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I'm back baby!

See above.

MrFoo (Real Person)

My site where I write little Java games and the like.

MrFoo (Game Person)

My Personal Location

46E 225S


Most morpheus without a copy of YSMR: 70

Quickest transition from Knight to Shaman: 4 minutes

Lowest to-hit: -7056% with fists

I think I'm addicted...

You lose 1500 Saltpetre Measures. You lose 300 Units of Charcoal. You lose 200 Sulphurs. You gain 2000 Measures of Black Powder.

Thankfully I have a Gold Bling and I'm at the party, so it's "only" 27 hours until I've got AP again.

Worst. Day. Ever!

Today I have broken:

  • A Daemonic Great Sword
  • A Fire Catana
  • The one and only in the entire game Elf Bow


Standing Stones quest

My underground adventures

Open Mic Night

I jusht shang a shong at the shecond chities open mic night.. If'sh you didn't hear it, it'sh available here... Shooon to be available from all good monshters on vinyl. Shome of you have already have a copiesh of my recordsh after shome will travel back in time :)

Today I'm gonna lose my hat.
Probably to some cities punk.
But I ain't gonna care. 
I'm just gonna sing the blues.
And drink mah booze!

Some bastard just stole my hat
So I'm sharpening my pokey stick
And collecting the snow together
But I'm lazy and so I think
I'll just go to the bar, and have a drink.

Oh the world is now spinning
and I'm thinking of sinning
Hunting down the theif
And giving him greif
But I'm drunk as hell
So I'll just say he smells.

Oh, my hat was good
It gave me time and health
Helped me gain lots of wealth
But it's gone gone gone

And my head's getting cold
But my life's not on hold
I'll go adventuring again
And find my HAT!

Treasure Chests

After recent luck in the North-West Tunnels, here's my current "to-be found" list...

Location Contents
20E 116N You gain a Disguise Kit. You gain a Winged Boot. You gain 2000 Gold Pieces. You gain a Feathered Bling.

2000? Cheapskate pirate!

61E 24N You gain a Disguise Kit. You gain an Arrow. You gain 22000 Gold Pieces. You gain a The One Bling.
64E 147N You gain an Air Sword. You gain a Plan for a Caravel. You gain 7000 Gold Pieces. You gain a Ghastly Bling.
8E 129N Inaccessible - High Plateau
56E 30N You gain 21000 Gold Pieces. You gain a Watch Bling.
52E 90N You gain a Space Rocket. You gain a Gold Piece. You gain 22000 Gold Pieces. You gain a Mercury Bling.
7E 77N You gain 25000 Gold Pieces. You gain a Bling of Ice.
59E 40N Inaccessible - Inner area
56E 44N Inaccessible - Inner area
2E 3N You gain a Plan for a Ferry. You gain a Fire Sword. You gain 22000 Gold Pieces. You gain a Healing Bling.
70E 10S You gain a Space Rocket. You gain a Copy of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. You gain a Ruby Slipper. You gain 6000 Gold Pieces. You gain an Onyx Bling. You gain a Bottle of Rum.

Recent Events

Dojo quest:

0 - Can't Remember.
1 - Merz Bow
2 - Golden Gun
3 - ANOTHER Merz Bow
4 - Knife
5 - Sharp Sword
6 - Arrow
7 - Sacrificial Dagger
8 - Light Sabre... Aw man.
9 - Duelling Sabre

Reading List


Gotta Splat them all


   * Earl Britney
   * Lady Caroline
   * Duke darksatanic MD
   * 'King elseware
   * Great Lord harvey MD
   * Great Lord Ignatz MD
   * Spartacus
   * Earl Kevin
   * The Dread Pirate Kitty
   * marketwatch1
   * marketwatch2
   * marketwatch3
   * marketwatch4
   * Great Lord Ruthven
   * Great Lord Yendor

