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  • Alignment: Fire
  • Star sign: Worm
  • Maximum Action Points: 590
  • Maximum Hit Points: 636
  • Base to-hit chance: 142%
  • Damage Multiplier: 7
  • Dragons Killed: 170
  • Dragon's Blood Drunk: 46
  • Spice Consumed: 2
  • Number of Times Died: 4
  • APdelay: 7.5 minutes

I play Cities under the main character name of jmb, and am also active documenting things on the wiki, in discussion on the IRC channel, and in developing add-ons for the game. In real life I'm a software engineer, and live in Co Kildare, Ireland. I don't actually play the game very much since moving here a couple of years ago.


Duke Cpl. jmb MD, Order of the Wyrm

Game progress

Started around 5th November 2005. I only came here because Nick blogged about the fire at ECS ... <div style="clear: both" /> Quick links to other players' pages - good eggs mostly, no evil nemeses yet:

Chad | Darksatanic | Douro | JohnnyRogers | Macksting | Sertularian | Syagrius | Tank | E.bstan | markles | moj | Jatt | Vashka
  • I'm currently the librarian of Ograhs_Book_Club. Please make BookBag requests on that page, or failing that, Palantir me.
  • Member of KOT.


There are a number of sticky items in the game, which it is normally impossible to give away, sell etc, but suitably crafted requests under particular conditions can currently facilitate this. There are, or have been, some unusual offers available at my shop near Windy City, though the existence of these is apparently now an issue with the GLs.

I recommend avoiding purchase of these items until I can get back to the shop and remove them (if, that is, a GL hasn't already removed them, or the shop itself...)

In spirit of openness I publish my GL poopification:

An official from The Council of Great Lords appears and takes 5 Soul.
Great Lord Ruthven has thrown poop at you!
You lose a Kudos.
Great Lord Ruthven says 'I'm not too happy about the souls.'
Great Lord Ruthven fades out.

and response:

re Souls: was a random joke on the idea of being a "Soul Trader" per ye olde totl game,
also picked for being an item with no apparent in-game benefit (yet). It's been in shop
since 1 Oct 2006 and occasionally mentioned on irc with GLs around, and falls under a
general category of bug I've reported several times. No-one's taken the slightest
interest until this Heyus2 Soul competition. But hey, I'll take the Poop-throwing.
BTW, you seem to have left me with no soul at all, was that intentional?

James Beckett

Grew up in Winchester before moving away to Warwick University many moons ago, so knows Southampton sparingly - and drinks at no pubs there.

Knows bits of Soton University campus, after studying there for his Radio Amateur's qualification rather a lot of years ago, and from frequent visits in the year or so after university to hork computer/network access (that being back in the olden days before Demon or any other home dialup)

These days, works in Dublin as a software engineer for Rational FT Services, the development company behind Full Tilt Poker.


  • Time zone: GMT / BST (UTC / UTC+1)
  • Palantir: jmb
  • Generally to be found on the Cities IRC channel as royan (jmb is used by someone else)
  • wiki user talk - I'll be alerted to this when I see my user page
  • For private and non-AP-consuming communications, please use jmb@wikimail

Cities wiki pages

Here you (or I) might find some links to wiki pages-in-progress, which I've not linked in yet, or general pages to which I'm contributing).

Oh, and there is no Cabal.


These are covered in more detail on the Development page:

This GM userscript adds a health bar underneath your character in the centre of the viewport. Health level is shown in green and shrinks to the left as you take damage; the background is shown in yellow above 25%, orange between 10-25%, and red below 10%.
DSS locator
This uses the DSS database (or a somewhat stale copy thereof) to keep the display updated with the location of the nearest of a chosen terrain type. Useful for Healers, Oases, Standing Stones etc.
UI Frig
At the moment the only frig is to increase the number of lines in your messagebox.

These could also be useful:

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