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The Character

Naius is a rather loud character, often seen sporting bizarre collecions of mis-matched clothing. He thinks of himself as one of the "good guys", but can occasionally be tempted by the prospect of large amounts of loot. He has a long-standing hatred of wolves, and seldom passes up an opportunity to rid the kingdom of any that cross his path. He usually has several "projects" on the go, but his current major pastime is Pheonix hunting.

Any helpful suggestions for an improving water player would be welcome.


My main wants just now are a Midas Wand, Rig components, Plums, Roc Rocks, Croc Scales, (Long) Strings and Flying Fish. Aligned weapons are always useful. I'm selling a possible sword. I can always offer water produce - cucumbers, cod, pheonix feathers. My Inventory is not always complete, as I tend to have some stuff bagged up. If you want to dicker, then use my talk page, or I'm regularly on IRC.


(No longer regularly maintained) I'm hoping this may be helpful to other starting players at some point.

Early Days

  • I'd been playing for about 10 days whan I started this log, some of them in Limbo. During the remaining time, I headed clockwise round the roads, mostly bashing worms and shearing sheep. I found a couple of untended planted fields and scored some grapes.
  • Completed my air initiation, heading back to Water city to learn to swim. Need cash badly! New policy is to bash wolves and salamanders. (Note: if you want to do the creature survey, you may need to refresh the page in order to pick up your list.)
  • Took a quick detour to the airport. Boring! I'm now "very talented" on the tambourine.
  • Back home in water city, healing up at St Johns. About 1000gp short for initiation, so I guess I'll go round again. Now #9 in the wolf-bashing table, but a long way back from the serious players.
  • Had a blast at Sert's birthday party. Got much help and useful advice from Stevie-O and Dragon. Got summoned to the stone circle, and got me a dawn horn. Had fun killing things with it. Yay! Bagged my first lion, then went back to the party.
  • Learned to swim, and initiated to water. (Didn't get my snark sack - looks like you need to refresh the page to see the option (20AP). I'll go back for it.). Bashed a couple of salamanders, but ran out of AP trying to get back to the party. Check the costs on those movement arrows, folks! Got back eventually. At this point I'm on 1400 XP from 2470AP spent, 820 squares travelled. Next objectives are: Time & Space, Earth initiation, MD training (not necessarily in that order). By then I should have enough XP to get knighted.
  • I don't believe this - I'm at a pary, getting beat up by a @@@@ rabbit! The Random number generator can be funny sometimes. Probably what I deserve for Licking a toad, earlier (makes the world very strange, but wears off once you spend a few APs). Had a good chat with Eusebia and Sert on IRC in the background. Doing kamikaze healing whenever I have APs to spare. It's a long way to MD.
  • Still partying. Blew most of my AP on healing people - about 20% of the way to MD now. Took a wander round to try out some of my shiny new gear. Bows are a great way not to get hit, but every time you miss you lose an arrow. On a base 40%, that gets pretty expensive so keep it for the really dangerous beasties. They also break :(
  • Did my first summon - Heyus2 (yes, the notorius seal-clubber) turned up in a speedboat, which promptly went back into it's bottle. Some head-scratching ensued. Scored a party T-Shirt and some arrows off Sert. Solune has also been generous. I'm all a quiver. :)
  • Took another stroll - exit 3 salamanders and a wolf. Took me over 1500 XP - worms now ph34r me! Getting the hang of checking my gear before making each move. More healing, more tambourine practice.

Dr Naius

  • A whole day's worth of healing takes me to the necessary 600. Now I just need to clock up enough points to collect my diploma and get back to the party.
Congratulations. You are now a qualified doctor.
You may now heal people rather than just first aid.
The doctors use a strange potion on your eyes, after the burning stops you blink and realise your eyesight has improved.
You are given some welcome gifts by the other doctors...
You gain 10 Clean Bandages.
You gain 3 Mugs of Coffee.
You gain a Pocket Watch.
You gain a Bottle of Sparkling Wine.
Forgot about the 10AP to go on call. Rats. I'll fix that tomorrow.
  • Took a stroll down to the Western Market, and got a pleasant surprise - someone bought a few of my fleeces. Picked up a couple of bargains (2 tarot cards and a broad sword), and returned to the party. Bagged 2 wolves and a Salamander - now #7 in the wolf-bashers. Back to the party for the last few fast AP.
  • Heading for the Crystal cave. Picked off a few more wolves and salamanders en route. Now #7 for Salamander bashing, too. Water knives are fun :).
Welcome to the Crystal Cave. You celebrate with the other new initiates. Next morning you feel like crap but somehow     
you feel like your pain has made you stronger. Your maximum Hit-Points has increased by 50. Go you! You are taught 
the basics of the crafts of Earth. These include crushing, mining, churning and shaping.
  • I had thought of taking a retreat to sleep off my drunken excesses, but I got healed up by passing strangers so it wasn't really worth it. Took a wander round earth city, and the dump and the market. Just about back to sober. Heading for Air City next, to pick up that creature survey list I forgot last time.
  • Spotted a firefox, bagged it, and found a leprachaun next square over. Cost me 3 arrows but I gained 1700 Gp. Still heading west, only 150XP sort of knighthood now. A few more wolves have taken me to 3rd equal in the bashing league, but I would need another 33 for first place.
  • Tried a cross-country jaunt to reach the Altar of light. It's far too costly in AP to get anywhere. Did wonders for my XP, though. I'm now hacking my way back to the road to go and see the 'King. With nearly twice the to-hit things should be a lot easier.

