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Player Summary

Recently addicted to this game (it's all my fiance's fault). In fact, I've now been playing for about 9 months, and have finally become a Pvt Duke MD. Some way to go to getting Corporal though!



Ford has entrusted me with her first born pwny, so soon I will have a full grown horsie all of my own!

Offspring Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
Apple Crumb
War Horsie
Owner: RockHawk
Dam: Shaggy
Owner: ford_prefect
Dam: Mavin
War Horsie
Owner: Jennyann
Pwny Egg
Sire: Crazy Horse
Owner: Flt
Pwny Egg
Sire: Shergar
War Horsie
Owner: selene
Pwny Egg Pwny Egg


Ford has also given me two of the hamster eggs she won at auction:

Fluff is male, and has 2 Military and 1 Kinky point of fashion.

Goldie is male, and has 1 Military, 1 Industrial, 1 Kinky and 1 Cute point of fashion.


It's quite possible to avoid death in this game - it only comes upon the careless. Yesterday evening (31 April 2008) I was careless for the first time while attempting to farm a Phoenix...

You attack the Pheonix (gen. 9).
You cause 16 points of damage, and receive 592 experience.
The leech is sated!
You lose a Leech.
The Phoenix regenerates, stronger than ever.
The Pheonix (gen. 10) causes 46 points of damage.
The Pheonix (gen. 10) kills you.
You have died. Luckily the 'King set up a National Health Service which covers such things. You awake feeling dazed and weak, at the Shrine of Earth.
You lose 10 Kudos.
Your kudos is reduced!
As agreed, you must work two days in the shrine in return for them retrieving your stuff.
Your policy is now fulfilled. You may wish to take out a new one, or next time you die you will lose all your stuff.
Now using Fists.


Interesting things


Turns out the snark was towards the lava, but I couldn't actually see it...

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