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Player summary

Alignment: Earth
Current Alignment: Earth

Poison Level: 0

Maximum Hit Points: 1329
Base to-hit chance: 130%
Maximum Action Points: 826
Base AP Delay: 7 minutes.
Experience Points: 120939083
Victory Points: 0
Damage Multiplier: 8
Movement Modifier: -6
HP Healed: 2339
Poisoned People Cured: 52
Current Kudos: 193
Total Action Points Spent: 269038
Total Distance Travelled: 83066
Starsign: Water Dragon

You can swim.
You can forage.
You have solar powers.
You can find safe paths in the desert.
You can see other players' health.
You can see roads a little further away.
You can see terrain a little further away.
You are a master of earth.
You are a master of air.
You have some training in fire crafts, but you're rubbish.
You have some training in water crafts.
Foraging Skills
Got 'em all!

Dragons Killed: 826
Highest Gen Pheonix: 45
Number of Times Died: 2
- The duel
- Head of the Gorgon (stealing from Merchant)
Dragon's Blood Drunk: 47
Taxi Rides Taken: 8
Coffee Drunk: 600+detox
Potions of Accuracy: 45
Cucumber Sandwiches: 1770 (59 needed)
Grams of Spice: 1(3 detox)
Magic Powders: 2
Cannibalism: 1 Liver
Vault: C19
Triffid Stings: 1

Sgt Duke phw heading to the Frozen North
Image:Duckbill.gif Duck-Billed
This user is a proud member of
The Duck-billed Guild.



To my cities page. It's still in a little development here, so please excuse the mess. Please feel free to follow my trials and tribulations as I wander this fine land. All abuse, advice and requests can be left on my talk page.

And now, on with the show...

My Home

Phw's Island Home

Things to do

  • Collect treasure maps:
  • Frozen North
  • Treasure Map (Lavender Beards 82.117)
  • 4cities area
  • Treasure Map (Maroon Beards 23.94)
  • Treasure Map (Pink Beards 34.83)
  • Treasure Map (Blue Beards 42.46)
  • Inaccessable
  • Treasure Map (Beige Beards Inaccessible)
  • Treasure Map (Chartreuse Beards Inacces)
  • Treasure Map (Maroon Beards Inaccessibl)
  • Treasure Map (Purple Beards Inaccessabl)
  • Treasure Map (Tan Beards Inaccessable)
  • Make more cucumber sandwiches (currently need 59 for the next level)
  • Hunt bling wraiths
  • Hunt pheonixes -i? ees?
  • Visit the moon


1st June, 2007 - A proud day when I made it to number 9 on the glendale mappers list with 12948 (28%).
18th June,2007 - After much walking I have mapped the inner area. This has placed me at number 8 with 14518.
20th June,2007 - The south is done, between the desert and the mountains! Number 7 with 15474.
4th July, 2007 - Taking a quick jaunt around the ocean got me to Number 6 with 16713 (36%)
6th July, 2007 - Another trip to the ocean to slaughter Manatees got me to 4 with 17149 (37%) 15th July,2007 - After exploring vast stretches of the Crill Sea, I'm number 2 with a bullet - 19122 (38%)
Still a long way to go to catch Sam...
22nd July,2007 - Well it seems that I'm in a mapping race with jpv. Fortunately, 4 measures of serenity put me out in front at 21096 (42%)
19th August, 2007 - WOO! I'm NUMBER ONE! I'm NUMBER ONE! 12 grams of spice has put me over the top of Sam (just) with 28671 (56%). Still 200 AP to go, so I'll try and open up a break. Dododo da da do do. Spice Spice Baby!
14th September, 2007 - The mapping of OZ is complete. Many thousands of AP to clear and map the jungle, 3 possible swords and my entire stock of big machetes but its done!
22nd September, 2007 - Finished mapping the frozen north now. Just the ocean and a few islands left...
27 November, 2007 - I have mapped the southern ocean! The original area is complete and now only the newly revealed Crill Sea awaits...

Thats good. If you ever finish some sex would be nice.Chlamydia 22:00, 27 November 2007 (GMT)
LMAO! Rhapsodie 03:18, 10 February 2008 (GMT)

19 April, 2008 - Finished. 58342 reachable, visible squares on the main map and I have seen them all. I'll still search for a way past the mountains of madness or into the central region but ... not just yet. View the full map here Phw 23:05, 18 April 2008 (BST)
Well, I've finished again after the addition of the frozen south. October 2008 will live in mapping history.


