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To Do

High Priorities


  • Hunt Bling Wraiths.
  • Make cakes. Feed Aussies.
  • Pay my the Pimp.


  • Finish the damn Standing Stones!!!
  • Acquire Acles.
  • Acquire another L2 spell book.
  • Transcribe:
    • Some (all?) of the Florentine Spells (L1 and L2)
    • Hat Trick (L2)


  • Finish the damn Standing Stones!!!


  • Finish the damn Standing Stones!!!

Low/Ongoing Priorities


  • Figure out efficiency of hunting asteroids vs. mining (w/ & w/out modifiers).
  • Upgrade Daemonic weaponry & Angry Bows.
  • Hunt Ninjas for Catanas while wearing a Pirate Hat.
  • Guild Maintenance. Per week: 150W, 100S, 80AP, 6K GP, 1 Mana, 1 Con Pal.


  • Mine for Bits of Bronze & Silver for the Defensive Spells.
  • Cast/Force Rend Fabric of Space a bunch of times.
  • Host another Pentacle or six.
  • Clean up Fire Swamp of the Spelling monsters.
  • Cast Remember in R'1yeh, then Recall. Take notes.


  • Hunt Jason.


  • Custom Weapons:
    • 13/0/10 "Bronze/Silver/Iron Bats" 68 Bits of Metal, 1.94 days of tinkering (2 AP Wasted)
    • 100/-25/1 "Paper White Houses" 100 Bits of Metal, 2.86 days of tinkering (4 AP wasted)
    • 20/-20/1 "Jabber Wonky's" 16 Bits of Metal, 0.46 day of tinkering (13 AP wasted)
    • 39/-20/1 " " 35 Bits of Metal, 1 day of tinkering (0 AP wasted)
    • 43/-30/1 "Sword of Truthiness" 35 Bits of Metal, 1 day of tinkering (0 AP wasted)
  • Figure out realistic GP costs for M.A. custom weapon building.


10 AP to explore each floor of the Mall.
Load EyePods w/ Well Being spells, Astral Plane spells, Teleport to Shop (does not work if character playing EyePod does not have a Shop [obviously, right?]), Hat Hunter, Thick Skin, and/or Illumination?
Astral Plain spells from an EyePod may be ineffective and, most likely, are cost inefficient.
Well Being Spells stacked are good in conjunction with other spells.
15 Thick Skin spells (300 Bits of Bronze & 15 Mana) will get you the equivalent to a week's worth (~1500 AP) of 2 Iron Blings' damage reduction.
Hurt 'em Lots with a Caravel Cannon: good for Pirate Hunting? Maybe a defensive & a healing spell, too?

Daemonic Weapon Upgrades for Sgt. Dukes

Letter Opener - Gnome/Sylph/Salamander/Undine
Dagger - Bull/Small Air Dragon (more prevalent 100 HP monster(s)?)
Knife - Woolly Mammoth
Sword - Rocky Horror
Great Sword - Pirate
Chain Saw - Chain?

Price Spirit Catchers

  • Placed on S. Market @ 25K on Sept 5; sold Oct 13.
  • Placed on S. Market @ 19,950 on Oct 13; sold Nov 27.
Market seems able to bear 20K costs. 02:41, 3 January 2008 (GMT)

Hypothesis: Llama drops are based on HP and/or Damage. Test.

More research needed, although, it appears higher Llama damage correlates to a greater number of items dropped. Finding correlation with HP is difficult since other characters could, potentially, however unlikely, damage the monster without killing it.

Spell Ideas

  • Area of effect, minor damage spell(s). Good for clearing out low- to mid-level creatures.
  • Align All and Anger spell(s). When a Wand of Anger or Ghastly Bling is just too many clicks.
  • Freeze/Slow/Haste spells. Freeze enemies for x rounds/seconds; reduce the number of enemy's attacks per x rounds/seconds; increase the number of your attacks per x rounds/seconds.
  • Infrared vision. Can see in the dark for X AP.
  • Roar/Bellow/Project. Can be heard over greater distances than Say, Sing, or Shout.
  • Increased Elemental Damage. Reagents are Elemental Swords, Knives, Bows, Balls, Wands, Stones, and/or Talismans depending on increase to damage as well as duration.

More Random Ideas

  • Armourers and Spellcasters putting aside their enmity and combining to create magical custom weaponry/armour. Elementally aligned & cruel are all I can think of at the time. Glowing custom weapons?

Useful Links

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