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You may have seen me wandering Cities as RedlacSelin. I'm still finding my feet but I've already got a couple of quests under my belt. Amongst my plans is to map a huge territory by 'hand' using AutoRealm.


Currently i Yam...

Enjoying a long retreat at St John's in the Water City.

PlanetNiles Cities Songs

Corpses Found

  • PaulKlee - On an Earth aligned Thunderbird betweeen a forest and crag just to the East of the Kings Road - Donated
  • Sir Quisitrix - On Perky n0rx at 66E 32N - Returned to Owner.
  • Baron blaisedec MD - On Fire aligned Trifid in the interior - Donated.

Kwests Wot i Haf Dun

Air Initiation
Swimming Lessons
Water Initiation
Getting Knighted
Fire Initiation
Befriending the Guards
Earth Initiation
Becoming A Baron "Just like my grandda before me..."
Becoming an Earl
Win a Duel "I had my Golden Gun in hand when I was called away; I'm so sorry..."
Join the KOoT "Not a quest just the right thing to do"
Become a Doctor "Who, you may ask..."
Snark Hunting "I charmed it with smiles and soap"
Creature Survey "eye spy with my little i..."
Time and Space "Not enough of one and too much of the other"
Water Skin
Gauntlet "Ooh, scary"
Treasure Hunt
North Pole "I know I left it somewhere"- 76E 190N
Kirk's Map "so.. many.. eggs!"

Thor in a Cottage "Thor you're thor, do you need a norse?"
Asgard "Hit me big daddy, eight to the bars"

Kwests Wot i Yam Dooin

Tubthumping "The never-ending quest"
Standing Stones

Tarot Cards

  • Card: Death x4
  • Card: Judgement x2
  • Card: Justice x1
  • Card: Strength x2
  • Card: Temperance x3
  • Card: The Chariot x1
  • Card: The Devil x3
  • Card: The Emperor
  • Card: The Empress x2
  • Card: The Fool x0
  • Card: The Hanged Man
  • Card: The Hermit x1
  • Card: The Hierophant
  • Card: The Lovers x0
  • Card: The Magician x2
  • Card: The Moon x0
  • Card: The Priestess
  • Card: The Star x3
  • Card: The Sun x3
  • Card: The Tower x0
  • Card: The Wheel of Fortune x4
  • Card: The World x1

One complete deck.

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