Sir Naius

  • Strode into the throne room, greeted his majesty, knelt and was dubbed a knight, strode out again. Sir Naius at your service. Onwards to Air City. Bought a set of cocktails in the Hobbit, and saluted the guards. I need to pick up a couple of air talismans and a creature spotting list before I head north. Now 2nd= for wolf-bashing. I need 26 to catch Melchitt as things stand.
  • Hmmm - someone's been having fun with illusions:
You attack the Kitten.
You cause 4 points of damage, and receive 4 experience.
The Cow causes 1 points of damage.
Found a magic ball in a ruin. Oooh, shiny ;). Apart from that, an uneventful stroll Northwards, creature-spotting as I go.
  • Did a bit of bargain hunting at the Western Market. The Citiesberg price list is dead handy when shopping. Picked up some treasure hunt stuff, and a hyperlink so I can show off my gallery
  • Passed 3,500 XP - wolves now ph34r me, which means I have to anger them before I can attack. That gives them an extra round or two to bite back, which is irritating. Back down to number 3 in the league, but I'm still closing in on the leader. Made it up to Earth City, and took my final initiation...
You inhale the sacred smoke. Welcome to the Brotherhood of Fire You gain a Box of Matches.
You are taught the basics of the crafts of Fire. These include smelting, melting and baking. 
What I'm most pleased about is the extra 25% to hit - that will make monster-bashing a lot easier.
  • Sert very kindly summoned me down to a Pinata. It was conveniently located for the Dusk plain, so I went on to hit the Nightfall Shrine, checking off a few more creatures as I went.
Night falls / I fall / And where were you? / Where were you? Warm skin / Wolf grin / And where were you? -- 'blue' by Angie Hart 
You feel your fear dying with the light. The Guardian of the Shrine gives you a gift... You gain a Glowing Dusk Tusk.
Onwards with the aid of some coffee to catch the night shrine...
All hail the American night!  What was that? I don't know Sounds like guns ...thunder.
 -- Jim Morrison
You feel like a Night Person!
The Guardian of the Shrine gives you a gift...
You gain a Night Stick.
That leaves me an overland hike to reach the altar of the light, hopefully by midday tomorrow.
  • Rats! Couldn't get online. That leaves me sitting at the Altar of light for a day. I did manage to spot a leprachaun on the way - just 9 left to go.
  • OK, that's T&S completed - time for a party :)
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
You feel the noon-day sun soak into your blood!
The Guardian of the Shrine gives you a gift...
You gain a Light Sabre.
As you worship at the final Time Shrine you feel in tune with time and space.
  • Everyone has been very kind with donating equipment. Apologies if I haven't mentioned each gift. A lance arrived, along with my first Palantir message...
Duke Ravensdance MD (Ruthveday, 18th of Frimaire, about three in the afternoon):
Go forth and slay your first (small) dragon, valiant knight.
Many thanks Ravensdance - I'll do my best.
  • Acting on advice from Stevie, I grabbed a cab to the festival and bagged the Snark. Another quest down. No hippies or stoners in sight, though :( Hung around for a bit and sure enough they re-spawned. Found a Ghost by the graveyard, too. Chatting to Stevie on IRC and he spotted 3 of my missing critters close together and gave me a summon. My first trip to the intererior. More coffee. Movement is expensive in there. I've ticked off everything except the Knights who say Ni and a Vampire now. Finished off the trip by killing a wounded Fire Dragon. Much Kudos to Stevie! Warped back to Windy city for the party and summoned Hydr-O, who promptly went a-tubthumping on his own behalf. A busy (k)night.

