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I've recently died. I stumbled upon an oppositely-aligned gygax; for some reason, I didn't think that his die rolls would do double damage.
Regarding my interest in making a counter-petition for Neutral City, I've decided that I should try to become Neutrally aligned as soon as it's convenient.
Name: Earl #13785 MD

Alignment: Air
Current Hit Points: (varies)
Maximum Hit Points: 105
Base to-hit chance: 70%
Current Action Points: (varies)
Maximum Action Points: 200
Base AP Delay: 9 minutes.
Experience Points: 62640
Victory Points:
Damage Multiplier: 4
Movement Modifier: -4
HP Healed: 2649
Current Kudos: 91
Total Action Points Spent: 11877
Total Distance Travelled: 3505

You can swim.
You can climb.
You can mine.
You have solar powers.
You can find safe paths in the desert.
You can see other players' health.
You can see roads a little further away.
You can see terrain a little further away.
You have some training in earth crafts, but you're rubbish.
You are an expert at air crafts.
You have some training in fire crafts.
You have some training in water crafts.

Completed Quests
You have initiated to air.
You have initiated to earth.
You have initiated to water.
You have initiated to fire.
You have worshipped at night.
You have worshipped at dawn.
You have worshipped in the day.
You have worshipped at dusk.
You have some power over time and space.
You have been knighted by the King.
You have qualified as a medical doctor.
You have learned first-aid.
You have made friends with the guards.
You have caught a snark.
You have won a duel.

Quests in Progress
Reading Log:
You've read The Puppet Masters.

You have been to Fire City.
You have been to Water City.
You have been to Windy City.
You have been to Earth City.

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