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"Such works are mirrors: When an ape looks into them no apostle looks out." Lichtenberg



Remember set to city of gold and lead

OOC: I am a graduate student ABD (in the sciences though, so it's not as bad as all that)

IC: I am a pseudonymous wizard pursuing a more or less typical path through the 'Kingdom.

What most people don't know? My first name is Hilarius.

Current Plan

  • No real plans right now. Finish playing with all the lev 3 spells.

Cunning Plans

  • Bilbo Baggins Impression
  • Santa Claus Impression
  • The great bling sale of '07 (750k of business in 6 hours)
  • Stormed the Wizard's Retreat as a duke
  • Made good use of my accidentally created Peeve against Angry Dragon

Dismal Failures

  • The great giant snowball war of '07 (which never caught despite thousands of AP spent changing disguises and collecting snowballs)
  • Losing 5 gold bling walking around.
  • All of my early deaths (5ish?)
  • Pet Ownership. I'm turning into a walking pet cemetary.


Looking to buy

Valuables to trade

Most of my extensive inventory is visible here, almost everything is tradable.

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