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Just wanted to say, for gods sakes trade with me. I dunno, thought it needed said. You can see a fairly comprehensive list of my wares and wishes on the Trading Post page. Which, coincidentally, I reorganized. ;)


Space Admiral

Not a Cities career so much as a way of life, I have recently come to the conclusion that I am not, in fact, a space cadet. If the run-of-the-mill space cadet can forget a purse or wallet, or forget somebody else's name, then I must clearly be the director/administrator of the Space Academy.

  • I've had need to check forms to remember my name.
  • I often purchase an item, get my card back, and forget to grab what I purchased; forgetting, in short, the goal of the mission.
  • I forgot that earth creatures are death to air characters.

Therefore, I am a space admiral, director/administrator of the Space Academy.

Bögnør Bash

It was greatly complicated by various measures on the part of the 'king and Great Lords, but on the whole it went better than I ever expected.

S. Mackie's Foundation for the Advancement of the Sciences

Generally speaking, science for the sake of Cities is done voluntarily, with no thought of reward and even some consideration of danger. I am not an enterprising soul, choosing regularly to wait for others to determine the merits or flaws of a course of action before I stumble over them. However, I recognize the brave and creative spirit that produces our greatest advances is an altruistic one, a spirit which speaks of the noblest essence of mankind.
As such, when science is advanced and the lot of our people is bettered by a small amount of knowledge, I endeavour to recognize this by offering a gift in thanks and congratulations. While the spirit of science is altruistic, I believe that very spirit of altruism should itself be rewarded when possible.
Perhaps it's the cynic, the closet capitalist in me. At the end of the day, I see nobility as rare and shining, and know that a little reward here and there may not encourage the behaviour but may brighten a day or make it easier to continue such behaviour later, and believe that money speaks louder than words. Our knowledge is limited by our willingness to take risks and our community spirit in making our discoveries clear on the wiki.
While I don't mind folk soliciting rewards for discoveries or risks taken to clarify the rules of the world we live in, it is more in the spirit of the thing to nominate somebody else for a token of my esteem. If you know somebody who has discovered something tragic or wondrous, or even just tested and documented a rules clarification on the wiki which required some small risk, please feel free to palantir macksting with a notice of this and I'll seriously consider what sort of reward or finder's fee should be gifted to the recipient. 22:35, 21 July 2008 (BST)


In Character

Image:Kot shield.png
  • Sorcerer Macksting. Born Fri Sep 9 17:18:23 PDT 2005. Teacher of Martial Arts. A founding member of the Knightly Order of Tubthumping, first of the guilds. Known in the chatroom as Glamdring. An avid brewer. Seldom seen without Grey Swan Deer, a relatively unique item. (See below.) Also a member of the Cult of the RNG. (High Tower of Wizardry folded. Dragon sez, "they invested their wizarding profits into mortgage-backed securities.")

Sign: Worm

Purveyor of

  • Elemental weaponry, including Onyx and Flaming swords
  • ...even with bound spirits if you so need
  • Puzzle boxen
  • Items from distant shores
  • Enchanted talismans to distant shores
  • Freely distributed helpful items for the n00b in all of us
  • Tarot cards
  • Lighting tools of myriad form and manner
  • Herbs and potions
  • Wild and unnatural drinks and spirits
  • Lots of rivets at a competitive price
  • Reading Glasses
  • Free martial arts training, or for a competitive price, the books

Current projects include

  • Constantly monitoring the Knightly Order of Tubthumping page for cries from the CoD (Community of the Disadvantaged).
  • Taking care of pets (sometimes poorly... Poor Callisto.)
  • Taking care of Ammaud, a giant, land-bound hellion.
  • Seriously considering paying somebody to hit a Mirror Monster with a Rainbow Wand for me. A lot. While carrying Sword2s and aligned Catanas of various stripe.
  • Charging Eye Pods with every spell I feel I cannot live without, so as to live in the manner to which I've become accustomed while gallivanting first as an armourer (AQMBC at last) and then as a Knight.

Inventory visible here.