Feb 2008 - Phw's Valentines Day pool party. We're coming to the end of summer so ...

November 2008 - Phw's Island Home BBQ. Spring is in the air and people are invited to see my new garden...

Places I've been

Everywhere man!

Quest Checklist

Earth Quests

  • Aggregation

Fire Quests

With thanks to the Route Calculator

Water Quests

Air Quests

Thanks to: Pipfinder
  • Circumnavigation

Thief Quests

A Merz Bow? And a Repeating Bow? Sigh. OK. One to go...
Master Ralph teaches you a new move.
You gain a Brunch Punch.

Level 2:

An Elf Arrow as number 1? Sheet. Hard and pointy stick? Golden Gun! Twice!!
My Merz bow? You B@5tards. Another bloody Elf Arrow? Another Hard and pointy Stick!!! Oh, the Ancient Wood!
Another repeating bow? Sigh... 7 to go.
Another hard and pointy stick!!! A few disposables is good ... and a dragon spear. Finally... Done!!!
Master Ralph teaches you a new move. You gain a Painful Punch.
Level Cost (weapons) Cost (gold) Sai effects Nunchuck effects Bo Staff Effects
none -- -- 2 dmg, 1 attack 1 attack, 2 dmg 2 dmg
1 10 10000 3 dmg, 2 attacks 2 attacks clockwise, 3,4 damage 4 dmg, 1/2 damage taken
2 20 20000 4 dmg, 3 attacks 3 attacks clockwise, 3,4,5 dmg 5 dmg, 1/3 damage taken
3 40 30000 5 dmg, 4 attacks 4 attacks clockwise, 3,4,5,6 dmg 6 dmg, 1/4 damage taken
4 80 40000 6 dmg, 5 attacks 5 attacks clockwise, 3,4,5,6,7 dmg 7 dmg, 1/5 damage take
No. Weapons in Inventory: 7 6 60

Northern Quests

85E 100N w N
67E 115N w n
67E 115N - n
65E 123N - -
The God Heimdall appears before you, and says:
'Well done, little human. You have vanquished the Fenris Wolf,
 but this is only one battle among many fought here.'
'You are welcome to join our battle company. When you die, you
 will come to Valhalla. If you wish to return here before your
 glorious death in battle, blow upon my Horn again.'

Underground Quests

You gain a Warrior's Totem.
You feel like a warrior. Neato!
Have the talisman and the jewel. Need to get the map yet. Have map too...

Knight Quests

After a long and arduous process, I built all these myself. The only help - a few cucumbers and some olive oil! Cucumber Sandwiches: 5

Wizard Quests

You lose 2 Bottles of Vermouth (1).
You lose 2 Bottles of Anisette (1).
You lose 2 Bottles of Sloe Gin (1).
You lose 2 Bottles of Gin (13).
You lose 4 Bottles of Whisky (0).
You lose a Bottle of Creme de Cacao (0).
You lose a Bottle of Creme de Menthe (0).
You lose a Bottle of Tequila (0).
You lose a Bottle of Vodka (21).

Armourer Quests

Other Quests

Whew! I like your stamina phw ;) Chlamydia

'Kingdom Quests

Have driven much cattle but still more cash to be made...
Level One complete
Level Two complete - Rock OUT!!!
Level Three complete

Armour Training

Have cake. Now to make the long and ardous journey back to OZ. Oh look, a talisman...
Paul says, 'Bonzer, cobber.'
He offers you a few of his grubs, and tells you to eat them.
They taste awful, but you feel stronger and faster.

Coastal Quests

Island Quests

You practice the Accordion.
You feel natural with this instrument.
You're improving.
You rock.

Time to give this one a try, methinks!

Took a while to get there, what with stopping to kill the Gorgan again!

You listen to the weird singing. 
You discover that you're joining in. Hey, cool!

Oz Quests

The man mixes the flowers and says some magic words, and then swallows the results. Now better he teaches you the trick!

Frozen South

Not Seriously a Quest

  • The Cities Photo Challenge
  • Hook Your Honey on Internet Crack - Done and done! Chlamydia :)
Also, I have hooked my workmates - one has two characters in the top 40 of ap spent per day. Schawing.

My Alts

Apprentice Aeroman - wanted to try wizarding...


OK - the previous max ap script appears to have disappeared, so I wrote another. It also gives an indication of the AP required for first aid healing.

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