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Flotsam the Fish

Flotsam's unique item number is 23898.


Currently in the care of Brindabella (I try and keep my fishies together or they get lonely)...

You attack the Disabled Tripod.
You cause 800 points of damage, and receive 800 experience.
You lose a Zephyr.
Flotsam attacks the Disabled Tripod for 1 damage.
Jetsam misses the Disabled Tripod.
Pyrite misses the Disabled Tripod.
Onyxia misses the Disabled Tripod.
The Disabled Tripod misses you.

Flotsam is nearly full. (98%)
AP: 3/15 XP: 700 tohit: 60% dam: 1
Flotsam is 26 weeks old and competent.


You attack the Sylph.
The Sylph gets angry.
Flotsam attacks the Sylph for 1 damage.
Rawr misses the Sylph.
Billomina attacks the Sylph for 9 damage.
You slay the Sylph.
You gain a Fire Cracker.
You gain 14 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Palantir-as-you-go.

Goldfish (Flotsam): Flotsam is nearly full. (97%)
AP: 8/15 XP: 200 tohit: 40% dam: 1
Flotsam is 10 weeks old and average

Fishy Has a Birthday

Flotsam turned 8 weeks old so I went to the Pet Registration Office to get him registered. He got a little collar and a tag. :)

The 'Kingdom pet registration office. To buy pets you must first get a license. To do so you need 
to register with a goldfish at least 8 weeks old (that's not evil). Registration also costs 
10000 Gold. We only accept goldfish in hand - please pick it up if you haven't already.

Poor Fishy

You attack the Toad.
The Toad gets angry.
Flotsam attacks the Toad for 1 damage.
You slay the Toad.
You gain 4 Gold Pieces.

Not that I had a burning desire to kill toads - it was what was convenient to train him. :)

Goldfish (Flotsam): Flotsam is full. (100%)
AP: 6/15 XP: 80 tohit: 30% dam: 1
Flotsam is 4 weeks old and poor

Mostly Harmless

You attack the Sheep.
You gain a Pint of Sheep's Milk.
You cause 0 points of damage, and receive 0 experience.
Flotsam attacks the Sheep for 1 damage.
Billomina attacks the Sheep for 9 damage.
You slay the Sheep.
You gain a Sheep Stomach.
You gain a Piece of Mutton.

Goldfish (Flotsam): Flotsam is full. (100%)
AP: 9/15 XP: 20 tohit: 20% dam: 1
Flotsam is 12 days old and mostly harmless.

A Hatching

A cute-looking goldfish comes out!
You lose a Goldfish Egg.
You gain a Goldfish (Blinky).
Now using Fists. 

I renamed him "Flotsam" after one of the eels from The Little Mermaid. :)

Decided it might be time to get my pet license.

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