Baron Naius

  • Grabbed a party hat, and my trusty walking stick, and strode across the open country to the palace. The 'King looked a little askance at my attire, but nonetheless dubbed me a baron.
You kneel before the 'king. 
'Greetings Sir Naius MD' says the 'king.
I hear you killed a dragon; good for you!
The 'king decides to make you a baron.
You gain 1000 Gold Pieces.
I visited the store to purchase some talismans, and made a more leisurely return, pausing to despatch some hazardous creatures before they could trouble the good folk of Windy City. On return to the party, my borrowed hat disappeared without a trace. Terror Remedy has generously donated a water sword. With that plus my new damage multiple I should be able to take out fire creatures very efficiently. Gonzometro set up a picnic next to the party. I used the extra to-hit chance to clear out a few more wolves (13 behind Melchitt) and stock up on fleeces.
  • Took a little side trip to the Southern Market, mostly to get some reading glasees, but indulged in a little speculation, too. I'm now a little low on cash, but potentially richer down the line. More wolves on the way back. Unfortunately Melchitt has also bagged a few. Now 8 behind. My XP is up to 7200, I should be able to venture into the desert soon. I need to do more healing to get the waterbottle.
  • The chat is a great resource. Set up a trade for a waterbow, and a summons from Ravensdance to tick off a vampire. Creature survey complete. While I was there, I though I'd try my hand a Pheonix farming. I accidentally killed the first one at gen 3, but then...
You are a bit warm.
You attack the Pheonix (gen. 9).
You cause 26 points of damage, and receive 234 experience.
You slay the Pheonix (gen. 9).
You gain an Air Talisman.
You gain 24 Units of Charcoal.
You gain 4544 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Spikey Ninja Throwing Star.
You gain 28 Phoenix Feathers.
That took me over 10,000 XP, too. It's 50 AP to cash in my creature survey, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow for that.
  • A quiet day reading in the Library. Many thanks to Terror Remedy for the loan of his Heinlein collection, and Sert for the offer of more to come. Also cashed in the creature survey for improved movement costs.
  • Finished my reading, then went down to the Fiddling Wizard for the Hootannay open-mic night. Felt a bit nervous at first, but got into the mood with the aid of some ale, dancing and singing (Great Lord Yendor bought me a pint), then.
You are tipsy.
You play a solo on the Tambourine.
You feel particularly in touch with your roots.
  • Slow progress towards my water bottle - passed 1000 points from on-call healing overnight. I'm now, finally, the top wolf-basher around...
You get a bonus of 10 AP, due to the number of monster-kill league tables you are top of.
Stepped up to the temple of Air and did the astrology course needed to make sense of the standing stones.
You undergo a tedious all day course on the mystical history of the Standing Stones, how to read your horoscope, and the equally
mysterious but even more dull connection between the two. You can find the stones in the wild region beyond the mountain range.
There are twenty-four in total.
That takes a full charge of AP, so I'll be back recharging my batteries at the party until this evening, when I plan to take a stroll up to the Western Market. I need to sell another half dozen items to qualify for membership of the merchants guild. I also have a commission from Eusebia to buy some herbs.

Christmas time

  • Oooh, it's all white and sparkly! We have a white Christmas in the kingdom. The snow has brought the wolves out in force, which is keeping me busy. I also slew a small ice dragon, at considerable loss in arrows and little profit.
  • Got a very nice Christmas present from Dragon, which included skis and snowshoes. I have little to give him in return, but I hope he will find my poor gifts amusing. The improved footwear has made getting about a lot easier! I took a trip Southwards, clearing the land of some of the nasty critters which have taken advantage of the cold. Upon despatching a mutant rabbit with nasty pointy teeth, I discovered the corpse of Sir Apocraphilia. Naturally I returned it post-haste to the Knightly Order of Tubthumping.
  • Went for a walk on Christmas Morning, and bumped into Santa!
Santa says 'Have you been good?'
You say 'Yes, Santa.'
Santa says 'What are you hoping for christmas?'
You say 'Peace on earth and good will to all men'
An official from the Council of Great Lords appears, hands you a package, and then disappears again.
You gain a Moon On A Stick.
You say 'Thank you'
Santa says 'anything more useful?'
You say 'Ehh - a clinic invite?'
Santa says 'done.'
Santa says 'you want taking there too?'
An official from the Council of Great Lords appears, hands you a package, and then disappears again.
You gain a Clinic Invite.
Santa fades out.
You say 'No thanks, it's for a friend'
Santa shouts 'HO HO HO THEN! BYE!'
  • Another nice present, this time featuring a shiny new Water Sword from Ravensdance. I put it to immediate good use on a trip South to the fringe of the great desert, where I killed a mimic and a small fire dragon (#3/10).
  • Made my own way into the interior for a change, smiting sundry beasts along the way. Took out a small fire dragon (#4/10) and a Pheonix (gen 9), but didn't make my objective of reaching one of the standing stones to check the sequence requirements. Tomorrow, maybe. Also still trying to scrape up a suitable present for Sert.
  • Off to the interior by a different route. Added 3 more dragons to my tally, and reached standing stone XVII (d6, midnight) which will allow me to calibrate the sequence. Air talisman back to Windy city for some more party goodness. A late-night trip to the desert adds 1 more dragon - 2 to go. I want to find an air one to complete the set.
  • Jumped out via Fire City, and headed for standing stone IX. Took out 3 dragons en route, 1 more than I really wanted to tackle and that cost me my daily mail :(. Discovered that the offering required by the stone was not as per the template, but fortunately had one with me.
Your offering is consumed by the hungry earth. You lose a Gollum Cocktail. 
You feel the stones power making you healthier (+5 max AP) Now using Fists.

