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Who is JaneEveryone?

JaneEveryone is a character for everyone. The password is spiffing. Chronicle her exploits here. (PS - I didn't create JaneEveryone, but this page needs a bit of use, methinks, to properly detail the life of JaneEveryone, seeing as the Current Events entry is gone). -Geayzus 22:17, 11 March 2006 (GMT)

Maybe we could start adding newer dates to the top of the page? I don't use Jane much, but it's a bit interesting to just see what she's up to, and a bit annoying to have to scroll to the bottom. just a thought. :) Jatt 21:12, 26 March 2006 (BST)
Done! harvestbird 10:22, 8 April 2006 (NZST)
Thanks! :) Jatt 05:08, 19 April 2006 (BST)

Who is JohnEveryone?

JohnEveryone is a character for everyone, and Janes boyfriend. The password is spiffing.

Check my Questpage, it really helps me not to forget what I am doing.



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See my quest page.

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I have found 2 mystical apple pip(s).
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Dragons Killed: 146
Number of Times Died: 43
Dragon's Blood Drunk: 93
Spice Consumed: 1
Taxi Rides Taken: 32

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totems, School of Hard Knocks

My Journal

Wednesday Halloween 2018

ou are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. Your kudos is restored by one. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. You are poisoned: -3 hit points. Wizard Merchant has used some antidote on you. Wizard Merchant has used some antidote on you. You are cured! Your kudos is restored by one. Due to a week of inactivity the gods decide to move you to Limbo. You are in limbo... Ellington sings 'no you can't take it no you can't take it no you can't take that away from me' Ellington sings 'no you can't take it no you can't take it no you can't take that away from me' Sgt. Duke GrumpyNick MD disappears in a gust of wind. Cpl. Duke Jos A Wapner MD practices the Accordion. Armourer Lisette disappears in a cloud of dust. crawler says '[2018-03-13T20:47:27+00:00] Crawler at ...' crawler says '[2018-03-13T20:47:27+00:00] Crawler at ...'

Thursday 07 September 2017

Apparently I am a member of "Guild Everyone". Anyone know where my guild hall is???

Friday 04 August 2017

seems to have been some massive plague or calamity that's afflicted all the citicens. Not sure... Some of my fellow citicens are waking up, but most of them are still apparently in a coma. This is terrifying.. I don't quite remember what I was doing before this disaster..

Shaman Kendrick disappears with a clang of cash registers. (think 'Money' by Pink Floyd) Duke amishrobots MD shouts 'HOLY SHIT!' Duke amishrobots MD says 'well let's see if this works?' Cpl. Duke Jos A Wapner MD disappears with a clang of cash registers. (think 'Money' by Pink Floyd) Apprentice bernie disappears with a clang of cash registers. (think 'Money' by Pink Floyd)You gain a Jesters Hat. You put on a Jesters Hat.Cpl. Duke Eusebia MD says 'THANK YOU!' Cpl. Duke Eusebia MD practices the Crumhorn. Nightingbreeze Spell has cast a spell on you. Apprentice Neptune says 'Welcome... to SPACE!' Cpl. Duke Eusebia MD asks you to heal them. A spell wore off. You heal Cpl. Duke Eusebia MD for 322 HP at a cost of 161 AP. They pay you. You gain 50 Gold Pieces. You've healed a total of 10761 hit points so far. Cpl. Duke Eusebia MD asks you to heal them. You heal Cpl. Duke Eusebia MD for 325 HP at a cost of 162 AP. They pay you. You gain 50 Gold Pieces. You've healed a total of 11086 hit points so far. Cpl. Duke plopfill practices the Accordion. Duke Green Slime MD says 'WTF that wasn't me' Archmage AndyLandy says 'Oops! Did someone hit the 'Return to base (100AP)' button? Now we have to spiral our way back to civilisation!' Archmage AndyLandy says 'Also, why the tit are all the monsters ice-aligned. Did someone get happy with an Ice Wand? :p' Cpl. Duke plopfill disappears in a puff of smoke. Cpl. Duke plopfill practices the Accordion. You just sold 2 Bows for 0 Gold (minus our 2 commission). Come to any market office to claim it. You just sold a Fiddle for 0 Gold (minus our 1 commission). Come to any market office to claim it. You just sold a Fork for 0 Gold (minus our 1 commission). Come to any market office to claim it. You just sold 5 Fountain Pens for 0 Gold (minus our 5 commission). Come to any market office to claim it. You just sold a Harmonica for 0 Gold (minus our 1 commission

Wednesday October 13th 2010

decided to search for the author of that weird book. Found him in a monestary in the interior: 47E 74N. beat a small air dragon to death with my bare hands in hopes the old bugger will teach me something, now he wants me to fight a coral snake! At least I'm not waxing his... uh , nevermind.

Monday May 17th 2010

I made a little boat!!! I also had a bit of an accident involving the action repeater and some measures of serenity. damn. tried once again to start the totem quest, got from the Toad-em to the t-bird totem, but had no pineapple. If only i can find one somewhere! decided to abandon the quest for now and relax on holiday isle.

saturday 01 May 2010

I can't believe i had sex with a parrot! he seemed to enjoy it though. Also I Talked to some nerd about heinlein books. What a dork! He did tell me how to make talismans though, so that's cool. Has it really been a year since my last entry? I really gotta do something about these blackouts. Last thing i remember was something about how i was gonna make a boat, something to do with those totemses down south there. Ah well, guess it doesn't matter, pass the rum!

Saturday 23 May 2009

My Trophy's are adding up, so I'm heading to the lodge to see that funny man in speedo's

He gave me a Salute, and said welcome to the Services. I liked when he kept talking about Privates. :)

Saturday 14 February 2009

From my history log:

Duke JohnEveryone MD says 'I Love You Jane - Happy Valentines day'

Thursday 15 January 2009

Better late than never I finished celebrating the 12 days of xmas by slashing through the final bits of poultry. Those doves are nasty - killed me on the first time round. Vashka was there to help me celebrate and pulled my cracker, but I got the big end and now I have a lovely new hat.