Wishful thinking includes

  • A Martian Exploration Rover. No such thing, but I like the idea very much. Ideally, it should provide a visual in the manner of a pair of enchanted Glasses, such that you can control its movement as an independent entity and its visual capacities overtake yours for the duration. This would be really, really bitchin'. (Of course, it should be possible for it to wear out... eventually.)
  • A bling which rings when fashion is calculated.
  • Stone Spears. They should suck, but anybody should be able to make them, as is the case with stone axes.
  • A quest involving some sort of mad scientist who wants to try to improve pets. Expensive reagents. The result is 50/50; he'll either bring maxAP up by 1, or lower it by same or worse. There is, however, a reset button along the lines of "Why?! Why did we play god?!"
  • A new Junk item called a Puck to go with my Hocky Stick. Yes, I fully expect it to say stuff about making ammends and saying mayhaps it's all just a dream.
I'd rather see Puck as a new monster, that can only be hurt with a hockey stick. He can pester you with all the appropriate quotes from Shakespeare while fighting back. Syagrius 02:59, 1 July 2009 (BST)
  • New class: Mule. Not sure of all the class features; probably has a sort of AP buffer that can be spent per day on non-combat, non-movement actions like crafting. This would almost certainly require an item or something. An important class feature - can carry an infinite number of any item!
Alternatively, Donkeys as riding animals, which if bred with horsies produce Mules, which can use their pet AP (fairly efficiently) to produce elemental crafts such as glass.
Such a pet would drastically increase movement costs and could have a random chance of not producing anything, as they're rather stubborn. Syagrius 02:57, 19 August 2009 (BST)
  • Rocs would consistently drop at least one item from the musical singles table. You know... rock.
  • A quest which requires you to gather some Win, where Win is a rare result, but which can allow you to redeem the same prize for a sufficient amount of Fail. Possibly means you can do the quest twice. Win and Fail strike me as amusing items; just the very idea of them being nouns makes me smile. "Oh, you have much Win!" Blame Banjo-Kazooie if you must.

Out of Character

  • Nameless 5'8" 200-some lb. autism-spectrum telephone interviewer (that is to say, I do telephone survey) and video game collector. Sits around failing to do chores in Oregon's Willamette Valley, dealing with annual summer stress events and developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Reads a lot of science fiction (skiffy, you'll hear him say) and occasionally rereads it (see Obsessions). Avid webcomic reader. His Yahoo! ID is, of course, macksting.

Sign: Aquarius

Married to Sheyona. I think you'd like her. Rather pretty, too.

Has been a Temple ov thee Lemur fan since discovering the then-topical Project E.U.N.U.C.H., which still happens to be one of his favorite site features.

  • Owns his own soul.
  • Has aggressively undercut on the soul market.
  • Has rained the single worst available curse down upon another god's realm. ... It's not really worth it, but it's fun to do once.
  • Has a Ham license.
  • Has ordered instant monkeys.
  • Cheats at Dead White Males.

Owns ~100 NES games, and occasionally still plays them. On and off again, trying to beat Final Fantasy 1 with 4 white wizards. He assures you this is not the most difficult way to play the game; it's simply the most difficult way to feasibly beat the game.


Favorite weapon

  • In the game: Grey Swan Deer
  • In the real world: .357 magnum revolver or a zweihander sword.
  • In reality: I feel guilty for hurting a flea and freak out when people squash spiders. War statistics make me feel ill. Maybe a bardiche or halberd.

Favorite guilty pleasures

  • Killing off another duelist with a Golden Gun.
  • Creating technowizard devices that break Rifts games. Giant Powered Armor? 3D Invisibility Holoimager? Barragemeteor Jihad Cannons?*
  • Enjoying my insomnia.

Places I've Been

(09:55:56 PM) ancev: Vertical Bling: 155S
(09:55:57 PM) ancev: Horizontal Bling: 3055E
(09:56:04 PM) ancev: there?s the forbidden guild
(09:56:15 PM) ancev: we can dig our way till it too
  • 98E 13N DSSGCM Monastry of Count Dante, master of Dimac, deadliest of the Martial Arts.

A Few Other Favorite Things

  • "The Long Watch" by Robert Heinlein. Can be found in The Green Hills of Earth, The Past Through Tomorrow, and a few other similar publications.
  • "The Seventh Sleeper" by Kate Reidel
  • Ben Folds Five

Secret Shame

  • Crying over Final Fantasy VII: Never cared much for Aeris, but Cloud makes me weepy.