Things MrFoo Hates

  • Mink. I have pleged to remove all of the mink from this world. They're little yappy little creatures that deerve to be annihilated.
  • Sand Worms that fricking well don't drop spice. 2 of the *****ers.
  • Wiki Spam
  • Being honest by finding a dupe bug, and telling Elseware straight away, and it being fixed within 3 minutes ;)
    • make that 2 bugs...
  • Admin set your spentap=18979
    - Aww, I liked my fractional AP.
  • Someone steling my SMALL ICE DEMON near Bognor. that's 12 wasted AP and 10 lost arrows. Did whoever it was not notice it only had 30HP left?!?! Or that it was earth aligned? If I find out who killed it, they're getting one hell of a 'dis. F***er. I spend AP to map the city for everyone and that's what happens. F***ers.
  • Bummer. :( Good job with mapping Bögnør, by the way. Have you found out what the other church of Rodney is yet? Darksatanic 22:22, 17 February 2006 (GMT)
  • I saw it on the way up, but didn't realise it was actually part of the name, or that there was a second one and there'd eb a difference. It'll get added when I get the AP to find out what's in the Unknown square too. MrFoo 22:26, 17 February 2006 (GMT)
  • Don't kill yourself finding out. It's mostly a joke. I finally realised that I'd probably never have the time to follow through on the plans I had for that particular joke, so I used it here. There _is_ a quest-sort-of-thing waiting in the wings for the Church of Rodney, though, so don't ignore them entirely. Darksatanic 22:29, 17 February 2006 (GMT)
  • So, it was Douro who killed the Small Ice Demon.. since there's only been one killed according to the kill tables, and he killed it. You should know better dude. MrFoo 09:22, 18 February 2006 (GMT)

Current Stats

Max AP 118
Max HP 95
Experience 281920
Gold 15103
Times died 1
Fractional AP... 0.99450005 to be exact..


You have initiated to air.
You have initiated to earth.
You have initiated to water.
You have initiated to fire.
You have been knighted by the King.
You have qualified as a medical doctor.
You have learned first-aid.
You have made friends with the guards.
You have caught a snark.
You have won a duel.


You can swim.
You can find safe paths in the desert.
You can see other players health.
You have healed 660 points of other players wounds.
You have drunk dragons blood 38 time(s).
You have consumed spice 1 time(s).
You can see roads a little further away.
You can see terrain a little further away.
You have found 1 mystical apple pips.
You have some training in earth crafts.
You have some training in air crafts.
You are an expert at fire crafts.
You have some training in water crafts, but you're rubbish.

Achievements in Progress

Raft Plans, but no Nails, and not enough Tar


Get a Betty Fnord Clinic Invite, because I seem to get bad results from almost every substance. Not immune to Spice yet, but it's probably only a matter of time before I need to feed my cities addiction by consuming industrial quantities of spice.

Dragon Blood history

3 x Detox -- w00t
7 x Really Demotivated. Arse.
8 x You feel stimulated
1 x You feel stronger
8 x Demotivated
7 x Motivated
5 x Searing Pain
7 x Stronger
3 x So Very Weak

It appears that dragon's blood gives worse and worse results with extended uses. Which is a pain in the arse.

Don't say that -- I keep getting "(really) demotivated," and I've only yet drunk 5 18:41, 23 February 2006 (GMT)

Magic Powder Use

Yes, I'm an idiot, and I've used Magic Powder 3 times so far. My Max AP/HP is taking a real battering. But I did get to play for about 3 hours straight with it and about 10 Dragon's Blood.

Spice Use

Consumed 2 grams of spice in one go so far.

Currently holding 6 grams of spice. That's 450 AP if consumed (and tolerance doesn't kick in). Going to see how much I can amass before I cave in and guzzle the whole lot.

Things I need

  • Copy of 'All The Things She Said'
  • Copy of 'Atomic'
  • Copy of 'Beautiful'
  • Copy of 'Believe'
  • Copy of 'Dancing Queen'
  • Copy of 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend'
  • Copy of 'I'm Coming Out'
  • Copy of 'I'm Still Standing'
  • Copy of 'Macho Man'
  • Copy of 'Over the Rainbow'
  • Copy of 'Relax'
  • Copy of 'Strong Enough'
  • Copy of 'Vogue'
  • Copy of 'Where Is My Man'
  • Copy of 'You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)'
  • Copy of 'Your Disco Needs You'

Trade Items

Items I'm willing to trade


48 Diamonds
2 Doses of Antidote
5 Roc Rocks
211 Saltpetres
56 Sheets of Paper
31 Short Strings
7 Sun Stones


41 Mugs of Coffee
48 Mugs of Coffee (decaf)


28 Exotic Cocktails


1 Card: The High Priestesss
2 Card: The Empresss
2 Card: The Hanged Mans
1 Card: Deaths
2 Card: Temperances
1 Card: The Devils
3 Card: The Towers
1 Card: The Stars
1 Card: Judgements
1 Card: The Worlds

Random Stuff

You attack the Pinata in a Tree.
The Pinata in a Tree gets angry.

Personal Notes

22 29

SSW of 64E 7S

70 44

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