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Itinerant wanderer who's been on cities for a longish time but due to various career and family pressures has never really risen to the distant heights achieved by some. Now trying to go round and be a bit more methodical about finishing some quests (mainly 'cos I've workd out how to use greasemonkey scripts rather than getting up at silly hours of the morning)
Member of KoT but due to recent inactivity been a bit dormant - still if you have a problem and noone else can help you and you can find me then maybe you can hire the A-team I'll try to help you
due to my general ineptitude in remembering passwords I'm Havelock in game but Havelock2 on the wiki - its not that complex so get over it (I had to)

Last update 260107.


finishing off the Standing Stones Quest whilst off sick from work

Trading List

I'm looking for

  • eggs
  • armour
  • records for a party
  • an amp
  • 4 speakers (I have 16 slip mats tho'!)

I have lots of stuff - take a look at my inventory (not sure how to link it tho')


Rockefellow - Bronze for cod piece
Vloodo - a couple of summon stones
Harry - something nice for summoning me


nada at present

Quest log

To follow

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