Curious obsessions

  • British pop music, especially that which breaches the import filter
  • Relatedly, David Bowie
  • Combat-related video games with extremely complex targeting systems that keep it all under the hood
  • Bubblegum Crisis
  • Fallout
  • Ethan I. Shedley's Earth Ship and Star Song (1979, Viking Press)
  • Ben Folds Five
  • An intriguing explanation for Michael Jackson's transformation

Character Drug Abuse

Has reached a state of perfect caffienation.

Has consumed 1 dose of Magic Powder. Has subsequently done stuff immediately. Not recommended!

Has consumed a fair amount of dragon's blood. Does not recommend this. (25 at this count.) Effects largely beneficial, but increasingly harmful.

Has consumed 25 grams of spice. It became necessary to use 12 at once, as some little bastitch had dropped 159 tribbles on me. Thankfully, they didn't eat anything, and between that, a disintegrated coat, and an extra pelt, I had enough to make four coats. On the other occasion, it was purely a matter of wanting to get things done in a day; nothing important at all, really.


Arguably, the K.O.T. Keep. I'm always astounded at its very existence.

9 Catanas. I've named a few (Pierre, Calisto, and Mistopheles) but, for the most part, I'm just a crazy cat lady. Currently keeping them as a crafting item.

A Hoe ov Destruction and a Spade ov Chaos.

A Seal Fur Coat, matching Stole, and a Proper Scarf. All set for pimp, winter, and class change! (Granted I'm fond of Bognor, but I feel no need to become a Smith.)
Addendum: Two Proper Scarves. I intend to wear one when sufficiently northerly.

October 6th, 2006

An official from the Council of Great Lords appears, hands you a package, and then disappears again.
You gain a Grey Swan Deer.

Beware a bored Elseware. It's a silver catana that will not align; neither sticky nor unbreakable.
Unique. And mine.
Amusingly enough, it has a special message whenever it's used. Not sure what to make of that.

Mwahahaha! No longer unique! PotatoEngineer 02:45, 17 August 2007 (BST)
Very much the case. I've no bloody idea how it happened, but it's awesome. S. Mackie 06:56, 17 August 2007 (BST)

09:28, 5 April 2007 (BST)

Furious Bow! At last!

08:12, 6 April 2007 (BST)

Daily Mail.

22:13, 15 July 2007 (BST)

16 Vodka Martinis! I don't even know how much AP went into the planting, foraging, and crafting of these things, but I'm set for a while.

19:51, 16 September 2007 (BST)

You gain a Red Pill. You gain a Pair of Snowshoes.

Schnorrer's Blessings on my Union

Video Wedding Present (Out of Order)


You slay the Jason.
You gain 75 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Sharp Sword.
You gain a 5 Iron.
You gain a 8 Iron.
You gain a Bottle of Whisky.
You gain a 4 Iron.
You gain a 6 Iron.
You gain a 3 Iron.
You gain a 7 Iron.
You gain a Mug of Ale.
You gain a Small Map.
You gain a 2 Iron.
You gain a 9 Iron.
You gain a Putter.
You gain a Tank.
You gain 11 Shells.

07:29, 1 November 2007 (GMT)

My first Djinn, at that

You attack the Ivory Djinn.
You cause 5000 points of damage, and receive 25000 experience.
You lose a Glass Sword.
Your glass sword shatters!
You slay the Ivory Djinn.
You add the trophy to your case!
You gain a Pouch of Magic Herb.
You gain a Magic Carpet.
You gain a Magic Emerald.

06:11, 19 December 2007 (GMT)

A Horsie!

Date/Time Mated Dam Colour Alignment Sire Colour Alignment Date/Time Foaled Name Gender Colour Alignment
2007/09/28 19:31 Muffin PC Horsie Crazy Horse PC Horsie 2007/10/27 06:21 Mercer Male PC Horsie

Pwny #20331
Updates roughly :21 after the hour.

Interpretation by Phenotype:

XY (male) - PP (white) - EE (Horsie) - CS (Cold)

A Familiar!

Every mage needs a familiar. Jayco/Payco offered me this dear. It's close to Elite! as of this writing.
Killer Bob, primarily eats Vodka Martinis and Legolas Cocktails.
Updates roughly :14 after the hour.


Mackie Brand Cheese. The very model of self-expression, my own idea, although Sertularian was the magical implement who made it all possible.

This is a hard yellow cheese with a mild flavour and has blue veins running through it.
Unique item #32735
You lose a Cheese.
Unusual flavour...

