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Fire-aligned fizzy sweet-liking chap from Bristol.

Haribo Sour Mix is the best :)
Well, it's what I usually go for these days, but they really aren't fizzy or sour enough for my liking. I'm sure sweets were better when I was younger. However, the long, ribbon-like ones (sometimes sold as Astro Belts or similar) can still make me pucker up.
Have now had the...experience of Shigekix, a Japanese, moderately hard jelly sweet, tiny things, but with an industrial-grade coating of your malic and citric (and possibly others, I don't read Japanese) acids. It's verging on unpleasant. --Hotchpotch 13:14, 18 July 2007 (BST)

I'm currently a Duke (so no promotion any time soon) and have completed the Creature Survey. I've also done my stint looking after a baby hippy, so can count Lord Harvey amongst my friends. I'm yet to take him up on his generous offer though. I've studied for 4 levels at the School of Hard Knocks, taking my MaxHP to 225.

To get to the school, I had to cross the desert. I already had a water skin, for being a dedicated doctor, but the more I knew about the Great Desert, the more I knew I needed to brave The Gauntlet. So I set off to Fire City to test myself. I was shaking like a leaf as I signed up, but you know what? It was a doddle. I used three of the 80-odd bandages I took with me, because of the first aid points along the route, and secondly because with my earth wand and a quiver full of arrows, I took everything out much quicker than anticipated. Didn't get much use out of my Merz bow though. It broke in the first volley.

I joined up with an Earth and a Water player to make sandwiches, and before long, I had risen to the lofty heights of Dukedom. I'm still searching for my duchy. Must be around here somewhere.

I had a snark in a sack, but being a Duke, with my decent damage multiplier, I let it go in exchange for the improved vision.

I'd like to think about a sailing career next. I have some martial arts skills, so I'm able to do toe-to-toe with tar monsters. I've collected quite a bit, and have plans for a boat. Since coughing up shedloads of gear in the Treasure Hunt (so what do they do with all that stuff, cheeky mo'fos?), I'm able to mine...I think I have a lot of mining in my future.

I have one alt, but it wasn't my fault. I set it up for a friend who measures games in frames-per-second, so I had to adopt it for him.

My current inventory.

Bested my personal, albeit unimpressive, pheonix level killed today. Dispatched a level 48 example as the last part of a long mission gathering Hard Knocks materials. --Hotchpotch 07:22, 4 October 2006 (BST)

Odd. There's a beach in the Frozen North. And it's hot. 63E 186N. --Hotchpotch 16:47, 27 October 2006 (BST)

I've just reset the fashion testing table. This is the regular expression I used in perl: s/\{\{(?!DkB|B|LtB|G])[a-z]{1,10}\}\}/{{g}}/ig

Dragon blood journal

Started at 342 MaxAP and 804 MaxHP

  1. The dragon blood detoxes your own blood.
  2. Searing pain rips through your body (-3 MaxHP)
  3. You feel motivated (+50 AP)
  4. The dragon blood detoxes your own blood
  5. You feel really demotivated (- 100 AP)
  6. The dragon blood detoxes your own blood
  7. You feel stimulated (+100 AP)
    So, so far, I'm slightly up on AP, but down slightly on MaxHP.
  8. The dragon blood detoxes your own blood
  9. You feel stimulated (+100 AP)
  10. The dragon blood detoxes your own blood
  11. You feel stimulated (+100 AP)
  12. You feel demotivated (-50 AP)
  13. The dragon blood detoxes your own blood
  14. You feel stimulated (+100 AP)
  15. You feel demotivated (-50 AP)
  16. You feel motivated (+50 AP)
  17. You feel stimulated
  18. Searing pain rips through your body (-3 MaxHP)
  19. You feel stimulated
  20. You feel stimulated
    Now at lots of spendable AP, but down 6 MaxHP
  21. You feel stronger (+5 MaxHP)
  22. You feel motivated
  23. You feel motivated
  24. Searing pain rips through your body (-3 MaxHP)
  25. You feel stronger (+5 MaxHP)
    Finally, I am one singular point up on my original MaxHP score...
  26. You feel demotivated
  27. You feel really demotivated
  28. You feel really demotivated
  29. You feel stronger (+5 MaxHP)
  30. You feel stronger (+5 MaxHP)
  31. You feel stronger (+5 MaxHP)
    Somewhere along the way, I've lost 4 MaxAP, but didn't notice or record it.
  32. You feel stimulated
  33. You feel stimulated
  34. You feel demotivated
  35. You feel stimulated
  36. You feel really good (+7 MaxAP, go me!)
  37. You feel stronger (+5 MaxHP)
  38. You feel really demotivated (ah, so that's where the MaxAP went... -100AP and -5 MaxAP)
  39. You feel so very weak (-5 MaxHP?)
  40. You feel really demotivated
    Oh man, why didn't I stop? It's all true what they say about gambling.
  41. You feel really good (+7 MaxAP)
    At this point, I've got 345 MaxAP, 815 MaxHP. I'm up, but only just. Dare I go on?
  42. You feel stimulated
  43. Searing pain rips through your body
  44. You feel so very weak
  45. You feel really demotivated
  46. You feel stimulated
  47. You feel really good
  48. You feel so very weak
  49. You feel really demotivated
  50. You feel stimulated
  51. You feel really demotivated
  52. Searing pain rips through your body
  53. You feel stimulated
  54. You feel stimulated
  55. You feel really good
  56. You feel stimulated
  57. You feel so very weak
    Argh. This is the lowest MaxHP I've had during this Dragon Blood Blowout. 794...and falling? I hope not.
  58. You feel clumsy (Double argh. Now I've lost ToHit, and there's not many ways of getting that back. Accuracy potions I suppose.)
  59. You feel so very weak
  60. You feel stimulated
  61. You feel demotivated
  62. You feel clumsy (Hates it. It definitely looks like Cities does not reward the player who drinks lots of blood.
  63. You feel so very weak
  64. You feel clumsy (This is beyond amusing. What a waste doing the caverns was. I could have stayed at home instead.)
  65. You feel really demotivated (Damn right I do)
  66. You feel slow
    So, recap. I have the same MaxAP as at start, but my MaxHP has dropped by 20. And I've lost accuracy, which no amount of drinking dragon blood will cure. All I need now is for the +1 minute AP regen time)
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