??? december 8ish 2008

I finally managed to build a boat. Now I can complete some totems? I need the boat to get to the second totem iirc. We'll see...

Monday September 29th 2008

I died! The Undead Dragon got me. I woke up in the Fire City Shrine and all I can remember is that I saw the Undead Dragon and then it went black. I had some insurance and now I've taken out some more...just in case!

Wednesday August 20th 2008

Woke up at a party during the festival, and Sertularian was pinching my bum! We argued, I hit on Cthu1hu, hoping he'd defend my honor (I'm such a tease). Then my Boyfriend JohnEveryone showed up and got mad.

Sunday August 10th 2008

woke up in Water City at the trading post. figured i might set out on the totems quest. Fought a duckbilled witch while travelling the yellow brick road, turned into a toad (seemed fitting, as it is my sign after all) licked myself and then got to my first totem (Toad) where i was told to get to the thunderbird totem. getting to thunderbird totem requires i have some sort of boat, so i guess i'll have to go make one. 1:59pm: left oz, sitting in water city. ate the present i got from father xmas. it seems to have given me quite a bit of ap. no0w i just need to get to the southern market and get plans for a boat of some sort, so i can get to the second totem (after i go back and do the first i believe)

Saturday 17 May, 2008

I woke up on an aeroplane. I assume I'm on my way to or from Oz. Unfortunately, I don't remember when I land! I wonder why I didn't use a guild teleporter instead? JaneEveryone 00:16, 17 May 2008 (BST)

Wednesday 14 May, 2008

I gathered some funds yesterday at the fire dragons hoard, sold some cards. I have no use for them. I have use for the new cabinet I bought today! Now I just need to KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL! Kill em all dead! (if I could just hit the broad side of a barn.) JaneEveryone 18:15, 14 May 2008 (BST)

Sunday May 11, 2008

I decided to catch a guild teleporter to Brighthelm and then head over to the Ghost Hunter Guild to get some traps. I always did like tomatoes. Sadly, on the way there my rivet broke. I shall have to try and remember to get another one. JaneEveryone 07:04, 11 May 2008 (BST)

Saturday May 10, 2008

Woke up just after a pentacle near Earth City - I don't remember what happened, but I seem to have over 1000HP, which is nice. Someone told me the current fashion is Industrial-Pimp so I'm off to the Southern Markets to pick up some cheap Shades (I'm surprised I didn't have any, to be honest!) and a Rivet. Anything I can do to help my AP regen is a good idea... JaneEveryone 07:41, 10 May 2008 (BST)

I discovered when I got to the market that I had over 7700 gold waiting to be paid to me. I bought myself a Fiddle for 2 gold to celebrate, because I seem to have lost my old one. Gee, I haven't practiced for a long time. JaneEveryone 13:24, 10 May 2008 (BST)

Wednesday February 14, 2008

Found myself in the thieves forest. They be thick! Found myself next to a giant spider, but I had Sting, and sliced open that spider's belly. And I was able to stop just short of killing that spider, switch over to my daemonic knife and kill the beast with that. Slurp. Say hello to my new daemonic sword. Now... what am I doing in here? JaneEveryone 18:32, 14 February 2008 (GMT)

Monday January 28, 2008

I found the undead dragon. I showed him something uglier than himself. He is now a stone cold dead undead dragon. He was also a very small undead dragon. Pocketsized, actually. So I picked up the dead undead dragon statue, and put it in my pocket. I hear that if I focus hard on it, I can heal myself with it. Nifty. For now, though, my bling seem to do a more cost effective job. 50 AP to heal! That's like almost 17 hours of AP regen for healing! Best be in Dire Straights for that. I guess this life is serious stuff. TANSTAAFL, and I wanted my money for nothing and my hunks for free.JaneEveryone 19:49, 28 January 2008 (GMT)

Wednesday January 23, 2008

I've my ball mill in hand. Sooner or later, I'll need to collect some balls to mill in it! But for now, I've decided to hunt the Undread Dragon. I sold a few things and then bought a secret weapon. Now, I just need to find that fugly beast.

Oh, and yesterday, coming from Thogistan, I found a Treasure Map! Then I found the Treasure!!! It had a bunch of gold, a healing bling, some booze and... I dunno, stuff. Toodles! JaneEveryone 13:18, 23 January 2008 (GMT)

Monday January 14, 2008

Say hello to my new +90% to hit, and bomb making knowledge. Course, I need to gather ~1500 bucks to buy a ball mill with now. But that shouldn't take long, now that I can hit the broad side of a GNU (and pick up some saltpeter, too). Now I guess I should cast my vote on the totem polls. See if I can't help my AP regen rate some. I'm slower than tar, baby.JaneEveryone 16:12, 14 January 2008 (GMT)

Friday January 4, 2008

I saw a barn! I tried to hit it. I missed.

Too much dragon's blood. So I bought a deck of cards, cracked a brighthelm rock, and journeyed down to the bomb club's island. Now I'm trying to kill a GNU that's in my way to the entrance to the caverns. Sigh... I can't hit the broad side of a GNU either.JaneEveryone 18:43, 4 January 2008 (GMT)

Wednesday January 2, 2008

You dig. You find a magic apple! You place it on the ground and wait. After a while a Toad wonders into view. It ignores you totally and eats some of the apple. A noise startles you and you look behind you. When you look back both apple and creature have gone. Thinking back, you remember your mother telling you that you were born under the sign of the Toad! You lose a Magic Compass.

