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Frankenstinky's unique item number is 17075.


After a few false starts due to a serious hangover, the 'King has perfected a spell to 
ressurect his dead goldfish. However, it seems the containment field may have leaked a
little and ALL pets just got ressurected. A huge croud has already formed at the suddenly
very noisy pet cemetary!

I raced back to the shed (our guild store) to discover that Stinky was alive and looking rather bemused. And a lot bigger than he was when I left him there. Best part is: no evil!

So I got to rename him Frankenstinky after all. Nugget has been given to Brindabella to care for.

Frankenstinky (Giant Dung Beetle): Frankenstinky is stuffed! (150%)
AP: 12/12 XP: 27 tohit: 20% dam: 500
Frankenstinky is 52 weeks old and mostly harmless.

Long live the 'King!

Miracle Pill?

I was considering getting a Miracle Pill to resurrect Stinky, but Isambard pointed out that it would make Stinky evil. This would mean there'd be a chance he'd attack me instead of the target, and I can just imagine being on 199 hit points when he does it, too.

So while I will hang onto his corpse (and if I get a bowling ball I'll try and get a couple of Strikes so I could get the pills made), I don't think I'll be turning him into my little Frankenstinky any time soon. :(


Your dung beetle is dead!

Between Flotsam and the Mayflies (and finding a mate for Billie) I forgot to feed Stinky. I think, from the smell, he's been dead for a week.

I am a bad person!

But I wrote a song for him...

Mostly Stinky

Stinky attacks the Bling Wraith for 200 damage.
The Bling Wraith causes 25 points of damage.

Dung Beetle (Stinky): Stinky is nearly full. (97%)
AP: 6/12 XP: 21 tohit: 20% dam: 200
Stinky is 18 weeks old and mostly harmless.

Not a Baby

Not a baby but still hits like one.

Stinky is stuffed! (102%)
AP: 12/12 XP: 3 tohit: 10% dam: 200
Stinky is 8 weeks old and harmless.

A New Member of the Family

Bought from the markets for 25k gold less than the shop price. Gotta be happy with that!

A scary beetle hatches!
You lose a Dung Egg.
You gain a Baby Dung Beetle (Stinky).
Now using Fists.

I think I will keep the name Stinky too! :)

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