10:39, 2 April 2009 (BST)


Ambivalence updates around :21 after. Or perhaps :40 after? I've evidence to the latter now.
Reaction Formation updates at :29 after.


Name: Ammaud
Dragon #45870
Born Wed, 15 Apr 2009 07:21:18 GMT





Xch Ear Ice Neu Cow Cow Big NoB ???
Ych Wat Spi Neu She Wea Big Bas ???

12 max AP, consistent with current size theory. Eats ice equipment and sheep bits, but mainly cow. Anecdotally, very large. Base 60 damage, 12 AP, takes up most of my footprint. Will become too large to reequip, requiring me to never become a werewolf or otherwise transform/lose equipment, or requiring the GLs to create a quest or other effect to increase available footprint. I'm banking on the former. Precludes equipping Horsie or Big Kat.
According to the gene survey, it appears my dragon contains the genes for male and female dragons, earth and water dragons, ice and spirit dragons, and neutral dragons (unlikely to be expressed, but inevitably passed.) It gets double benefit from cow meat, can also feed on sheep and (ice) weapons, and contains the genes for both a basic breath weapon and none (meaning no breath weapon available.)
Therefore, male, ice, eats cows and sheep and weapons with an emphasis on cows, has no breath weapon, and has a very muddy genome in general. <pet id="Dragon.45870"> name="born_on" 1239780078 name="died_on" 0 name="alive" 1 name="name" Dragon name="nickname" Ammaud

Beowulf Cluster

You lose 64 IBM-Compatible PCs.
You gain a Beowulf Cluster.

Consists entirely of 486 machines. Auxiliary; have already turned one in to the computing center at the University. Have done this purely so as to have one around. 04:02, 23 April 2009 (BST)

You gain a Diego's Defender

You gain a Diego's Defender.
Master Armourer Syagrius gives you a Diego's Defender.
Master Armourer Syagrius says 'Just a token of RL thoughts.
We're thinking about you guys and wanted to let you know.'

He's a sweetheart. 06:17, 30 March 2011 (BST)


Prospect: JPV

20k per gram of spice, and agreed to be held to that within reason. 00:24, 11 March 2008 (GMT)

Prospect: Sert

Bag (S. Mackie's Bag of Holden) Unique item #33560

Prospect: Stien

A Talisman to Sniffleheim

Prospect: Corellis

In exchange for my (slightly flawed but very useful) lev. 2 spellbook, I'm requesting he eventually enchant me a new spare High Mass.

Debt Owed: Corellis

14400 and 2 glass swords.


Debt: Bernie

4440 and 2 Merz Bows.

Debt: SamSwashbuck

1 cactus



Just noting that Horsie (Muffin) and Goldfish (Bubbles) belong to Corellis.


1 Anorak

Christmas List

Ravensdance (for advancing science)
Bubba (gave me a lance)
Minor contenders
Phw for contributing regularly to the wiki

Useful Notes

Cucumber Sandviches

Need to eat 31 to have any effect

Hard Knocks

Lev 25 attained

Hunting Djinn

You gain a Dose of Magic Powder. You gain a Magic Carpet. You gain a Magic Opal.

S. Mackie's Buying Prices for Healing Spells

Principles for Rough Draft:

30 GP per AP
3*mana in AP to cast from spellbooks
Efficiency of spell as percentage
Spell Mana AP Saved HP per AP Buying Price
Wellbeing 1 3 100 90 GP
Vitality 3 9 66 180 GP
Recovery 8 24 50 360 GP
First Aid 2 6 50 90 GP
Second Aid 6 18 33 180 GP
Third Aid 16 480 25 120 GP
Minor Healing 3 9 33 90 GP
Major Healing 9 27 22 180 GP

Spellbook name suggestions

Liber Paginorum Fulvarum (The Book of Yellow Pages) - Darktab
Canon, vespers, etc. - roomies
Cataclysmic Catechism - me

Gabbly Chat!
In retrospect, while theoretically cool, this has proven useless.

Naughty and Nice Lists

These lists are by no means comprehensive. If you're not on either list, bear in mind that it has nothing to do with whether or not you've displeased me; it's not personal. These lists exist because I have a very, very poor memory and exist solely for my own benefit precisely because I can't remember everybody I like or dislike, and why or why not.

