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Player summary


  • Wizard JADW27
  • Birth Alignment: Fire
  • Current Alignment: Water
  • Star Sign: Penguin
  • Guild: The Order of the Wyrm
  • Owner: Sticks
  • Experience points: 259609706
  • Gold: 154149
  • Maximum Action Points: 766
  • Maximum Hit Points: 2095
  • Base to-hit chance: 163%
  • Damage Multiplier: 1
  • Movement Modifier: -6
  • Times Died: 6
  • HP Healed: 2170
  • Poisoned People Cured: 54
  • Best Phoenix Kill: Level 50
  • Poison Level: 0
  • Best Pinata Drop: Clinic Invite
  • Hard Knocks Level: 61
  • Potions of Accuracy Consumed: 66
  • Cucumber Sandwiches Eaten: 465 (93 disappointed Earls)
  • Markets:
  • 1 Gold: 85
  • 10 Gold: 85
  • 100 Gold: 80
  • 1000 Gold: 58

Proximal Goals

  • Figure out what to do next...

Quest Checklist

I finished them all (except malaria)







Monsters to Kill


  • FSM


  • Heavenly Dragon

Things of Note


I finally buckled down and satisfied the spirit of aggregation. That Katamari sure likes his liquor. Here is the best result (in terms of glories) so far:

You lose an Olive.
Finally, the spirit is satisfied. It launches into the sky, 
dropping about half it's stuff as it leaves for ever! 
The last thing it drops is the seeds of a new spirit.
You gain a Smite Spell.
You gain a D6.
You gain 353 Glories.
You gain a Wand of Anger.
You gain a Sun Flower.
You gain a Bilbo Cocktail.
You gain an Olive.
You gain a Bottle of Tequila.
You gain an Empty Mug.
You gain a Gandalf Cocktail.
You gain a Stinger.
You gain a Portion of Chips.
You gain a Bottle of Sparkling Wine.
You gain a Mug of Ale.
You gain a Bottle of Saurian Brandy.
You gain a Pair of Scissors.
You gain an Air Catana.
You gain a Sextant.
Now using Pokey Stick.
You poke A Lost Sleeping Easter Egg!
You say 'go back to the easter bunny'
You say 'Oh, and I took care of those predators for you. Happy Easter!'

In return for my help finding that egg, the Easter Bunny gave me a dragon egg, which hatched into the first pet PolyChromatic Dragon in the game (Unique Item #45737). He is now fully grown, has a max AP of 60, does 75 damage (unless he uses his 750-damage breath weapon), knows how to fly, and likes to eat cows, pigs, sheep, and other dragons (or at least their blood).

The Pheonix (gen. 50) causes 1226 points of damage.

You lose 100 Gold Pieces.
That feels so much better.

You attack the Pheonix (gen. 50).
You cause 128 points of damage, and receive 156928 experience.
You lose a Quarrel.
You attack the Pheonix (gen. 50).
You cause 128 points of damage, and receive 156928 experience.
You lose a Quarrel.
You attack the Pheonix (gen. 50).
You cause 128 points of damage, and receive 156928 experience.
You lose a Quarrel.
You attack the Pheonix (gen. 50).
You cause 116 points of damage, and receive 83368 experience.
You lose a Quarrel.
You slay the Pheonix (gen. 50).
You gain an Air Wand.
You gain 2 Bows.
You gain 5 Sheets of Paper.
You gain 147 Units of Charcoal.
You gain a Night Club.
You gain 2 Mall Talismans.
You gain 2 Badges.
You gain a Barbelith Talisman.
You gain an Earth Talisman.
You gain a Clean Bandage.
You gain a Broad Sword.
You gain a Bull Whip.
You gain a Lance.
You gain 3 Earth Wands.
You gain 5 Spikey Ninja Throwing Stars.
You gain 3 Pieces of Chalk.
You gain 1176 Phoenix Feathers.
You gain a Short Sword.
You gain 170 Arrows.
You gain 3 Palantirs-as-you-go.
You gain 3 Cans of Worms.
You gain 2 Breakfast Clubs.
You gain 6 Water Wands.
You gain 2 Fire Crackers.
You gain a Contract Palantir.
You gain 11 Magic Beans.
You gain 130216 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Sharp Sword.
You gain a Big Piece of Chalk.
You gain an Accordion.
You gain a Morning Star.
You gain a Card: The Magician.
You gain 2 Fire Talismans.
You gain a Fire Wand.
You gain a D8.
You gain 2 Pairs of Firefly Trainers.
You gain a Thick Skin Spell.
You gain a Sacrificial Dagger.
You gain a Night Stick.
You gain a Brave Star.
You gain a Water Talisman.
You gain a Pair of Daedalus Wings.
You gain 2 Huge Fire Crackers.
You gain a Cloak of Invisibility.
You gain 4 Quarrels.
You gain a Mug of Coffee (decaf).
You gain a Single to Oz.
You gain a Broom.
You gain a Vault Permit.
You lose 30000 Gold Pieces.
You lose 60 Triffid Stings.
You lose 120 Crocodile Scales.
You lose 120 Phoenix Feathers.
You lose 60 Roc Rocks.
You get trained. It largely involves being hit repeatedly over the head with bits of wood. When you wake up you do feel a bit tougher.
You lose 60 Slices of Bread.
You lose 150 Cucumber Slices.
You lose 30 Vials of Salad Dressing.
You gain 30 Cucumber Sandwiches.
You gain 30 Empty Vials.
Now using Fists.
You lose 30 Cucumber Sandwiches.
Now using Fists.

I think I was the first person to finish mixology, but I may have been number 2.

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