created a low-level character. Guineathepig will have a decent damage multiplier and to-hit ratio, but no other abilities. This will make it easier to check for 'see monster hp', 'see invisibles', and other unknown abilities.



  • 10647 War Horsie - My Little - currently dead
  • 28597 War Horsie - Throwaway - offspring of Ragamoffyn & Wonder, also dead
  • 31815 War Horsie - Tenebrae - offspring of Throwaway and Ceilidh
  • 37634 War Horsie - Plurabelle - offspring of Throwaway and Mr. Missus


  • 37318 Dodson-Truck male, Cute Fashion 1Pimp Fashion 1Punk Fashion 1Punk Fashion 1 - a gift from 'King Elseware
  • 40765 Cincinnatus male, Sharp Teeth, Cute Fashion 1Pimp Fashion 1Military Fashion 1 - offspring of Bumbles & Simon Pegg

Works of Art

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This one can also be found at The Poetry Club:

On Killing Plankton

Dramatis Personae:
Player a Bell-Ringer for the Salvation Army
Plankton a marine Life-Form

Act 1, Scene 1:
[Ocean, Mid-November]
Enter Player and Plankton

Play. Approaching here, that keeps the World atilt,
Some plankton comes. And with unselfish care,
My purpose to extort upon his guilt
Some coin, I conjure thus a simple air.

Plankton approaches. Player rings Bell

Plank. Why dost this trenchant bruit bruise the ears
Of autumn, and our generosity
Assault? Still yet a fortnight waits ere nears
The 'holy' Advent of Nativity.

Plankton ignores Player.

Play. My sacred duties shall not unfill'd be
For want of ringing me this plaintive bell.
My arm now thrice-fold cries the woes of He
Who with God's love of Man to death once fell.

[Rings Bell louder. Plankton still ignores Player]
Bell breaks.

[Aside.] Without my moral compass to decree
One's thoughts, One's given to decide what's Right
Or Wrong! and may of chance fall far from Thee.
Thus justly I shall save him from that plight.
They fight. Plankton dies.

How better did my violence serve than voice
To give me strength to free his life from choice.




You attack the Plankton.
You play the Hand Bell.
The Plankton doesn't seem impressed.
Your Hand Bell has worn out.
You lose a Hand Bell.
You slay the Plankton.
Now using Fists.

Gonzometro 09:58, 15 November 2007 (GMT)

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