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Completed Quests:
Becoming a Smith
Becoming an Armourer
Blue Prince/Custom Weapons
Becoming a Master Armourer
Learning to Swim
Initiation / First Aid
Becoming a Doctor
Water Skin
Snark Hunt
Slayed the Undead Dragon
Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities
Time and Space
Standing Stones
Fortune Tellers
Creature Survey
Initiation / Getting Drunk
Treasure Hunt
Rock Soc Pub Crawl
School of Hard Knocks
Getting Knighted
Becoming a Baron
Becoming an Earl
Becoming a Duke
Befriending the Guards
The Duel
The Gauntlet
The Caverns/Bomb Squad
Training from the Master Thief
Martial Arts Training at the Dojo
Merchants Guild
Talisman Maker and Heinlein Books
Pop Idol
Armour Training with Jock McStrapp
Armour Training with Paul
Armour Training with Brian
Animal Sanctuary
Collecting Cards
Foraging/Herman the Hermit
Ghost Hunters Guild
Slay the Gorgan
Devil Went Down to Cities (2x)
Sang a Drinking Song at the 3rd Open Mic Night
Sang a Drinking Song at the 4th Open Mic Night
Thor in a Cottage
North Pole
Magic Egg Hunt
Smelly Pete
Master Armourer Rockefellow
Alignment: currently Fire
Starsign: Earth Dragon
Max HP: 421
To-Hit: 100%
Max AP: 571
AP Regen: 7.5 Minutes
Damage: 2x
Movement: -4
Healed: 2117
Dragons Slain: 98
Trophies Stuffed: 92
Times Died: 1
My Inventory
Image:HAS-small2.gif Hammered Elder
This user is a proud member of the
Hammered Anvil Society.

My (Flt's) second character and
Founding Member and Guild Master of the Hammered Anvil Society.

Here's what kept me busy these days:

Check my newest pictures on Clickr ;-).


Remaining Quests

Alignment Quests

Fire Quests

Area Quests

Underground Quests

Other Quests

Currently busy with

Stuffing Trophies

Need 31:
OZ: Aquarian, Arian, Cancerian, Capricornian, Jason, Leonian, Mötley Grüe, Sagittarian, Virgoan
UG: Dianoga, Morpheus, Adolescent Tortoise
CL: Pig, The Giant, Loucee
Is: Gorgan, Kraken, Manatee, PolyChromatic Dragon, Shark, 29 Skull Gulls, Whale
SP: Space Ghost, Space Invader, Space Invader, Space Invader, Space Invader, Space Monster
0: Kangaroo, Shrimp


...livestock ;-). Call me the Beastmaster. I have

James Bond - Goldfish

My first pet and thus obviously means much to me.
James Bond is 50 weeks old and competent.

Miss Moneypwny - my Female Horsie

A Horsie. My Horsie to be more specific. My hungry horsie to be absolutely accurate! Is she never full?
Mrs Moneypwny is 37 weeks old and competent.
Mrs Moneypwny got pregnant from Crazy Horse on 19 September 2007, Wantryk on 29 October and Vala on 23 November 2007
and is the proud mother of Cowboy, Ragamoffyn and Miracle.

Octopussy - a Big Kat

My Big Kat! Octopussy is 42 weeks old, 2% evil and dangerous.

Jaws - a Giant Dung Beetle

I have Jaws mostly in order to put the huge amount of Piles of Poop to a fair use. 200 damage? Well, that's another bonus, but getting rid of all the poop is just priceless.
Jaws is 38 weeks old and competent.

Juice, the other Giant Dung Beetle

Juice is Jaws little helper. Together they munch away on all the poop Mrs. Moneypwny produces. Juice is 25 weeks old and poor.

Temporary Guests: none

Currently I'm also taking care of no other pet.


