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Who is JohnEveryone?

JohnEveryone is a character for everyone, and JaneEveryones boyfriend. The password is spiffing. Chronicle his exploits here.


My Journal

Poison hand att 31E 91N

August 6 2018

Got a couple of totems. Now need a Tribble at the Earth dragon totem (previous totem was Fire dragon totem.

August 5 2018

On plane to Oz again now I have a pomegranate for the gnome totem.

Sunday July 15 2018

On plane to Oz to do some totem worshipping. Can't go after the small rock troll for Poison hand till I have a ghastly bling (or a co-conspirator with a wand of anger, I guess).

Friday January 19 2018

I was enjoying a vacation in limbo, with my girlfriend, but decided it was time to get back to work on Holiday Isle, gathering AP

Tuesday December 21st 2010

I'm drunk, on a raft, beached, at Holiday Island. I also seem to be full of holes. You figure it out.

Sunday March 1st 2009

Just cruising around the Standing Stones, waiting for the right time to worship.

Monday February 9th 2009

Wow, what a party...I woke up in the Golf Course with my head that the date? Holy Schnike, I've got to go buy a VD present for Jane. Maybe penicillin? I'm off to see the Wizard; maybe he has a brain for me. Then it's time for a road trip!

Monday November 25th 2008

I'm Still at Sert's Party (Pre Birthday Bash), My last OUTBURST had many people Broom me to the Thieves Forest, and Steal me Blind!!! I went to my secret stash of Hard Knocks Supplies, and Beefed up to 640 Max HP. Jane fell over after I healed from the beatings. She realy loved the new BUFF look. We went behing the Dragon's Hoard and Celebrated.

Monday November 24th 2008

I'm at Sert's Party (Pre Birthday Bash) and I get me 120 Cuke Sammies. :) I had to eat them all up and now I'm at 245AP Max. I noticed I have Completed The Snark Hunt, and couldn't Stand to hear him whine, so I let him go. I have just healed 2k, and I'm on my way to get my water skin. I also helped some folkes with the Dualing, and finialy completed it myself. I did the Gauntlet, and BOY WAS THAT N.Dragon Bad-Ass. I'm so glad there's only one in the game.

Well I have to keep an eye on Jane, looks like she's playing Duck, Duck, GOOSE Me.

Sunday September 14th 2008

Whoa! That's a bit of a run of amnesia I've had! I can now swim, perform first aid and I've done the Earth and Water initiations!

I've come round somewhere in the hills and crags just below Air City, and seeing I was just below 2,500XP I've killed off a few monsters and now I've got enough XP to become a knight. All I need to do now is rest a wee while...

Saturday August 23rd 2008

I finished my first quest! Air initiation, it was. Now what do I do? And where did Jane get off to now?

Wednesday August 20th 2008

I finally found where Jane was hiding. Today I entered this world, and tracked her down to a party. She was flirting with two guys! I got mad and put a stop to that.

Afterwards, I decided to start my very first quest, the quest to visit the four cities. I headed east out of Air city, but got tired and decided to rest before i reached the next one.

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