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Vital Statistics

  • Original Alignment: Fire
  • Current Alignment: Earth
  • Star Sign: Penguin
  • Base AP Delay: 7 minutes
  • Maximum Action Points: 724
  • Maximum Hit Points: 804
  • Base to-hit chance: 163%
  • Damage Multiplier: 8
  • Movement Modifier: -6

Recent Statistics:
  • XP Earned: 12,802,885
  • HP Healed: 3,255
  • People Cured: 43
  • AP Spent: 232,382
  • Distance Travelled: 49,343
  • Market Customers: 121
  • Kudos: 190+
  • Completed: 87% Complete

Substance Abuse:
  • Dragon Blood Consumed: 43
  • Coffees Since Detox: 30
  • Triffid Stings: 9
  • Gram of Spice: 1 lot / 12 total
  • Dose of Magic Powder: 6
  • Red Pills: 1
  • Pouch of Magic Herb: 2
  • Fags: 4

Self-Improvement Regime:
  • Potions of Accuracy:
    11 lots / 66 total (maxed)
  • Cucumber Sandwich:
    17 lots / 153 total
  • Gorgan-zola Sandwich:
    6 (maxed)

Duke Rhapsodie MD, Sergeant

Image:HorsieBreeder.gif Pwny Breeder
This user is a proud breeder of documented pwnies!

Image:Duckbill.gif Duck-Billed
This user is a proud member of
The Duck-billed Guild.

I have two alts so I can explore the other careers: Wizard Brindabella and Master Armourer Namadgi.


Primary Projects

Other Goals

  • Breed pwnies on request or to meet demand (at the moment I am only breeding winged pwnies).
Want a free pwny? Palantir me or leave a message on my talk page!
  • Breed hamsters, find owners, and decode hamster DNA.
Want a free hamster? Leave your name here, palantir me or leave a message on my talk page.
  • Breed dragons when the opportunity arises, and decode dragon DNA. Maybe get a female dragon.
Female dragon wish list: earth aligned, likes to eat cows or sheep, rideable.

Things to Do

  • Get pet food:
Wheat and Oats
Cow bits
Power Crystals
Magic Beans (for wheat, oats and lettuce)
  • Hunt for Bling Wraiths:
Gold Blings
Iron Blings
  • Other:
Make pizza
See how big a phoenix I can kill

My Pets

(Table formatting stolen from Sertularian.)

Dead Pets Need Love Too

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