Nice list

  • Heyus2 - When he was bored and had a mountain of AP, he carved paths through the underground to all major locations. Keen. I also believe I recall there being other reasons, but see above.
  • Syagrius - The world owes him much. Besides that, he's an excellent Tubthumper.
  • Sertularian - Citizen, scientist, geneticist, Tubthumper, all around dude.
  • greg - I don't even recall who this is. See why I need the list?
  • Stelio - Absent for a while now. I remember for certain he's a good fellow, with many actions to favor him. I owe him a coconut.
  • Bubba - Gave me a lance, also pretty darn cool. I probably owe him a game of Gate 88.
  • PotatoEngineer - Don't know where to start. I vouch for him.
  • Ravensdance - Scientist, and a nice guy. Edit: Like, seriously. Give him kudos.
  • Rhapsodie - for SCIENCE! Also a good-natured person.
  • Corellis - Allowed me to borrow his mare indefinitely. Seems trustworthy, although we have plotted mischief together. :)
  • Ade - Donations to SCIENCE! Good-natured, no complaints and rather awesome.
  • Shan, who is Ade.
  • Jayco/Payco - Gave me my Familiar, my Anorak, and my records (indirectly.) Also gave me 10 limes and 24 Issues. And a bunch of kudos.
  • Stien - Tiltowait publicly says he's a Good Chap. I figure I'd make a note of that. It involved glyphs; free? Anyway.
  • Beata/Shupeti - Can only vouch for him as a person. Not really clear on how he behaves in-game, though he seems sociable and decent in that venue.
  • parking god - Set aside at least an hour to assist me at no cost; didn't steal my hat in doing so. Honest, fun.
  • LimeHan/Hamelin - Has attained a noted reputation as a "scholar and a gentleman." I can't vouch, but he's never done me wrong.
  • Naath - Gave a ride on her flying horsie to a n00b in search of his Snark. Muy cool, much appreciated by the fellow.
  • Anoki - Didn't ask a deposit on a borrowed uncommon drop. That speaks well of him.
  • Gonzometro - Gave me 250 cucumber sandwiches. For free. I'm going to try to pay him back somehow anyway.
  • In general, any Tubthumpers. Just a dependable lot.

Observed List

For those of y'all who I have observed doing things which worry me.

  • hbookbinder, a fellow Oregonian. Good natured on the whole, but capable of "skullduggery." While I've benefited, it does make me leery of doing business with him. Good guy, though.

Do Not Associate list

  • Merchant - Used newly priced bags to clean out a PC's stall; sold bad merchandise in the form of a Furious Bow. Also thinks this behavior still entitles him to martyrdom. Probably borderline personality disorder or a child; best avoided.
  • Gasoline - Accomplice in the PC jacking.
  • Kendrick - Anti-social behavior. Brooming and summoning to terrorize crops, even when actually asked to refrain.

My Notepad


Just what it looks like


Same as above

Bögnør Bash

I usually copy it further up, but a notepad's a notepad.

Ruthven's Office

Glyphs Glyphs Glyphs
Arsenic Magnesium Air
Sulphur Tin Water
Fire Copper Lead

Field Nexus

Four adjacent fields at 97E 15N

Cheese Recommends:

(10:52:23 PM) cheese: I highly recommend The Who - Who By Numbers, Who Sell Out, you know, the less
- played things
(10:52:42 PM) Glamdring: I'll bear those in mind particularly, then.
(10:53:14 PM) cheese: Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy is a good intro to thier earlier stuff - the singles
(10:53:48 PM) cheese: I even liked It's Hard, after Moonie died
(10:53:51 PM) Glamdring: I think I'll take it a bit at a time. Care to break it down into about two
or three songs I should hear?
(10:55:57 PM) cheese: hmm
(10:58:38 PM) cheese: you know what? I'll make it simple: go get Live at Leeds. best single album of
thiers, possibly the best live album ever made ever.if you get the new full-concert version, skip
the first three songs, as they suck - the band wasn't warmed up. but when they do, and that
transmission drops down into drive, they're un-friggin'-stoppable...oh, and they do a few of thier
singles, too
(10:59:46 PM) cheese: oh, if I could only take one Who song to a desert island? No doubt - A Quick
One While He's Away, preferably the live version from thier movie The Kids Are Alright

I'm honored...I made Macksting's page! ::cheese:: July 24, 2009 1.00 AM EST

I'm honored... Cheese commented on my page! 05:34, 25 July 2009 (BST)

Now We Worry

Text dump!

