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Original Alignment: Fire
Alignment Now: Fire
Star Sign: Earth Dragon
Maximum Hit Points: 404
Base to-hit chance: 130%
Maximum Action Points: 427
Base AP Delay: 8 minutes
Experience Points: 25,000
Victory Points: 0
Damage Multiplier: 6
Movement Modifier: -4
HP Healed: 3,078
Total AP Spent: 14,796
Total Distance Travelled: 2,393
Dragons Killed: 59
Number of Times Died: 7
Dragon's Blood Drank: 0

Completed Quests:
Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities
Time and Space
Creature Survey
Standing Stones
Fortune Tellers
Earth Initiation / Getting Drunk
Treasure Hunt
Rock Soc Pub Crawl
School of Hard Knocks Level 10
Befriending the Guards
The Duel
The Gauntlet
Caverns/Bomb Squad
Learning to Swim
Initiation / First Aid
Snark Hunt
Becoming a Doctor
Killing the Undead Dragon
Water Skin
Ghost Hunters Guild
Slay the Gorgan
Pandora's Socks
Survey Vessel
Merchant's Guild Level 1
Animal Sanctuary (Harvey Farm)
Herman the Hermit
Ancient Castle
Magic Egg Hunt
North Pole
Thor in a Cottage
The Goodyear Pimp
Martial Arts Training at the Dojo
Training from the Master Thief
Smelly Bob
Jock McStrapp
Harvest Festival
Collecting Cards
Jack and the Beanstalk
Hook Your Honey on Internet Crack
Perfect Caffination Level 1
Snake Research
Getting Knighted
Becoming a Baron
Becoming an Earl
Becoming a Duke
Hunting Lodge
Becoming a Smith
Becoming an Armourer
Becoming a Master Armourer
Blue Prince



Dating secretninja :-D

New character (my others are Azuaron and Zhaman). I thought I'd try and not die (much) with this one. Also, clean from Dragon's Blood. And explore Armouring.

Harz's Full Quest Checklist
Killing stuff to look tough (and get damage multipliers)

Everything is as of 3-15-07

I stole the basic layout of this page from Azuaron (which I don't feel bad about because that's me, and I stole it previously first), but will be modifying it to fit my needs as I see fit (but expect it to closely mirror the other one). I've also stolen bits and pieces from a whole bunch of others that I don't remember specifically. So there.

You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain a Copy of 'Where Is My Man'.
You gain a Wand of Anger.
You gain 20000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Sun Stone Bling.
You gain a Bottle of Rum.
You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain a Skip North Spell.
You gain a Plan for a Caravel.
You gain 6000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Major Healing Bling.
You gain a Bottle of Rum.
You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain an Air Sword.
You gain 23000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Feathered Bling.
You gain a Bottle of Rum.
You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain a Copy of 'Vogue'.
You gain a D6.
You gain 218 Gold Pieces.
You gain an Impending Slap Spell.
You gain a Vitality Spell.
You gain a Fire Talisman.
You gain a Card: The Hierophant.
You gain a Cool Disguise.
You gain a Breakfast Club.
You gain 25000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a The One Bling.
You gain a Bottle of Rum.

3 Triffid Stings eaten fighting the Undead Dragon

I'm a werewolf! 5:25 PM game time, I am a werewolf. 7:25 PM game time, no longer a werewolf.

1st Present (Christmas '08): See Monster Health


Goldfish:Dead (Troubling)

AP: 15 XP: 20 tohit: 20% dam: 1
Enjoys: Shakey Flakes
Troubling is 9 weeks old and mostly harmless

4 lines of Mayfly: Max, Mindy, Malady, and Mink

I went from 2 lines of Mayfly to 8 eggs in just a few days. WHAT'S GOING ON?

Current Quests

(in no particular order)

Things to do in Oz:
  • Kill all the Oz Hunting Lodge monsters
  • Totems
  • Blue Flowers / Antidote (Need more flowers to get to the City of Gold and Lead)
  • Brian
  • Paul

  • Hunting Lodge: Corporal Kill stuff
  • Merchants Guild (Level 4)
  • Paparazzi

Treasure Chest: 55E 42S (right at south of desert)


Earth Dragon
Sparrow (7 Iron)
Eagle (Daemonic Sword)
Fire Dragon (Can of Wyrms)
Roc (Degree of Enlightenment)
Fire Fox (Rodden Berry)
Gnome (3 Iron)
Bull (Consonant)
Lion (Daemonic Dagger)
Angel (Daemonic Knife)
Phoenix (Pint of Fairy Liquid)
GNU (Daemonic Letter Opener)
Penguin (Power Crystal)


Things I THINK I'll need...

I might have enough now... so I'm going back to being a Smith to see if it will work.

Bowling Ball Space Rocket Old Boot Pointy Stick Long Strings Huge Fire Crackers Safety Pin Acme Parts
Needed 1 1 1 3 2 5 2 1
Have 1 1 3 26 3 27 2 1


  1. Cockroach: Bottle of Tequila, Bottle of Kahlua
  2. Brown Cow: Sprig of Wormwood, 3 Pints of Milk, Bottle of Kahlua
  3. Manhattan: Bottle of Whisky, Bottle of Vermouth

Reading Log

Martial Arts and Other

Art of the Flaming Punch
Norse/English Dictionary

Sci-fi Reading

Color Key

Read Owned, but not read Need to read

Between Planets Beyond This Horizon The Cat Who Walks Through Walls Citizen of the Galaxy
The Door into Summer Double Star Farnham's Freehold Farmer in the Sky
Friday Glory Road Have Space Suit - Will Travel I Will Fear No Evil
Job: A Comedy of Justice Methuselah's Children The Moon is a Harsh Mistress The Number of the Beast
Podkayne of Mars The Puppet Masters Red Planet Rocket Ship Galileo
The Rolling Stones Sixth Column Space Cadet The Star Beast
Starman Jones Starship Troopers Stranger in a Strange Land Time Enough for Love
Time for the Stars Tunnel in the Sky To Sail Beyond the Sunset Variable Star

I've Been To


  • Fire City
  • Water City
  • Windy City
  • Earth City
  • Bentnob
  • Brighthelm
  • Bögnør
  • Tokyo4
  • Valhalla


  • The Isle of Fright
  • Monster Island (technically a peninsula)
  • Holiday Island
  • Cursed Island
  • Bombadiers' Den
  • Cigar Island
  • Ignatz's Retreat

The Underearth

  • Activated the South-West Altar

Current Kill Counts

Updated at the beginning of each month

Monster Kills Monster Kills Monster Kills
Angel 4 Ants 6 Bat 11
Bees 2 Origame Ogre 1 Rock Troll 2
Booze Hound 1 Bull 4 Chicken 2
Cow 1 Crocodile 5 Dark Mist 1
Duck 9 Rat 1 Eagle 5
Ghost 15 The Giant 1 Glow Worm 3
GNU 7 Golfer 1 Hungry Ghost 2
Khadi 3 Knights who say Ni 2 Leprichaun 3
Lost Spirit 3 Rat 1 Mist 4
Ninja 1 Penguin 9 perky n0rx 1
Pheonix 1 Pinata 3 Rabbit 2
Rabbit 1 Roc 4 Cute Seal 3
Sheep 1 Sister 3 Small Air Dragon 3
Small Earth Dragon 2 Small Paper Mache Golem 1 Young Rock Troll 1
Small Water Dragon 4 Sparrow 3 Squirrel 1
Swarm 2 Living Tar 1 Thunder Bird 10
Toad 3 Triffid 3 Undine 2
Vampire 2 Wolf 1 Earth Worm 2
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