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Sgt. Duke LimeHan MD
Alignment: Water
Starsign: Air Dragon
Max HP: 488
To-Hit: 133%
Max AP: 662
AP Regen: 7 Minutes
Damage: 8x
Movement: -4
HP Healed: 2,664
Poison Cured: 8
Dragons Slain: 103
Times Died: 4
Completed Quests:
Learning to Swim Initiation Snark Hunt Becoming a Doctor On Call Water Skin Undead Dragon Blue Flowers Initiation Time and Space Creature Survey Standing Stones Fortune Tellers Totems Ultimate Altar of Air Circumnavigation Initiation Treasure Hunt School of Hard Knocks (x9) Rock Soc Pub Crawl Getting Knighted Befriending the Guards Initiation Becoming a Baron Becoming an Earl Becoming a Duke Joining the Army Promotion to Corporal Promotion to Sergeant The Duel The Gauntlet Bomb Squad Becoming an Apprentice Becoming a Shaman Trail of Trials Thor in a Cottage North Pole Magic Egg Hunt Asgard Quantum Mechanic Stinky Martin North-East Tunnels South-West Tunnels North-West Tunnels Royal Engineer Merchant's Guild Tarot Deck Talisman Maker Herman the Hermit Toxicology Jack and the Beanstalk Ghost Hunter's Guild Animal Sanctuary Pandora's Socks Training from the Master Thief Martial Arts Training at the Dojo Information Points Jock McStrapp Paul Brian

It is currently 22:21 in Cities


I'm a Knight again because I like being able to damage stuff.


Remaining Quests

Water Quests

Fire Quests


Underground Quests

Mage Quests

Armourer Quests

Other Quests

You lose a Present.   

See Invisible! +25 HP! +25 HP!

100 cups of coffee. You enter a state of perfect caffination.

It's all reset!

You lose 11 Potions of Accuracy.
You feel keener.

+30% To-Hit total! I've gotten all I can out of these...

You lose a Gorgan-zola Sandwich.

+20 HP! +10 HP! +6 HP! +5 HP! +4 HP! +3 HP! That's all I'll get out of these...

You are wankered.
You lose a Good Tavern Guide.
You feel like your alcohol tolerance has increased!


You lose an Acorn.   
Your baby burbles happily.
Great Lord Harvey appears before you.
'Ta for the babysitting - hope he wasn't too much hassle.'
He takes the baby, and grants you entry to his farmland along with a nifty new wand.
'See you around! Oh, and please don't kill my animals. I really don't like that.'
Great Lord Harvey vanishes in a puff of nifty smoke.
You lose a Baby Squirrel.
You gain a Wand of Convincing Illusion.

No hassle at all. Geez.

You worship at the shrine and gain Mastery of Air! +100 MaxAP, -30s AP Delay.
You may also now gain glory by mighty travels!


You reboot the information systems for the underground. That should make train travel easier...
You lose a Toolbox.

I wonder if I could have kept that toolbox by bagging it...

Electronic brik-a-brak

10AP Pentium Motherboard 120MB Hard Disk Drive 2 EDO SIMM modules Pentium CPU PC Tower Case Floppy Disk Drive PCI Graphics adapter Quad-speed CD-ROM Drive
IBM-Compatible PC


20AP 486 Motherboard 120MB Hard Disk Drive FPM SIMM module ISA I/O adapter 486 CPU PC Tower Case Floppy Disk Drive ISA Graphics adapter Quad-speed CD-ROM Drive
IBM-Compatible PC

Happy Thogday!

After initial negotiations broke down between the Thogistanian and Kaotic diplomats when the Thogistani diplomat was taken hostage aside the Kaotic Throne, the Thogistani special forces were called in for extraction and to gauge the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Isle of Kaos. Before long the Thogistanian navy arrives and mounts a massive offensive. After hours of intense fighting the island is renamed New Thogos in honor of glorious leader Thog.


I'm glad I had that wand of convincing illusion around, really helps to give those illusions an extra kick!


  • Max AP Countdown displays the time until you reach your Max AP (roughly). It looks like this:
  Max AP in roughly 8 hours 44 minutes.
  • Demoter removes those stuffy titles from everyone's username, rendering us all equal (at least superficially).
Click here to see what it looks like.


Rinn is my brother. He mistakenly attacked a Tar with his Gold Bling. What a bad day for him.

Celane sliced my Cucumbers.

BlaisedeC gave me slices of bread and some nice trades.

Stevie-O gave me a whole bunch of stuff that helped in beating down my first dragon.

Ant summoned me across the desert just to give me some strings.

Syagrius traded me one of his glass swords (and some acorns) for two daemonic letter openers so I could finish the treasure hunt.

You gain a Spirit Sword.
Duke XXXXXXXXXX MD gives you a Spirit Sword.

Okay... Thanks Mr. Mysterious Duke.

Important Info

Glendale Key


Big Brother Key

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