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Puck the Familiar

Puck's unique item number is 33908.

Puck Gets 'Mostly' Adjective

You attack the Sparrow.
You miss.
Puck attacks the Sparrow for 1 damage.
You slay the Sparrow.
You gain a Sextant.
You gain 41 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Feather.

Puck is nearly full (95%), 3 weeks old and mostly harmless.
AP: 4/24 XP: 20 tohit: 20% dam: 2

Puck is Captured

You attack the Duck-Billed Witch.
You cause 2500 points of damage, and receive 375000 experience.
You lose a Fire Ball.
A spell wore off.
You slay the Duck-Billed Witch.
You gain 6 Mana.
You gain a Grey Malkin (Familiar).

I have renamed him Puck! He arrived in my care at seven hours old and stuffed to 342% food points. He really likes his booze...

Puck's food preferences are:

Bottle of Creme de Cacao
Planter's Punch
Tequila Slammer
Bottle of Whisky (75% FP - maybe more but that's when the autofeeder kicks in)

Mustardseed the Familiar

Mustardseed's unique item number is 38948.

Mustardseed Joins the Party

Rhapsodie caught this fairy on a witch in the Sewers. Excitingly, it has two reasonable food items - both of which can be bought at Rhapsodie's Saloon. It must be destiny! (Given the two items in question, I have decided Mustardseed must be female - Rose and Mudslides? Obviously!)

Mustardseed's food preferences are:

Chocolate Mudslide (62% FP)
Bottle of Cheap Rose (26% FP)

Moth the Familiar

Moth's unique item number is 39484.

Moth Arrives

Rhapsodie caught this fairy from a goth witch (who hit like a freight train!) in Oz. Like Mustardseed, it's actually semi-reasonable to feed, which is nice!

Moth's food preferences are:

Pint of Cider (16%)
Egg Nog
Bilbo Cocktail (36.5%)
Legolas Cocktail (36.5%)

Peaseblossom the Familiar

Moth's unique item number is 40068.

Peaseblossom is Captured

Like Moth, Peaseblossom used to belong to a goth witch. Unlike Moth's owner, however, this one was silly enough to stand on the shoreline of Oz, so she copped a cannon ball in the face.

Peaseblossom's food preferences are:

Bottle of Anisette
Dry Martini
Bottle of Sparkling Wine
Mug of Ginger Beer
Bilbo Cocktail (36.5%)
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