Figures I would be a toad. Now what? Perhaps I'll black out for a while.JaneEveryone 10:50, 2 January 2008 (GMT)

Wednesday December 19, 2007

I woke up today with an envelope in my hand! I opened it, and found a map to Brown Beard's Treasure!!! Reading more, I found that the treasure was only about 10 steps away. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10! So I reached for my spade, and... oh. I sat down and cried for a long while, what goods a map to treasure if you can't dig up the trasure? But some kind fool saw me crying, and gave me a spade!!! And a couple other things he had laying around. Now I've got a HUGE TREASURE CHEST SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! This is a good day!JaneEveryone 18:04, 19 December 2007 (GMT)

Thursday December 6 2007

I think I must have blacked out again for a while. I woke up in the Mall, there was *SNOW* on the ground outside, how long have I been out ??! I think I have been killing rats, or maybe my mother, as I have some issues about. I have gone and misplaced all my gold and equipment again, *sigh*

Saturday June 16 2007

found that I had a large chunk of money waiting on me at the market office, so i went on a bit of a shopping spree. Got 2 fire bows (40dmg per hit/400total!) and another fire sword just in case my other one breaks. also bought a cod, but not enough AP to get to the right stone in time.

Thursday May 31 2007

Made it to the Standing Stone for my first fish sacrifice - will I be awake in time?

Tuesday May 22 2007

Gathering my resources for tackling the remaining standing stones. I have an eel and lion fish now - but still looking for a flying fish and cod for my sacrifice.

Saturday May 12 2007

Geez. Woke early enough and have beaten Standing Stone V. Made my way to IV but alas, I have no cod to offer in 13 hours time. Bugger.

Friday May 11 2007

Feeling a bit low on energy until I had a mug or 15 of coffee. Felt the rush of perfect caffination, and took off for the Standing Stones. I need to waken with the sun, 7am and make an offering of an Earth Stone.

monday may 7 2007

did a couple standing stones and completed my tarot deck. a very productive day indeed!

Monday May 7 2007

It appears that I have made my offering to #13 at the appointed time! Thank you to whatever kind soul was awake at that hour to guide me to the light!

Sunday May 6 2007

7ish a.m. CGT: for what reason i've been hanging out int the vaults i have no idea; I don't seem to have a key or a vault permit, or anything else that would help me there. However, I am now at Standing Stone 13. I will be able to worship here in approx 8 hrs i think. I have the measures of serenity I need; in fact I have 4 of them! I have decided to sharpen some wood to kill time until the proper hour. My AP will rise above zero in about 6 hrs i think, leaving me an hour or two until worship time. I truly hope I make it.

Thursday April 25th 2007

working on standing stones, completed another one today, XII? i think. I'm thinking about going into a monastery to get the serenity measure i'll need for XIII, though obviously i won't be able to do that one today. I really wonder how I'll hold on to one of those long enough to offer it, given my lust for action, and erratic behaviour during blackouts. Maybe I should go on a long retreat so i have 4 of them? not really sure wether that will help or not; and frankly i think those monks have been touching me in my sleep.

Monday April 16th 2007

The Western Market had little of interest to offer me, so feeling kind of at a loose end, and a little short on energy, I joined Kilgore Trout's soiree.

Thursday April 12th 2007

Not a lot of AP, looked at forest shop, heading back to the den.

Wednesday April 11th 2007

fed the thief his dragon blood; now he wants toast. picked up a couple of tarot cards and put a couple spells for sale at the southern market, practised the fiddle.

Monday April 9th 2007

i heard there was a stall selling souls near Windy City, so i sold mine, then 3 or 4 AP later i got this msg:

An official from the Council of Great Lords appears, hands you a package, and then disappears again. You gain a Soul. You lose a Can of Worms. That's a lot of worms. Now using Fists.

Sunday April 8th 2007

Fed the Master Thief, now he wants dragon blood.

Thursday April 5th 2007

Whilst waiting for the Master Thief to get peckish for some dragon blood, I picked off a Giant Spider nearby. Managed to turn my Daemonic Knife into a Daemonic Sword, which should help me take down the gribblies I encounter. Discovered that I've done something naff with my Dragon Stone, so had to heal myself with bandages. Must remember to go to Water City and get some more when I'm around there.

Sunday march 25th 2007

out of AP, i seem to be working on the Thief Training quest still. The Master wants a seaweed frond at the moment. The notes I've been writing myself lately seem to be helping me concentrate.

Thursday March 22 2007

Threw away an old note id written to myself. headed south as per magic compass, going to dig for apple pips i hope. Also, it would be helpful to have a tarot deck, i did manage to get another card (the heirophant). I wish i could remember what the master thief wanted for lunch; but i guess its not really that important.

I believe the Master Thief is currently looking for a Cucumber.

Wednesday March 21 2007

7:05am(C.G.T) Shopping Spree!
the other day i was quite sure i was going to worship at a standing stone somewhere, don't remember wether i got around to that or not. In any case, I've bought 2 shiny new "a-bit-put-out bows" to go with all those quarrels i have, And put some of my old junk up for sale at the southern market. Just hope I don't need all those barbelith talismans or magic spells anytime soon. Also, I dropped by earth city to pick up a new bag, in case i want to put that sorting office pass to use some day.
hung out with the Stone Cold guys for an ap or two, then whizzed off to fire city; for some reason i thought i was going to go meet the master thief, but apparently i was wrong. I decided to slay the last of the locust swarm instead.

Saturday 17th February 2007

It appears I have done something useful these last days and I feel I should be commended for that. I have identified at least 3 herbs with the help of herman. Later this afternoon I'll have 4 measures of serenity at my disposal. I hope I'll use them well.

Thursday 16th November 2006

I've checked in for a well deserved rest and to get back some religion. Maybe I shall repent slaying all those Triffids... and especially repent eating those stings...what was I thinking? Can my soul be saved? Or am I just wicked?

Tuesday 14th November 2006

Someone summoned me to a party... while I was still working the fields after being taken down my a beast in the wilderness. This meant no insurance policy, and that meant my most recent personality quirks led to my certain demise. The good news is whatever fool personality was making me eat triffid stings for the sake of a short term AP boost can't make me eat more triffid stings (as I lost them all) so my AP regen won't go up anymore. I guess it was all worth it though, the party sure was a blast! Maybe my last great party!

