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You lose a Pointed Red Fruit.
Herman the Hermit says "Thanks for fetching that herb - it was a Chilli Pepper."
"There doesn't seem to be any more that I can teach you."
You feel more alert.
You feel healthier.

The complete info on herbs can be found here

Herbs to Find for Herman

Done Not done but Have Need

Item foraged: Herman identified it as: Where to find it:
Brown Fleshy Root Ginseng Root Forest
Bunch of Curly Green Leaves Sprig of Parsley Fields, Plains, Glade, Valley, Graveyard, Fire Swamp
Bunch of Dark Green Needles Sprig of Rosemary Forest, Badlands
Bunch of Long Silvery Leaves Sprig of Sage Badlands, Dust
Bunch of Pale Hairy Leaves Sprig of Wormwood Hills, Heath, Clearing, Trail, Wilderness
Bunch of Pointed Aromatic Leaves Sprig of Mint Garden, Graveyard, Valley, Hills, Plains
Bunch of Small Green Leaves Sprig of Oregano Fields, Hills, Plains, Garden, Graveyard, Valley, Fire Swamp
Bunch of Small Yellow Leaves Sprig of Thyme Badlands
Elongated Seed Pod Vanilla Pod Jungle
Fleshy Seed Pod Cocoa Pod Jungle
Handful of Papery Flowers Handful of Hops Forest, Thieves Forest
Knobbly Root Ginger Root Hills, Wilderness, Heath, Clearing, Trails
Large Hard Seed Nutmeg Jungle
Piece of Bark Piece of Chinchona Bark Forest, Thieves Forest
Pinch of Small Brown Seeds Pinch of Aniseed Fields, Plains, Graveyard, Garden, Valley, Fire Swamp
Pointed Red Fruit Chilli Pepper Badlands
Red Seed Pod Rose Hip Clearing, Hills, Wilderness, Heath, Trails
Small Black Berry Juniper Berry Forest, Thieves Forest
Small Blue-black Berry Sloe Hills, Wilderness, Heath, Trails
Yellow Fleshy Root Mandrake Root Jungle
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