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Just some earth-aligned guy, you know?

In game I'm... palindrome, er, rather, Duke palindrome MD, thank-you.

Quests I'm working on:

  • Standing stones -- it will take a while.
  • Tarot deck -- not sure what I need
  • I want another airship! Trying to find krakens to get plans.

Quests completed:

  • Gauntlet
  • I - singlehandedly - slew the Undead Dragon!
  • All initiations
  • Time & Space
  • Made a Duke by the King (and a knight, baron and earl before that).
  • Won a duel (in which my alignment was changed from fire to earth -- I'm still ambivalent about that one).
  • Snark hunt (I released the poor bugger).
  • Befriended the guards
  • Learned to swim
  • Creature survey (thanks to the Pinata summon thread).
  • Bomb squad
  • Level 4 merchant guild
  • 10 levels of hard knocks
  • I've killed 126 dragons, and drunk their blood 31 times (that's a bad habit!).
   You attack the Pheonix (gen. 37).
   You cause 30 points of damage, and receive 1110 experience.
   You slay the Pheonix (gen. 37).
   You gain a Bull Whip.
   You gain 30 Arrows.
   You gain 108 Units of Charcoal.
   You gain 70265 Gold Pieces.
   You gain 630 Phoenix Feathers.
   You gain a Water Wand."

Standing Stones

24E 49N Need Measure of Serenity

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