Monday 06th November 2006

7:46 a.m. These blackouts are getting pretty bad, I don't remember the past week, but it seems I must have had one of my fits, where I attacked a giant spider for no good reason. I remember hearing lots of voices, I'm not sure...

looks like I'll be working in the shrine again for the next 17 hours or so...

I should write myself a will or something...

What was going on...
You attack the Giant Spider. You cause 10 points of damage, and receive 100 experience. The Giant Spider causes 10 points of damage. The Giant Spider
kills you. You have died. Luckily the King set up a National Health Service which covers such things. You awake feeling dazed and weak, at the Plains. 
You lose 10 Kudos. Your kudos is reduced! As agreed, you must work two days in the shrine in return for them retrieving your stuff. Your policy is now 
fulfilled. You may wish to take out a new one, or next time you die you will lose all your stuff. Your kudos is restored by one. Your kudos is restored 
by one. A vortex sucks you up. It seems that you have been summoned by Duke Nuitari MD. You go to pick up the Summon Stone (as is traditional), but it's 
broken. Earl Gilgren MD has performed healing on you. Duke palindrome MD says 'Hey Sertularian, can I get some of that t-shirt action?' Sir Welkin MD has 
performed healing on you. Duke Kaos Dragon MD practices the Fiddle. Duke dragon MD practices the Didgeridoo. Duke Mig MD practices the Harmonica. Duke 
Herbacious MD says 'If I was a wool, I'd wool in the morning. I'd wool in the evening. All over this land.' Duke hbookbinder MD practices the Fiddle. 
Duke Caelicoli MD says 'Anyone have any Plans for a Speed Boat I could borrow?' Duke Bubba MD practices the Fiddle. Duke heyus2 MD disappears in a swirl 
of sand. Duke jpv MD practices the Harmonica. Duke ngford MD disappears in a cloud of dust. Smith Rockefellow disappears in a gust of wind. Duke 
Caelicoli MD disappears in a cloud of dust. Duke Caelicoli MD disappears in a cloud of dust. Baron Sparrow MD practices the Tambourine. Duke Spacer One 
MD says 'wow...thanks Zingus...Now who was selling Cop Pieces??' Duke TerrorRemedy MD practices the Didgeridoo. Duke flt MD practices the Harmonica. Duke
Anabasis MD says 'I sold some Cod Pieces, but I'm sold out. Smith Rockefellow might have a few.' Earl Mauve MD disappears in a gust of wind. Duke 
Sertularian MD says 'Duke looser, I accidentally gave you an Impending Kick spell by mistake - could you pass it back, please? Thanks!' The Sparrow lets 
you pass.
You go West. The Glow Worm lets you pass.
You go West. The Salamander lets you pass.
You go West. The Earth Worm lets you pass.
You go West. The Wolf lets you pass.
You go West. Stuart the Parrot lets you pass.
You go West. You go South. You go West. You go West. You go South. Eeep! A monster just appeared!You go South. Duke Sertularian MD practices the Fiddle.
Earl Mauve MD says 'Anyone have garlics or olives that they could sell me, or trade for cucumbers?'
You are poisoned: -8 hit points.
Smith Rockefellow says 'Here you go Earl Mauve. Need more?'
Earl Mauve MD says 'Yes, I reckon I need 8 more. But I still need to get hold of 40 olives or oil.'
Duke Sertularian MD says 'Mauve, how many do you need of each?'
Duke Sertularian MD says 'Mauve, there's 8 cloves and a bottle of oil.'
Earl Mauve MD says 'I've got the bottles, vinegar and 1 cuke sandwich, so I need oil or 40 olives, and 8 more garlics.'
Duke Sertularian MD says 'I handed them off - did you get them OK?'
Earl Mauve MD says 'Ah, cheers! Anything I can do in return?'
Duke Sertularian MD says 'The things I need are far too rich for that. *cough*power crystals*cough*'
Duke looser MD says 'whose got "the art fo the flaming punch for be to borrow? '
Duke Sertularian MD says 'Be Cool! Wear a Monsters' Ball T-Shirt! Get them while they last! Only 10,000 GP, or 5,000 GP if you provide the shirt!'
Duke Sertularian MD says 'There yuo go, looser, please be careful giving it back.'
You are poisoned: -8 hit points.
You leave the transport.
Duke Sertularian MD says 'Does anyone have lead ores to trade? I'm looking for four.'
Duke X-Himy MD practices the Harmonica.
Duke JADW27 MD says 'Who was selling Cod Pieces? I'll take one.'
Duke X-Himy MD says 'I would also take a codpiece'
Duke Ancev says 'For 25 Iron Nails, 100 sheets of Paper, 100 bits of Wood, 400 bits of Lead + $15000, i build for you a AirShip - the transport prefered b

Among the stupid things I did, I ate yet another triffid sting, which got me poisoned 8 times and sent my AP-regen time to even higher summits. I wonder if I should even complete the standing stones now.

Jane, I remember seeing you at the Monster's Ball. If its not any consolation you seemed to be having a lot of fun. PlanetNiles 10:27, 7 November 2006 (GMT)

Sunday 29th October 2006

Just healed myself with my dragon stone. Seems I've been daydreaming again and fought a parrot when I had 13HPs. 50AP saved yet another trip to the shrine in a coffin.

Wednesday 25th October 2006

After dying from the claws of a roc, I took the long trip to Oz (ie by plane: the slowest way to travel in cities). I'm now a the fest were one of my personalities has found a new and fascinating way to waste my AP: making arrows (I'm fire remember? any player could do that more efficiently, say a water player)

Wednesday 18th October 2006

I'm quite happy with my reserve of HK items. If I suddenly find an urge to cross the desert, I'll know what to do on the other side. Before that I'm looking for items for the standing stones. I've bought all the LoTR cocktails, and I'm looking for fishes. I should also take care of that poisoning problem

I received a message by Palantir today:

" Dear Jane, I note with interest that you have yet to complete the Rock Soc Pub Crawl. Would you care to join a group of us that will be travelling together on this quest? We will be meeting at the Park Bench in Windy City at midnight this Sunday (*ahem* I mean Harveday). I hope to see you there. "

Sunday 15th October 2006

The treasure chest provided me with a brand new fire sword, and a mercury bling. I immediately proceeded to try different outfits and see which one were warmer. I'm now heading back to the interior via the festival.

