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Hi! I see a blank space, so I fill it up:

My Stats

As of reasonably recently

Alignment: Air
Maximum Hit Points: 293
Base to-hit chance: 94%
Maximum Action Points: 392
Base AP Delay: 9 minutes.
Experience Points: 2888840
Damage Multiplier: 4
Movement Modifier: -4
Starsign: Earth Dragon
HP Healed: 7762
Current Kudos: 100
Total Action Points Spent: 97614
Total Distance Travelled: 16503

Things I Need

1. Food for my Kittin(Crackle)
2. Someone to buy all my woolen stuff
3. Someone to buy all the Carbon and Perls I got on my recent trip to Space
4. A New Cabinet ( I have most of the materials)
5. to finish the Animal Sanctuary quest

My repository of quotes

1. From my adventures in Oz

You attack the Duck-Billed Venemous Eye.
You cause 7975 points of damage, and receive 167475 experience.
You lose a Glass Sword.
Your glass sword shatters!
You slay the Duck-Billed Venemous Eye.
You gain 2 Zephyr Spells.
You gain 142 Gold Pieces.
You gain 4 Killing Blow Spells.
You gain 2 Exotic Cocktails.
You gain 2 Fire-Ball Spells.
You gain 2 Pieces of Chalk.
You gain 35 Quarrels.
You gain 4 Short Strings.
You gain 2 Skip South Spells.
You slay the Jason.
You gain a 7 Iron.
You gain a Mug of Ale.
You gain 22 Gold Pieces.
You gain an Earth Wand.
You gain a 5 Iron.
You gain a 8 Iron.
You gain a Bottle of Whisky.
You gain a 4 Iron.
You gain a 2 Iron.
You gain a 9 Iron.
You gain a Putter.
You gain 32 Quarrels.
You gain a 6 Iron.
You gain a 3 Iron.

2. What happens when you attack a Giant Friendly Talking Spider with martial arts so he can't steal your weapon

You attack the Giant Spider.
You miss.
The Giant Spider shakes your hand.
"Howdy, I'm Spider. Will you be my friend?"
The Giant Spider skips away merrily.
You feel confused.

3. Random humorous quotes from the MafiaScum forum

Tarhalindur starts off a new day

Okay, something is rotten in the house of Denmark, and its name probably is Skruffs or Battle Mage (maybe both).

Gorckat comments on a metaphor

What's the name of that law, the one about the longer a forum thread, the more likely it is someone will involve Nazis

The dawn of Day 3 in Mini game 491: Porly Ritten Flayver

the stench of the rising sun fills your nostrils and wakes you harshly from a singularly poor night's sleep.

The ending scene of that game

you wake up to the sight of a beautiful rainbow. the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and somebody's polished all the brass. it's a beautiful day, made all the sweeter by the two dead bodies on the floor. firstly there is sir_tornado, an innocent cityie, but nobody's paying him any attention- all eyes are focused on the fluffy cute corpse of pooky, the godfather of the local mafia. "hey!" says javert, "that means- assuming there aren't massive balancing issues- the scum are all dead! and i can go home and play my tuba in peace!" "yes," says patrick, "that will be nice." Town wins!

Cicero explains something about something Fonz suggested

No. I wasn't advocating the Fonz position. In addition I'm fairly certain Fonz no longer advocates the Fonz position since he is currently not voting for either one of them.

Mastermind of Sin comments on Iammars

Ooh, I need to steal that speech sometime. That's better than a Dr. House quote >_>

Gemelli calls out a slacker for calling out a slacker

"Ah, kettle! Thou art black!" the pot exclaims </iambic_pentameter>

4. Random humorous quotes from Wyvern, the Graphical MUD

The longest cough ever

furybreed [ooc] shouts: *coughimunguildedandidieawholelotfoocough*

Wizards (the equivalent of Great Lords, there) relax and have fun

[08:32 AM] * Contrare misses something, if only he could remember what it was. *

[09:24 AM] * Arilou stands behind Contrare and waggles a bag of marbles above his head *

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