Memorable Moments (good and bad)

You attack the Downer.
The Downer is magically aligned with earth
Jaws misses the Downer.
The Downer causes 10 points of damage.
You lose a Vorpal Blade.
You gain a Rusty Sword.
Ah, marvellous. Thank you.' 
You lose a File. 
'This is a very nice piece of work.' 
'For rendering me this service, I hereby declare you to be a Master Armourer.' 
Hephaestus disappears, quietly and without fuss. 
[19:21:01] <Albert> >> Armourer Rockefellow has just become a Master Armourer.
You attack the 10 Asbos.
You cause 2958 points of damage, and receive 29580 experience.
You lose a Glass Sword.
Your glass sword shatters!
You slay the Asbo.
You gain 2 Fire Crackers.
You gain 2 Mugs of Coffee.
You gain a Sacrificial Dagger.
You gain 3 Sheets of Paper.
You gain 10090 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Stone.
You gain a Small Map.
You gain a Pair of Dr. Martins.
You gain a Skip East Spell.
You gain 3 Palantirs-as-you-go.
You gain a Glass Sword.
You gain a Pocket Watch.
You gain 4 Clean Bandages.
You gain 2 Rusty Swords.
You attack the Road Runner.
Meep meep!
Your fiendishly clever trap springs on the Road Runner.
You lose a Devilishly Clever Trap.
You cause 10 points of damage, and receive 10 experience.
You slay the Road Runner.
You gain an Anvil.
Now using Fists.
You attack the Undead Dragon.
You turn the Undead Dragon to gold.
You gain 1400 Bits of Gold.
You slay the Undead Dragon.
You gain 5 Dragon Blood Doses.
You gain a Recall Spell.
You gain a Fire Bow.
You gain a Merz Bow.
You gain a Dragon Stone.
You attack the Fenris Wolf.
You cause 32 points of damage, and receive 480 experience.
You lose an Arrow.
You slay the Fenris Wolf.
You gain 21 Arrows.
You gain 56 Gold Pieces.
You gain a Wand of Anger.
You gain an Air Stone.
The God Heimdall appears before you, and says: 'Well done, little human. 
You have vanquished the Fenris Wolf, but this is only one battle among many fought here.'
'You are welcome to join our battle company. When you die, you will come to Valhalla. 
If you wish to return here before your glorious death in battle, blow upon my Horn again.'

Points of Interest


Hard Knocks Level: 5

Gorgan-zola Sandwiches eaten: 6

Potions of Accuracy drunk: 1+2+3+4

Human Liver eaten: 1


Earth Dragon --Tribble--> Air Dragon --Daemonic Sword--> Roc --Pomegranate--> Sylph --Putter--> Penguin --Tee--> Thunderbird --DC--> Crocodile
Crocodile --7 Iron--> Eagle --Issue--> Undine --Can of Wyrms--> Salamander --Rattle--> Gnome --Vowel--> Fire Fox --Coconut--> Worm --Power Crystal--> Water Dragon
Water Dragon --Battlefield Earth --> Bull --Lime--> Sparrow --Lemon--> Toad --DD--> Phoenix --Consonant--> Triffid --Giant Snowball--> Glow Worm
Glow Worm --3 Iron--> GNU --Pineapple--> Fire Dragon --5 Iron--> Angel --4 Iron--> Lion --DLO--> Earth Dragon

Standing Stones

What when and where: here.

Dragon Blood

  1. I felt stimulated
  2. I felt searing pain
  3. I felt stimulated
  4. I felt stimulated
  5. I felt stronger
  6. I felt motivated
  7. I felt motivated
  8. I felt searing Pain ripping through my body
  9. I felt demotivated
  10. I felt stimulated
  11. I felt stronger
  12. I felt searing pain
  13. I felt demotivated
  14. I felt stimulated
  15. I felt demotivated
  16. I felt motivated
  17. I felt stimulated
  18. I felt searing pain
  19. I felt really good
  20. I felt stronger
  21. I felt really demotivated
  22. I felt stimulated
  23. I felt motivated
  24. I felt searing pain
  25. I felt stimulated
  26. I felt motivated
  27. I felt demotivated
  28. I felt stronger
  29. I felt so very weak
  30. I felt searing pain
  31. I felt stronger
  32. I felt motivated
  33. I felt demotivated
  34. I felt so very weak
  35. I felt so very weak
  36. I felt stimulated
  37. I felt demotivated
  38. I felt demotivated
  39. I felt demotivated
  40. I felt stronger
  41. I felt stronger
  42. I felt so very weak
  43. I felt demotivated
  44. I felt searing pain ripping through my body
  45. I felt demotivated

In total: -5 HP and +21 AP

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