Heading to 67E 49N where there is a healer close to some swamps.

Saturday 14th October 2006

I have resurected this morning. I've tried to play a song on my fiddle, but I haven't practiced for a long time. I'm currently moving towards the inner montains for my ever ongoing quest to find HK material. I should focus on croccodile scales now.

While on my way to the Inner Mountains to kill some Crocodiles I got a Mysterious Envelope off a Ghost, so I might get distracted from my Hard Knocks quest to go on a treasure hunt. Although I hopefully won't forget that I have it.

Thursday 12th October 2006

Well, it looks like I have died yet again. Killed by a Water Dragon at least, in the Great Desert, probably near Burning Man. I really should pay more attention to my HPs, then I'd be able to heal myself before I get killed, so I won't have to lose another two days.

But before I died I managed to steal someones wooly cap, then had it stolen by Dragon (maybe he was the one I stole it from in the first place) while I was recuperating. I guess its fitting that a Dragon killed me too.

Wednesday 11th October 2006

I made it to burning man, and I actually have AP for once. I'm trying to sell all my junk for useful stuff. Even if I don't find good prices my stuff is certainly safer in the hand of others. I should reach maxAP at 10am tomorrow; then I'm sure I will do great stuff ! (Solune)

Obviously I've changed my mind about doing great stuff. It seems that I've decided to waste my AP by mining without a spade and selling the result to jon's and vashka's shops. All that to buy a Earth wand for 500GP. I've been repetedly caught to do that, in recent weeks.

Tuesday 10th October 2006

Note to self: Someone seems to be posessing me to mine ore, whatever for I have no idea but it doesnt seem to really fit in to my plans for collecting items for either the Standing Stones or the school of hard knocks. I wonder if I need an excorcism from whatever demon is wasting my AP to mine, as it doesn't really seem to suit my needs. I already have enough common weapons to deal with a Triffid, Crocodile, Roc, or Phoenix, so I don't really need metals to make fancy weapons or boats or other equipment that I might "accidentally lose" at the park bench. Please remove me from the mining task or write a note to myself explaining exactly why I am doing it instead of my quests considering how likely it is for me to lose whatever I am making and let me continue on my actual needs. Anything that takes this many AP to make is likely to get stolen than to benefit any quest I am doing, so I should just focus on the kind deeds and gifts from others rather than pinning me down on these useless mining expeditions. I decided to fill my waterskin in a Lake because some demon is sending me to the Great Desert to fight sandworms... I might as well be ready in case it happens again.

Monday 9th October 2006

gone searching for triffid stings. wish me luck.

i was possessed by a demon.... it smashed me repeatedly in a croc!... i'm dead again.

actually what happened is two people were trying to use jane at the same time. it didn't work very well as i was using her first and i think the other person was quite rude to take her over. however, i am just as responsible for her death for not relinquishing control when it became obvious someone else wanted her. my apologies. Zoological 13:41, 9 October 2006 (BST)
At least you signed your contribution and told what you where doing. Thanks for that--Solune 14:05, 9 October 2006 (BST)
managed to get eight triffid stings though... not a bad haul Zoological 12:03, 10 October 2006 (BST)

Monday 2nd October 2006

Seems I got a little tired from all the adventuring I've been doing lately, so some good soul has led me toward a monastry where I'm currently on a long retreat. Even though I'm a bit confused why I allways seem to end up on retreats, I'm sure those measures of serenety will come in handy when I get out. Maybe then I'll finally be able to get something done.

Saturday 30th September 2006

Today I bought myself a new dress, I feel I'm at the cuting edge of fashion. I'm so proud of it that I'll show it all around waynestock festival until I reach maxAP. Then maybe I'll go hunt for triffid stings, but if I change opinion, I should really write it here.

Friday 29th September 2006

A demon has taken control of my body. He has decided that I would stand in waynestock until I reach maxAP. My soul is fighting against him, but all it has managed yet is getting me drunk. Oh well, that's not so bad after all, the music is nice.--Solune 17:41, 29 September 2006 (BST)

Wednesday 27th September 2006

Hung out at Waynestock near the King's Palace. Got to see lots of celebrities, including the recently apprenticed Elsewhere, which was fun. Still, the lure of the open road, forest, swamp, and so on was too great to resist after a while, so I'm off to the interior of the kingdom to fight some Phoenixes. Their feathers will come in handy whilst training at the School of Hard Knocks. Wish me luck!

Monday 25th September 2006

I must have died again because I'm just south of fire city with only 50 Kudos. I ponder about the futility of my existence: in all the months since I have started, I never managed to go to the Hard Knox School....

I am starting to think the only way I can do it is go on long retreats, then quickly while I still have my head on straight, I go and do what I need to do as fast as I can.

But in the meantime I seem to have been playing around with wool. It looks like I'm working on a lovely jumper to match the gloves I own. I'm thinking of knitting a pattern of an Esquilax onto the jumper as the colour would set my eyes off a treat. You know, with the jumper done I might even wander up north and try my hand at skiing. I here it's all the rage. Although something to cover my eyes might be useful; I wouldn't want to spoil my delicate complexion with a snow tan.

Thursday 21st September 2006

I find myself in the great desert, fighting tars. I put the wet slap to good use, though I could have used fire punch too. I'm not sure why I'm here, but I am building up tars, presumably to build a brand new boat with.