Earl Naius

  • Wearing spock ears and weilding a bull whip, Naius teleports into the presence of the 'king.
You kneel before the 'king. 
'Greetings Baron Naius MD' says the 'king.
'11 dragons killed? That's great!'
The 'king makes you a viscount.
You gain 1000 Gold Pieces.
  • (I'm away for the new year, so Naius will be taking a long retreat.) Did a bunch of healing (half way to waterskin) and headed on down to St Matthews for the benefit of my soul.
  • Trudged off up to the "Kill all monsters!!!" party. Bashed a couple of dragons and a phoenix. I'm hoping to get a couple of standing stones done while I'm here.
  • Forget "a couple". I had a monstrous day. I burned a measure of serenity and 2 cups of coffee to complete 7 stones! I also killed my 20th dragon, and passed 60K experience. I've set up a trade for 3 cucumber sandwiches, but I want to make at least 1 myself rather than just buying a Dukedom (which I could easily do now). Away from the party overnight, but it's about to end anyway. Military in fashion = good!
  • Did another 4 stones. Hit a bit of a snag half-way with a small air dragon - needed 4 attempts to align it to fire, meanwhile it hit me 10 times out of 12. Ouch! Cost me 2 cups of coffee to make up the healing AP. Finally dropped out at the Earth City Flower show in the wee small hours.
  • Went wild on the markets today, and ended up spending a lot more than I thought I had. Very strange. Looked in on the talisman maker and learned how to make talismans to anywhere. Interesting, but a bit expensivce to be practical yet. Got given a possibility by 'king Elseware as a preview. Very nice. Much discussion ensued.

Duke Naius

  • Wearing skis and field glasses, Naius rubs his rabbits foot for a feeling of invulnerability:
You kneel before the 'king. 
'Greetings Earl Naius MD' says the 'king.
The 'king takes 5 cucumber sandwiches.
You lose 5 Cucumber Sandwiches.
The 'king tells you, with his mouth full, that he's decided to make you a Duke.
You gain 1000 Gold Pieces.
  • I also made level 1 merchant, and became a herbalist. Quite a busy day. A continued blow-by-blow would be a bit much at this point, so the daily journal ends here. I hope my readers have enjoyed the journey as much as I did.
  • Completed the standing stones, about a week later. Also had a pop at the undead dragon, but it's a bit pokey. I'll come back when I've got some better weaponry.
  • Next party took me to Merchant 3, a level 28 pheonix, 250,000 XP and 2000+ HP healed, although I haven't picked up the water bottle yet.
  • Didn't think the Roc would hit me 6 times out of 6. I was wrong. Naius died.

Water Quests

  • Learning to Swim (done)
  • Initiation / First Aid (done)
  • Snark Hunt (done)
  • Becoming a Doctor (done) An MD is me.
  • Killing the Undead Dragon (lost many arrows. I'll be back)
  • On Call (I am)
  • Water Skin (over 2000, still to collect)

Air Quests

  • Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities (done)
  • Time and Space (done)
  • Creature Survey (done)
  • Standing Stones (done)
  • Fortune Tellers

Earth Quests

  • Initiation / Getting Drunk (done)
  • Treasure Hunt (a few, not a priority)
  • Rock Soc Pub Crawl
  • School of Hard Knocks

Fire Quests

  • Getting Knighted (done)
  • Initiation (done)
  • Befriending the Guards (done)
  • The Duel
  • Becoming a Baron (done)
  • Becoming an Earl (done)
  • Becoming a Duke (done)
  • The Gauntlet

