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Quest Checklist

Just using the wonderful 4cities is simpler

Working On

Martial Arts Training

Level 1: Dueling Sabre, Pointy Stick, Brave Star, Dragon Spear, Pair of Scissors, Elf Arrow, Emerald Athame, Breakfast Club, Sacrificial Sword, Golden Gun
Level 2: Short Bow, Glass Sword, Reznor Blade, Breakfast Bar, Short Bow, Pointy Stick, Catana, Elf Arrow, Night Stick, Bow, Long Bow, Repeating Bow, Repeating Bow, Walking Stick, Emerald Athame, Walking Stick, Glass Sword, Golden Gun, Merz Bow
Sai: 0/10
Bo Staff: 0/10
Nunchuck: 0/10

Master Thief

Cod, Cod, Basket of Plums, Plum Pie, Basket of Plums, Jar of Plum Jam, Plum Pie, Beef Steak, Lion Fish, Flying Fish
He likes plums, it seems!

Addictions and Tolerances

Mugs of Coffee drunk: 157DETOX31

  100 cups of coffee. You enter a state of perfect caffination.

Spice taken: 24DETOX

  • 2 lots of 12 = +2360AP in a single day. FUN!!!!

Gorgan-zola Sandwiches eaten: 6

  • All done: +48 Max HP

Human Liver eaten

  YUUUCK. Creepy!
  It's good for you though. maxap +20, maxhp +20.
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