Saturday 16th September 2006

Since I was two squares away from the party on monday, I decided to get a good seat. Also here was Duke Qazxcv MD (Cities Guard), setting up security cameras and other stuff, he was also injured so I healed him a bit. Later I noticed a great deal between two shops I saw at "Everything is Permitted" and the shop below. I could buy mining permits for 3500 and sell them for 4000 at the neighboring store, so I took the opportunity to pick up an extra 1500 gold by trading three permits -- Splotch.

Friday 15th September 2006

I decided to learn the wet slap, just so I could give a good slap to any perverted jerks who try to hit on me without permission. But wait! Wasn't I up to something else before? I just can't seem to remember.

Thursday 14th September 2006

I just found myself wandering Hurt in the Theves forest. So i've taken a moment to bandage some of my wounds.

Monday 11th September 2006

Well, apparently i've gotten myself killed again. I sure do hate my life. At least i feel fulfilled after attacking that Roc while i only had 5 health left. No wait, that's a lie. On the plus side, at least i have insurance.

Monday 11th September 2006

I'm no longer in a monastery. However I have no idea of what I'm doing at standing stone I. It would be nice to finish these stones but I still need to find a few items (like fishes). It seems I have been very hungry for AP lately. All my measures of serenity have disapeared, and my AP regen has increased to 11 min (I guess from triffid stings).

Monday 28th August 2006

Back on a long retreat again. Yawn.

Friday 25th August 2006

Aaarrrgh! Yet *again* I've been checked into a retreat. Could I perhaps stay away from monasteries for a bit so that more than one person gets to be involved. Apart from anything else, no one has any idea where I am or what I'm doing as these logs aren't being updated by anyone who is actually controlling the character.

Wednesday 23rd August 2006

As soon as I finish recuperating, I'm going to go out and have some really wild adventures. Maybe with all the focusing I can really nail down some more standing stones.

Thursday 17th August 2006

Gosh, I've come over all religious. I'm holed up for yet another long retreat which means I'll be out of comission for a *loooooonng* time.

Tuesday 15th August 2006

Not really sure what I've been doing recently. I definitely spent a long time in a monastery recently and I seem to have a surprising amount of money at the moment. I also have a stall permit and considering I can barely work out what I'm doing day-to-day I suspect that I should probably flog it on one of the markets. I suspect my chance of being at any stall I set up at all regularly is very slim. If I could get some warm clothes and some sun cream together perhaps I could venture to the frozen North.

Thursday 13th of July 2006

I killed Sir Tim, and made myself a hyperlink that points to this page. Now all people have to do is click on my name!!!.

Sunday 9th of July 2006

Well, now I've been killed by a Tauntaun up in the Frozen North. Not quite sure what I was doing up there, or why I didn't have any good winter survival gear, since I was shivering when I died.

Monday 3rd of July 2006

Died yet again. Killed by a Sand Worm in the Great Desert. I swear, Death must really like me.

Sunday 2nd of July 2006

Well, the count is 2 apple pips so far, but I'm not likely to get any more any time soon, since for some unknown reason I decided to stop at Water City. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out what give me the urge to take a trip there and then make my way back to the Great Desert to look for more apple pips and maybe the School of Hard Knocks once I get some Phoenix Feathers. At least I managed to fill my water bottle up again ready for the trip.

If I find myself near the library perhaps I could stop to read the two Heinlein books in my inventory that I haven't read yet (or maybe I should wait till I have some reading glasses too).

Friday 30th of June 2006

Well, I finally found one of those apple pips. Of course, I've still got a ton more to find and the Great Desert is a torture to navigate. Hopefully I'll find another Oasis soon so I can refill my water bottle.

Wednesday 28th of June 2006

Made by way up to the Betty Fnord Clinc for a detox. Felt so much better, and saw some celebrities while I was there. Next I should probably try and find some Phoenix Feathers for the School of Hard Knocks quest. The North Lanes sells them, but they cost 10,000 GPs, and I've only got about 7,000 GPs at the moment. Guess I'll have to get more.

Tuesday 27th of June 2006

Found myself at the School of Hard Knocks, but I have no Phoenix Feathers. Perhaps I should try getting some before I make the trip across the desert again.

Friday 23rd of June 2006

Died once again. Guess I should have watched my HPs a bit more closely while I was attacking that Air Dragon. It's going to be a quiet two days.

Sunday 11th of June 2006

I finished the treasure hunt!!!

Friday 9th of June 2006

Crap. Died Again. Apparently killed by a Pig? All plans on hold for 2 days I guess.

Wednesday 7th of June 2006

I found myself on a Survey Vessel somewhere in the ocean. I ask myself: What am I doing here? The old amnesia again. As a precaution I wrote myself a memo, saying: "I ask myself: What am I doing here? I should leave a note at". Maybe this memo will remind me to leave a note so I can remember what I am about to do.

I did at least get myself to St. Jude's so I am no longer poisoned. I was wondering though if I have completed the treasure hunt. I don't remember ever doing so but last week I was able to use my climbing gear to climb down a mountatin.

Tuesday 6th of June 2006

Killed the undead Dragon at last. Might have used a few too many Triffid stings of late, poison level at 20! Went and bought some Antidote at the Market, didn't know you needed lots of antidote, argh! Picked up a few more items for the Treasure Hunt, (Can you believe what they're charging for Plum Jam these days!) only need a Summon Stone now! Finally got enough string for a fishing rod - need to get a bent pin then we, err I, can go fishing!

Saturday 27th of May

I spent some time today making a jar of grape jam for the treasure hunt. Only a few more items and I will be done. The hardest thing to get will be a glass sword.

Monday 22nd of May 2006

And then there it was, a creature out of my most terrible dreams, a nightmare dragon. My hands are still shaking, so I cannot write down the horrors of this fight. But I made it, made it through the gauntlet, relaxing now while studying the secrets of the Great Desert.

Sunday 21st of May 2006

I gave my Sandwiches to the King and he was impressed enough to make me a Duke. Then I signed up for the Gauntlet, the Guards frightened me a bit when they locked me in, but so far it hasn't been bad. I just got past a Rock Troll, a Origami Ogre, a Scissor Beast, and a Knights Who Say Ni. I wonder how the King gets all these exotic monsters in one place.

