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Jon's armoring alt

Aazamon is currently a smith well into negative AP, portrayed by Jon whenever he gets bored with being all knightly and stuff, or when he needs items built for him. The character, like Wyrd, gets far less attention than he should, having spent most of his life as the low-level alt, used for hacking and slashing monsters whenever the real life Jon felt nostalgic for the early days but didn't want to bother with quests.

Current plan of action

Immediately soon - Waiting for his AP to come back up to positive numbers, then figuring out what he can make.

Sometime down the road - Raising his maxAP and continuing his mission to become all armorerish. And trying to find a shop permit.

Long term - Making all sorts of bad ass weapons and armor for Team Jon, as well as anyone wanting to buy them.


This is a list of which quests I still have not done. Armorer and Knight specific quests have been removed as Wyrd will never do these ones.

Alignment Quests

Earth Quests

  1. Treasure Hunt
  2. Rock Soc Pub Crawl
  3. School of Hard Knocks
  4. Ultimate Altar of Earth (The Taxing Cellar)
    1. Aggregation - 'Kingdom - The Spirit of Aggregation

Fire Quests

  1. The Caverns/Bomb Squad

Water Quests

  1. Killing the Undead Dragon
  2. Water Skin
  3. Blue Flowers / Antidote
  4. Cure Poison

Air Quests

  1. Time and Space - Done dusk and night, still need the other two.
  2. Creature Survey
  3. Standing Stones (Standing Stones)
  4. Fortune Tellers
  5. Totems
  6. Ultimate Altar of Air (The Vents)
    1. Circumnavigation - Everywhere: Starts at 14N

Career Quests

Knight Quests

  1. Military Service

Armourer Quests

  1. Becoming a Smith
  2. Becoming an Armourer
  3. Becoming a Master Armourer
  4. Blue Prince

Other Quests

The Frozen North

  1. Thor in a Cottage
  2. Magic Egg Hunt
  3. North Pole
  4. Asgard
  5. Ancient Castle Done!
    1. Ruthven's Office
  6. Quantum Mechanic

The Frozen South

  1. Deliver a Piano to Northwich

The Underground Altars

  1. Smelly Pete
  2. South-West Tunnels
  3. North-West Tunnels
  4. North-East Tunnels
  5. South-East Tunnels

Armour Training

  1. Jock McStrapp
  2. Paul
  3. Brian

Musical Training

  1. Pop Idol
  2. Open Mic Night - I did one, the rest will have to be deals with the devil.
  3. Devil Went Down to Cities


  1. Herman the Hermit: Aromatic plants - 'Kingdom
  2. Herman the Hermit: Toxicology - 'Kingdom

Martial Arts Training

  1. Martial Arts Training at the Dojo - Thieves' Forest
  2. Advanced Martial Arts Training - Ninja Island


  1. Information Points - The Tubes
  2. Trainspotting Guild - The Tubes


  1. Pet License - 'Kingdom / Oz
  2. Horsie Genome Project - The Frozen North

Miscellaneous Quests

(arranged roughly by location)

  1. Collecting Cards - no location
  2. Jack and the Beanstalk - Cloud Land / no location
  3. Merchants Guild - 'Kingdom / no location
  4. Animal Sanctuary - aka Harvey Farm - 'Kingdom
  5. Talisman Maker and Heinlein Books - 'Kingdom
  6. Training from the Master Thief - Thieves' Forest
  7. Ghost Hunters Guild - South Coast
  8. Slay the Gorgan - Islands
  9. Pandora's Socks - Islands
  10. Mixology - South Coast / Islands
  11. Royal Engineer - Underground
  12. Dread Cthu1hu's Garden - Deep Ocean
  13. The Goodyear Pimp - Oz
  14. Paparazzi - Multiple Locations
  15. Longbrow's Cave - Sniffleheim
  16. Twelve Days of Christmas
  17. Compute-Cluster - South Coast
  18. Drunken Party - near Earth City


Not really quests, but places you can go to and do things at.

  1. Tim - Center of the Fire City graveyard
  2. Dr. Karma - South of Fire City
  3. Cattle Drive - 'Kingdom
  4. Snake research program - the great plain
  5. Lycanthropy - possibly anywhere, at the right time
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