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Wizard Kenndogg

Original Alignment: Fire
Alignment Now: Earth
Star Sign: Earth Dragon
Maximum Hit Points: 431
Base to-hit chance: 163%
Maximum Action Points: 620
Base AP Delay: 7.5 minutes
Experience Points: 31,250,227
Victory Points: 0
Damage Multiplier: 1
Movement Modifier: -4
HP Healed: 2,749
Total AP Spent: 129,969
Total Distance Travelled: 22,768
Dragons Killed: 129
Number of Times Died: 2
Dragon's Blood Drank: 10
Quest Progress: Kenndogg's Progress
Universal Solver: online version


Current Status

  • I became a Wizard! Yay! It took me a total of 14 Plot weapons, about 6 Blue Pills, and over 100 Time Warps. Apparently the Blue Pills still work on Plot Weapons..
I still plan to make a Baned Plot Weapon, just as soon as I track down another Thesaurus.
  • I'm working on collecting at least one of every spell. So far I am only missing a couple of level 1 and 2 spells.
Super Invisibility (Level 1)
Water Walking (Level 2)
  • I need quite a few more Level 3 Spells
Align Area to Earth
Hurt 'em Lots
Map Spell Extreme
Stay on Target
  • I'm currently Earth aligned (a sad side effect of my battles with plot Bunnies). So I think I will spend some time doing some 'Earthy' things. Mostly farming. Let's see if Miracle likes Oats and Wheat better than grazing...
  • During the Trail of Trials I created a Lost and Mutated Treeman bane, which failed miserably.
Considering the amount of work/expense/training involved with these, they should actually, you know, WORK.

Quest Progress

Follow the link: Kenndogg's Progress


Goldfish (Ana Ng)

AP: 15 XP: 311 tohit: 40% dam: 1
Enjoys: Shakey Flakes
Ana Ng is 16 weeks old and average

Pwny (Miracle)

AP: 30 XP: 162 tohit: 20% dam: 10
Enjoys: Carrots, Grazing
6 weeks old and mostly harmless

Baby Dung Beetle (Ringo)

AP: 12 XP: 36 tohit: 10% dam: 100
Enjoys: Poop (ewww..)
Ringo is 2 weeks old and mostly harmless


I mapped the South-West Tunnels!
I defeated the Manic Minotaur and gained the South-West Tunnel Map, which has helped a lot.
After the lava appeared near Fire City, I used the talisman to check on the temple. They won't give me a new talisman!



You attack the Frog.
You cause 2 points of damage, and receive 6 experience.
You slay the Frog.
You add the trophy to your case!
You've defeated the last of this swarm!
You gain 2500 Gold Pieces.

Substance Abuse

  • 100 x Coffee (Perfect Caffination)
  • 1 x Red Bull
  • 11 x Triffid Stings
    • 5 Levels of poison on the last use...
  • 1 x Magic Powder
  • 6 x Cucumber Sandwich (levels, not actual sandwiches)
  • 10 x Dragon's Blood
    • You feel demotivated
    • Searing pain rips through your body
    • You feel motivated
    • Searing pain rips through your body
    • You feel stronger
    • You feel stimulated
    • You feel stimulated
    • You feel stimulated
    • You feel motivated
    • You feel stimulated

Treasure Chests

You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain an Earth Wand2.
You gain a Copy of 'Where Is My Man'.
You gain 12000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Vertical Bling.
You gain a Bottle of Rum.
You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain a Copy of 'Vogue'.
You gain an All or Nothing Spell.
You gain an Air Sword.
You gain 4000 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Bling of Fire.
You gain a Bottle of Rum.
You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain 2 Disguise Kits.
You gain a Copy of 'Strong Enough'.
You gain a Vitality Spell.
You gain a More-Compressed Earth Spell.
You gain an Impending Kick Spell.
You gain a Mirror.
You gain 8000 Gold Pieces.
You gain an Emerald Bling.
You gain a Bottle of Rum.
You open the chest...
You lose a Treasure Chest.
You gain a Space Rocket.
You gain 21 Gold Pieces.
You gain an Earth Sword.
You gain an Earth Wand.
You gain a Strength Spell.
You gain 5000 Gold Pieces.
You gain an Onyx Bling.
You gain a Bottle of Rum.
Now using Fists.

Fortune Cookies

You eat the cookie.
It is stale.
The motto reads: "Keep an eye on your property."


After I completed the Gauntlet, I was feeling pretty tough, so I went right for the Great Desert and set my sights on Bright Helm. I was creeping along slowly, frustrated by the nearly impenatrable wall of Danger Squares, Large Mimics and Large Tars. I decided to take out one of the mimics and push through. Well, I was keeping an eye on my HP, and forgot to take into account that mimics can use the dual-wielding capabilities of your weapon. So, I woke up in the Fire Shrine.

Heartbroken (literally), I headed to the KOT and asked for a handout. For whatever reason, someone donated 'climbing gear'. With that, I posted for help on the KOT page, and 2 days later *poof* my corpse was returned and I'm back on my feet again!

I decided to donate as many swords, bandages, and magic balls as I could. Hopefully someone will find better use for them than 'climbing gear'.

  • I've died (again). This time I learned that a bandage makes a lousy weapon against an opponent that steals your weapon and hits you with it! (a 15 point swing with a bandage...). I put in the request to the K.O.T. I am not at all capable of rescuing my own corpse....
    • Corpse recovered. The K.O.T. r0x0rz


  • Missing Spells
  • Level 1 Spell books
  • Level 2 Spell books
  • Crocodile Scales

Tip of the Hat

  • Chad
I owe him more than I can repay. He was kind enough to return my corpse to the KOT donation center.
You're welcome! I was searching for an apple pip as part of the Fortune Teller quest when I spotted the critter that got you. I'd entered the Desert from the south and wasn't it just my luck that I eventually found the apple pip just 5 squares in from the north. Doh! Much wasted AP and HP. Glad to see you got your corpse back, happy questing! Chad 19:18, 20 February 2006 (GMT)
  • The 'King
I'll never forget the tasty birthday cake he gave me.
Worked out a very generous trade package and taught me a few things that I didn't know about the game (bags, herbs, ...). On top of his already unbalanced trade (in my favor), he gave me a very generous gift. Actually gifts. I only hope that I can stumble across mroe loot that he is looking for, because the rewards were overwhelming! Thanks!
This paladin of the K.O.T. managed to rescue my corpse from the nefarious ninja who killed me. He also warned me that I should be more careful when I divulge the location of my demise since there may be players willing to loot my corpse for personal gain *gasp*. He's right and I will be more careful. Especially since I was borrowing some plans for a caravel that I need to return! Thanks Sertularian!
You're most welcome! Please adventure carefully. -- Sertularian 19:56, 2 April 2006 (BST)


Click here for Kenndogg's Complete Inventory.

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