<AndyLandy> The terrain generation is performed using a PRNG
<AndyLandy> it's exactly the same thing
<AndyLandy> Rather than us designing the layout of Cities, square-by-square
<AndyLandy> we seed the PRNG with some arbitrary number, and get it to generate a bunch of terrain
<AndyLandy> If you seed the PRNG with the same number, you get the same landscape
<GlamDistracted> I imagine that could get weird some day, if you ever want to really mess
with us. :)
<AndyLandy> I was just thinking that.
<AndyLandy> One careless call to the PRNG before the landscape generation
<AndyLandy> and everything would go mental
* GlamDistracted chuckles.
<AndyLandy> It's all reasonably-well bounded
<AndyLandy> so the interior would still be the interior and the thieves forest etc etc
<GlamDistracted> Let's see. How could we be weird about this...?
<AndyLandy> but things like mountains and swamps in the interior would move around
<AndyLandy> and the oases and safe paths through the desert would change

Further discussion followed, but be it known our orderly, sane world is only one nauseous step from the brink. S. Mackie 22:05, 27 March 2009 (GMT)

Be Prepared

Craft 125 cucumber sandwiches, and eat 'em. +30 max AP.

Song of the Sorcelator

Getting Mortal with the Wizards

You lose 2 Bottles of Anisette.
You lose 2 Bottles of Ginger Wine.
You lose 2 Bottles of Triple Sec.
You lose a Bottle of Sloe Gin.
You lose a Bottle of Brandy.
You lose a Bottle of Saurian Brandy.
You lose 3 Bottles of Whisky.
You lose a Bottle of Rum.
You lose 2 Bottles of Vodka.
You lose a Bottle of Kahlua.

Rantings and Updates

Seems to be life's beta tester. He will soon begin keeping track of the bugs and errors of life itself, and will investigate who to send these to; the system could use some fixin'.

* Barrage-Meteor Jihad Cannons?! What was I thinking?!

Curing Sheyona (wife) of Lycanthropy

You wrestle on the ground with the hideous wolf-creature.
You rather like it.
You get up, feeling bruised.
You lose a Syringe of Wolfsbane.

What can I say? I've always liked dominant women. :| 19:22, 11 April 2009 (BST)


Destiny is not a sword
Nor bound by spell and spoken word.
It isn't pride, though pride it give,
but more it is of how you live.
We wizard folk to no man bow!
We've thrown our rank and shingle down
And though we serve with loyalty,
Still better men we know we be!
You sing 'Tenex, renouncing his edges'
You sing 'Decided to use only sledges.'
You sing 'It served him quite well,'
You sing 'When aided by spells,'
You sing 'But sure t'was a bitch to trim hedges'
o I knew the Race was o'er and done just ten AP from shore,
Still I whipped my rented horse and soldiered on
For though I'd lost already, and the worst was yet to come before,
I'd set out well provisioned and would not rest 'til it was done.
I watched a fellow mariner who set out less prepared.
His end was not a pretty sight to see
His airship tore to ribbons, and he tumbled from the air
I watched him flail helplessly, but had no time to grieve
T'was 40 minutes out when I first heard the mighty fest,
K. Dragon, first of sailors, bested foe and friend!
I yet had Crill and Coral left to go 'er I could rest,
but I swore this day that I would reach the end.
The Coral was Olympus, and the Pegasus my steed,
Better gadflies than mere mussels sure there be,
It could not throw me down, though it did take from me my speed,
And Oz, a better obstruction, did serve to torment me.
As yet I still have not begun my battle with the Crill,
And further on I'll fly through bitter snows
'Tis not terrain or weather which will finally test my will,
But probably the drugs, because AP is running low.
So fly me on to glory, "Half done! Keep heading South!"
I course across the golden road as my clock reads five,
The battle's lost already, and I'm foaming at the mouth,
But flying on Red Bull and Spice, I feel so damn alive!

Book of Mackies

Cultus Codex
I share blame for this with Bort.

"What is your quest?"

Length: Name:


East -33
South +25

Total: 134
Goal: 67

  • Solution 1:

33 + 19 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 2 = 67 (South 116)
31 + 1 + 13 + 22 = 67 (East 75)

  • Solution 2:

33 + 19 + 13 + 2 = 67 (South 107)
31 + 1 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 22 = (East 84)

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