Side Quests

  • Tarot Deck (6/22)
  • Merchants Guild (level 3 done)
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Martial Arts Training at the Dojo
  • Tree of Life
  • Thieves Den
  • The Arena
  • Bomb Squad
  • Ghost Hunter's Guild
  • Animal Sanctuary
  • Pandora's Socks
  • Hermit (done)
  • Dirty Paul
  • South West Altar
  • Heinlein quest (done)
  • PhD

Tarot Cards

  • Card: Death
  • Card: Judgement
  • Card: Justice
  • Card: Strength
  • Card: Temperance
  • Card: The Chariot
  • Card: The Devil
  • Card: The Emperor
  • Card: The Empress
  • Card: The Fool
  • Card: The Hanged Man
  • Card: The Hermit
  • Card: The Hierophant
  • Card: The Lovers
  • Card: The Magician
  • Card: The Moon
  • Card: The Priestess
  • Card: The Star
  • Card: The Sun
  • Card: The Tower
  • Card: The Wheel of Fortune
  • Card: The World

Standing Stones

  • 74E 49N - 08:00 - I - Air Talisman (done)
  • 73E 55N - 09:00 - II - Measure of Serenity (done)
  • 71E 62N - 10:00 - III - Clove of Garlic (done)
  • 67E 67N - 11:00 - IV - Feather (done)
  • 62E 71N - 12:00 - V - Jar of Plum Jam (Finally!)
  • 55E 73N - 13:00 - VI - Loaf of bread (done)
  • 49E 74N - 14:00 - VII - Piece of chalk (done)
  • 43E 73N - 15:00 - VIII - Legolas Cocktail (done)
  • 37E 71N - 16:00 - IX - Gollum Cocktail (done)
  • 31E 67N - 17:00 - X - Gandalf Cocktail (done)
  • 27E 62N - 18:00 - XI - Frodo Cocktail (done)
  • 25E 55N - 19:00 - XII - Bilbo Cocktail (done)
  • 24E 49N - 20:00 - XIII - D12 (done)
  • 25E 43N - 21:00 - XIV - D10 (done)
  • 27E 37N - 22:00 - XV - D8 (done)
  • 31E 31N - 23:00 - XVI - D4 (done)
  • 36E 27N - 00:00 - XVII - D6 (done)
  • 43E 25N - 01:00 - XVIII - Cucumber (done)
  • 49E 24N - 02:00 - XIX - Sunflower (done)
  • 55E 25N - 03:00 - XX - Bunch of grapes (done)
  • 62E 27N - 04:00 - XXI - Sheaf of Wheat (done)
  • 67E 31N - 05:00 - XXII - Eel (done)
  • 71E 36N - 06:00 - XXIII - Lion fish (done)
  • 73E 43N - 07:00 - XXIV - Flying fish (done)

Heinlein Books

  1. Between Planets
  2. Beyond This Horizon
  3. The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
  4. Citizen of the Galaxy
  5. The Door into Summer
  6. Double Star
  7. Farnham's Freehold
  8. Farmer in the Sky
  9. Friday
  10. Glory Road
  11. Have Space Suit - Will Travel
  12. I Will Fear No Evil
  13. Job: A Comedy of Justice
  14. Methuselah's Children
  15. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
  16. The Number of the Beast
  17. Podkayne of Mars
  18. The Puppet Masters
  19. Red Planet (have)
  20. Rocket Ship Galileo
  21. The Rolling Stones
  22. Sixth Column
  23. Space Cadet
  24. The Star Beast
  25. Starman Jones
  26. Starship Troopers
  27. Stranger in a Strange Land
  28. Time Enough for Love
  29. Time for the Stars
  30. Tunnel in the Sky
  31. Sail Beyond the Sunset
  32. Variable Star
  • Stranger in a Strange Land (Hardback)

Other Reading

  • Norse-English Dictionary
  • The art of the Wet Slap
  • The art of Nasty Blows
  • The art of the Flaming Punch
  • The Way of the Finger
  • The art of the Stone Fist
  • The guide to Time and Space
  • The Citizen
  • Battlefield Earth - no plans to read :)

Pheonix check

You are a bit warm.
You attack the Pheonix (gen. 28).
You cause 24 points of damage, and receive 672 experience.
You slay the Pheonix (gen. 28).
You gain a Dose of Magic Powder.
You gain 81 Units of Charcoal.
You gain 40530 Gold Pieces.
You gain 351 Phoenix Feathers.

Little @@@@ cost me 2 water swords, though :(

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