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Finally got both a connection and free time. Wow, I've missed a lot. Now I need to figure out how to best spend my 40k AP...


  • Glass Swords
  • A Singing Sword, a Rivet, Knives, and other spell ingredients
  • Aligned Bows...always

See my Trading Post entry

Plan of Attack

  • Try the Trials
  • Get a Decent Pet
  • Visit the Golden/Leaden City
  • Hijack the Condor
  • Rock Moo Moo Isle
  • Make a bunch of Mixed Drinks
  • Cure some Chumps
  • Hang with the Misunderstood Dr. Em
  • Play Soldier
  • Find last Altar and Evanesce
  • Fix and Update my Quest page

I've also done some Quests. Perhaps you'd like to see my (out of date) progress? No? Good!

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