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Jetsam the Fish

Jetsam's unique item number is 28927.

Poor Fishy

Goldfish (Jetsam): Jetsam is nearly full. (93%)
AP: 0/15 XP: 84 tohit: 30% dam: 1
Jetsam is 7 weeks old and poor.

I'll be able to hand him in for the pet license quest soon. :)

Mostly Fishy

In Rhapsodie's care at the time:

You attack Timmy the Parrot.
You cause 0 points of damage, and receive 0 experience.
Flotsam misses the Timmy the Parrot.
Jetsam attacks the Timmy the Parrot for 1 damage.
Hunter attacks the Timmy the Parrot for 5 damage.
You slay Timmy the Parrot.
You gain a Short String.
You gain 18 Gold Pieces.
You gain 2 Feathers.

Goldfish (Jetsam): Jetsam is full. (100%)
AP: 12/15 XP: 20 tohit: 20% dam: 1
Jetsam is 3 weeks old and mostly harmless.

Jetsam Hatches

A cute-looking goldfish comes out!
You lose a Goldfish Egg.
You gain a Goldfish (Fluffy).
Now using Fists.

Fluffy is a strange default name for a goldfish that, well, isn't.

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