Friday 19th of May 2006

I finally got all the ingredients to make some Cucumber Sandwiches. I just made two and boy is it hard work. Only three more to go!!!

  • Nearly there, one to go.
  • All five made, time to go and visit the King dude.

Saturday 6th of May 2006

This poison is really getting me down. I'm off into the interior to find some Bats to cure myself. Plus, I had a fiddle with my Fiddle to keep my spirits up. I'm quite good now. I made it into the interior, though it was exhausting. But I'm so ditsy! My multiple personality disorder made me forget that I have no Cruel Blade nor wand of Anger! Oh noes! All that distance for nothing! Or so I thought... Fortunately, I used my craft skills to turn a pointy stick into a pokey stick! Using my last breath before I had to rest, I prodded that Bat. Frustration beset me when I missed him, and his vicious fangs sucked 2 health points from me. The joke's on you Mr. Bat! It was poisoned blood!

Thursday 4th of May 2006

Right, I have returned to the stone circle, performed a little bit of healing in an attempt to kill the wanderlust, I have a long wait until the next ceremony but hopefully I'll actually go through with it this time.

If whichever of my personalities happens to be in charge at the right time could actually go through with the ceremony for me I'd be a happy girlie.
Yay! glad to see that one of my personalities did have the presnece of mind to conduct the ceremony. I wonder which personality it was. Was it the Jaimie the Train driver, the haunted huntswoman, Lucy-Bob the barber's daughter, Sandra the witchhunter, Peggy-sue the milkmaid, the Black Hamster, the Godling Childe or any of a thousand or so personalities too numerous to list here?
It's my automated scripted personality :)

Wednesday 3rd of May 2006

I've reached the stone circle at the festival but I seem to be 10 hours early for the ceremony. I hope I remember to stay put long enough to do this.

As I feared, the opportunity passed and I missed the window.
Oh well, maybe I can find my way back in time for tomorrow.

Monday 1st of May 2006

I am in the interior, trying to head south and east slightly to the dragon pass so that I can reach the palace and become an Earl. I fought a mysterious emissary. When I struck him, he vanished, whispering: 'The horrors are beneath us now.' What could be beneath 22N, 25E?

  • Broke an Air Talisman and then took a taxi to visit the king, weird how the cab driver let me on board despite all the weapons I was obviously carrying. He ddn't seem in the slightest bit concerned.
After becoming a Earl, (actually I think the king had had too much to drink because he told me he was going to make me a viscount and made me an earl instead.) I visited the stores to replace my air talisman and I also bought a Kings Crest talisman so I can go straight back to him when the cucumbers sandwiches are fixed (assuming I don't forget why I'm making them and decide to have a picnic)

I then decided to go for a nice romantic walk through some nearby woods and pick some pretty flowers and gather a little bit of wood.

Saturday 29th of April 2006

I found myself in some tunnels facing an angry minotaur. Short of hit points I decided to use an earth stone and made my way to the Shrine of Light. I should rest a little bit and worship tomorrow at noon.

Having killed several small earth dragons along the way I should visit the king next for my promotion.

Friday 28th of April 2006

I've been stuck in the jungle at standing stone XV for the last few days. I finally managed to worship, now hopefully I can remember to get out of here and go over to the Shrine of Light.

Wednesday 26th of April 2006

Against all odds, I've successfully worshipped at the Night Shrine at midnight, and later at the Nightfall Shrine at dusk. Just two more to go.

Sunday 23rd of April 2006

I submitted the creature survey, and I've been thinking that I really should do the time and space quest. I never seem to know where I am, and if I do the time and space quest then I could know.

But how am I going to do the quest if I don't know where I am?

Saturday 22nd of April 2006

Been standing at -4N; I'm not sure why I'm here. Having finished my Creature Survey, I really should visit the Temple of Air and turn the Spotter's Guide in. I'm in the process of hunting the undead dragon, a scary process considering I'm not even an Earl yet! I don't remember drinking too much coffee, but my caffeine tolerance has rendered coffee impotent.

I should try heading north, hit a road, and travel to Windy City. I'll use this handy walking stick.

Thursday 20th of April 2006

Got summoned next to a Pinata and ticked it off. Lets hunt Vampires!

Wednesday 19th of April 2006

One of my black outs again. I found myself in the Learners Pool in Water City, playing a Fiddle. How did I get there? Why am I here? With my last energy I crawled into town trying to get my head clear. Maybe I should walk to the south-west looking for a Pinata and a Vampire to finish my creature survey. Sure there will be Dragons to slay and strangers to heal on the way.

Saturday 15th of April 2006

Earl Fritz was a little short on cash, so I decided to purchase some of the flying fish he was selling for 500gp each. I had no need for them, so I put them on the market for 700gp each. A little healing on the way and I broke the 1000hp healed mark.

Friday 14th of April 2006

Taking the sextant and consulting some old maps I figured out to be close to the southern market. Maybe I can put my copy of Space Cadet for sale. On the way I encountered a Knights who say Ni and ticked him off my Spotter's Guide.

Consulted my diary and remembered to take my Copy of Space Cadet to the Southern Market. I listed it for 3500GP. Afterwards, I went back to the nearby city dump. I picked up two water talismans, which would be useful when I want to collect my water skin. However, I checked my quest log and found that I've only healed 947HP. Must work harder! I also picked up a Fiddle so I can start practising music.

Sunday 9th April 2006

I finished my work, the last day I spent running around the fire shrine making sure all the torches were lit. You can imagine how many torches they have there. I renewed the policy and broke a water talisman. I should be able to get my Water Skin now.

Momentarily forgetting about the water skin, I decided to take a walk towards the festival. I've already forgotten one thing today I wonder if I'll remember where I'm going long enough to actually get there.

