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Duke Kressida MD


Personal Data:

  • Original Alignment: Fire
  • Current Alignment: Earth
  • Star Sign: Sylph
  • Pets



Duke Kressida MD

Image:Duckbill.gif Duck-Billed
This user is a proud member of
The Duck-billed Guild.

Current Projects


Pass the Parcel...Uhm Bag

I was going to play a game called Fish Tag Bag...until I found out that you can't put animals in bags :(
So instead I shall play pass the Bag. I have gifted a random person at a trading post in Fire city with the Bag of goodies.

The aim is simple: Give people something to do and a gift for participating. The Psychologist in me wants to find out a few things about this community: 1. What things people find of value 2. If people will participate 3. If i'll get the bag back

Track the progress of the bag here, or palantir Kressida with the following information: (Your name) go the bag from (person's name) in (location A), took (item), left (item), passed bag to (person, in (location B).

I will be waiting in at the New Trading Post in Fire City to see if I get the bag back on 17 October 2007.

well, been at the New trading post for about 24 hours now, and no sign of the bag... - 02:52, 18 October 2007 (BST)
Been waiting at the trading post since the 17th- no return of the bag. Sent a palantir to someone who supposedly had it with no reponse. I have waited here for long enought. So, If you have the pag and want to return it PLEASE palantir me. 01:00, 21 October 2007 (BST)

Thanks in advance for playing!!

A Few of My Favourite Things

Some people I know inside the game (some of them outside too)

A big hello and kisses to my honey Cthu1hu- 10 years married today!!! - Kressida 00:01, 28 February 2008 (GMT)

My Own Unique Location

As part of the Cities Festival 2008- I bid on and won a unique location- Kressida's Companion House 94E 1N DSSGCM Near Earth City and right next to Rhapsodie's Saloon 95E 1N DSSGCM.

If you are cute enough and 'Escort' for 30AP, you might just get a spare drink or two.

You hang around, trying to look cute. You are offered a drink.
You gain a Grasshopper.
You lose a Grasshopper.
That put hairs on your chest.
You gain an Empty Cocktail Glass.
You gain a Bilbo Cocktail.
You lose a Bilbo Cocktail.
That put hairs on your chest.
You gain a Dry Martini.
You lose a Dry Martini.
That put hairs on your chest.
You gain an Empty Cocktail Glass.
You gain a Bottle of Sparkling Wine.
Your new friend gives you some gold so you can buy yourself something pretty.
You gain 450 Gold Pieces.
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