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My Pub Crawl Diary

by Phw.

Pub Crawl

  • Limbo Bar - Limbo - Talisman'd in for a quick one! A few cocktails and a bottle of nice red and I was on my way...
  • The Hobbit - Windy City - stumbled into the back alley in Limbo and found myself in the Windy city. Certainly was after that curry!
  • Royal Wine Bar - Royal Palace - I staggered in to the Palace, and offered my sandwiches to the king *hick* before repairing to the bar for another bottle of Red.
  • Dungeon Club - Fire City - The guards came to throw me in the dungeon. 'What a good idea!' I thought, and broke a talisman to the Fire city.
  • Lost Vagueness - Festival - Staggered out and found a cab. I wanted a pack of fags like no ones business! He took me here... What a nice man. I paid him to wait.
  • Gobblets Bar - Water City - Caught the cab on to the Water city, no kebab though :( The booze was weak as piss too! Bladder this, I'm off to the Earth City. *Sniff* Home...
  • The Crown - Earth City - Bloody hell! I need a rest. All that summoning and then the booze and I'm buggered. Sat on the pew in the Shrine of Earth until my batteries recharged... Then, on to the Crown!
    The Happy Camper Club - Earth City - Well I had to have another drink to stave off the impending hang over. The next stop is aaages away. I think I'll see if someone can summon me to the party and walk from there.
  • Unknown Star - Brighthelm - Heh - got summoned and someone had left a Golden Condor parked nearby with the keys in it! I took it for a spin. Took a while to get the controls sorted but after that...
  • Engine Room - Brighthelm - I left the keys in the Condor and wandered Brighthelm looking for the engine room. Not bad, but not a patch on old Earth City!
  • Bentnob Brewery - Bentnob - Took a while to land here. Bloody dragons! Parked on the Brewery lawn and stumbled in for a drink. I'd started to sober up and that's just not on!!!
  • The Spyglass Inn - Bentnob - Finished up here and felt I'd learned all I needed to about booze. However, got lost on the way back to the Condor. Then had issues finding Ignatz again. Parked in the same spot and no one was the wiser.
You say 'Hehehe I took the Condor to finish my Pub Crawl! Hic!'
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