Friday 7th April 2006

A very nasty run-in with a Penguin seems to have been the death of me. I'm currently back at the shrine, scrubbing floors and ironing cassocks, while the priests get the benefit of my insurance policy. Now I have to decide whether I'll renew my insurance. At least it's taken care of that annoying case of poisoning. Thank you Fun Assassin for the heal. It broke up the monotony of all this work they're making me do here.

Tuesday 4th April 2006

I won a duel. It was almost too easy the opponent only had 2HP to begin with. My Todo List

  • Finish the Spotter's Guide
  • Hunt Some Bats for Antidote
  • Hunt Some Dragons to make Earl
  • Get My Water Skin

Sunday 2nd April 2006

Killed an Ursine, it was looking at me funny.

  • Decided to go for a drink, killed an Earth Worm for spilling my pint. Got kicked out by the bouncer, apparently the Earth Worm was the DJ for the evening and now that I've killed him they have no music for the Evening. I offered to play some fiddle but they accused me of being drunk.

Saturday 1st April 2006

Dear Diary,

Despite this weird ailment I have where I tend to forget what I was doing I have managed to drag my carcass to the King. I hope he finds me worthy of being baronated.

Yay I've been baronated. I'll need to kill more dragons before I can get Earlified though.Maybe I should do doctor training now that I've healed 602 HP

The doctors at the hospital were very nice. Dr Smith offered to sign my broken leg, when I pointed out that I was there to train as a doctor myself and didn't have a broken leg, he offered to break it for me. Doctor Gillespie kept on winking at me all through the induction meeting, I think he wanted me to go back to his room afterwards. The meeting was long and dull, I'd glad it will only take me 50 Aps to learn it all. The other doctors even threw a party for me when I graduated. I wish I could feel special but it seems to be the same junk I've seen other doctors being awarded when they too graduate. I guess someone at the hospital probably got a special deal on a job lot.

Friday 31st March 2006

Dear Diary,

Just bumming around today, decided to do a spot of sightseeing in the thieves forest. there wasn't much of interest to look at. I decided to test myself against a vicious maneating squirrel and having defeated it have decided to go and visit the King in the hope that he'll recognise my exceptional skill and make me a Baron. Unfortunately I've been feeling a little bit schizophrenic this last week or two, so I hope I don't forget what I'm doing and decide to do something else instead.

Thursday 30th March 2006

After killing a small paper mache golem, I healed Sir Muddog, then decided to hang out with Sovereign Prince Alex Grubel at a monastry.

Wednesday 29th March 2006

I'm poisoned at level 2 which might make it hard to kill monsters. So maybe I should complete some quests like becoming a Doctor and visiting the King to become an Baron. Hopefully I will remember.

Jane seems to be a typical woman, constantly changing her mind as to what she's doing next.

Maybe I ought to look for bats and an antidote to this poison.

Tuesday 28th March 2006

Read Space Cadet.

Monday 27th March 2006

I seem to have done a lot of trading this weekend. I wonder what I got for it? Seriously though I think people should list their trades otherwise we have no way of knowing if they are legit.

I killed my first triffid today. No stings though. I also got poisoned in the process. What should I do? After killing the triffid, I walked to the nearby healer and performed some first-aid on Earl TerrorRemedy.

Was the dragon killed? Perhaps this would be a good time to go kneel before the King since Jane has killed 1 maybe 2 dragons (and she can't really fight will poisoned.)

I captured that snark today *proud pose*

Saturday 25th March 2009

Today i went to look at Akash in the stocks. now wandering around fire city with no plans in mind for the day.

Thursday 23rd March 2006

A small earth dragon gave me a dirty look. So now I am attacking it. Who will win?? I killed the small earth dragon, and strangely found myself teleported into the great desert. Now I am stuck here until I get 10,000XP. Help!!! At least I found my first bug. Turns out it wasn't a bug, although now I am inside the Great Desert and cannot go South.

Monday 20th March 2006

Went to Barbelith. It was all a bit high-brow for me - after all, I am JaneEveryone, not JaneIntellectual. I know something, though! I know that Darius was the king of the Persians, so I healed him after teleporting back to Earth city.

After I healed Darius, I then happaned upon Spartacus. so I healed him too.

Saturday 18th March 2006

Jane can now catch a Snark if she wants- I also tried to make her a doctor but she needs to heal 200 more HP

Friday 17 March 2006

Jane needs to go three squares north to tick off Pianta and Knights Who Say Ni from her spotters guide if the next person would just like to get that out of the way (:

Jane forgot all about her spotters guide when she found a fiddle.

Wednesday 15 March 2006

I stole a hat, and am now running through the fields.

Sir Bobtec stole the hat I stole. I'm currently chasing after him.

Monday 13 March 2006

According to my ME page, I have managed to initiate to air, earth, and fire...I appear to have taught a swim class recently, which suggests strongly that I should haul over to the temple and initiate to water as well. I've made it to see the 'king and he's knighted me. And I've killed lots of earth worms and sparrows and toads. It appears that I am a decent person but not particularly spectacular, if my 5 kudos are anything to go by. Well, all that comes from my ME page. If I (Jenali) ever encounter me (JaneEveryone) with any AP whatsoever, perhaps there will be more details and less speculation.

Jane is currently initiating into Water. DWE 02:30, 14 March 2006 (GMT)

Sunday 12th March 2006

I was having a bit of trouble walking in a straight line (my head was all over the place), but I managed to make my way to the Palace to be knighted. Go me! I just initiated to Fire too! 21:20, 12 March 2006 (GMT)

Saturday 11th March 2006

Killed a rabbit in Fire City - he was asking for it. 22:15, 11 March 2006 (GMT)

Sunday 6th March 2006

Just initiated to Earth! What a party! Should be over in a few hours... 19:33 GMT 6 March 2006

Thursday 2nd March 2006

I'm still checked into my Long Retreat with 213 APs to go. It seemed like such a good idea at the time but now I just wish I was back in the real world spending my AP. I can't decide what to do next though. Any ideas?

  • I was thinking you should load up on cheap booze and head for the Crystal Cave.
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