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Duke Sam MD, Guild of Cartographers

My original character. Air, because I didn't bother reading the descriptions of what the differences were. In my other lives I am Boojum and Cartographer. Sam is my main character, and is the only one I'm bothering to do all the time consuming quests with.

You can also see where I have been since I started recording such things.

Current Plans

Order of Business

Currently doing some more levels of Hard Knocks (15 is the next one).

Background Quests

  • Reading all the Heinlien books (3 left to go).
  • Potions of Accuracy. I've had 4 levels, I'm going for a fifth when I get another vial.

Longterm Quests

Mapping the entire world. See The Great Cities Mapping Project. Sort of started accidently because I hadn't realised Dark Satanic's survey map had a greasemonkey script. Thanks to DarkSatanic (for the original idea) and Nexus (who wanted one big map).

Completed Quests

Earth Quests

  • Initiation / Getting Drunk - DONE
  • Treasure Hunt - DONE
  • Rock Soc Pub Crawl
  • School of Hard Knocks - DONE x 13 (490 hitpoints so far)

Fire Quests

  • Getting Knighted - DONE
  • Initiation - DONE
  • The Duel - DONE
  • The Gauntlet - DONE
  • Befriending the Guards - DONE
  • Becoming a Baron - DONE
  • Becoming an Earl - DONE
  • Becoming a Duke - DONE
  • The Caverns/Bomb Squad - DONE

Water Quests

  • Learning to Swim - DONE
  • Initiation / First Aid - DONE
  • Snark Hunt - DONE
  • Killing the Undead Dragon - DONE
  • Becoming a Doctor - DOME
  • On Call - DONE
  • Water Skin - DONE

Air Quests

  • Initiation / Visiting 4 Cities - DONE
  • Creature Survey - DONE
  • Standing Stones - DONE
  • Time and Space - DONE
  • Fortune Tellers - DONE (I'm a Bull!)

Thief Quests

  • Martial Arts Training at the Dojo
  • Training from the Master Thief

Northern Quests

  • Thor in a Cottage
  • Magic Egg Hunt - DONE
  • North Pole - DONE
  • Asgard

Underground Quests

  • Smelly Pete
  • South-West Tunnels
  • North-West Tunnels

Other Quests

  • Collecting Cards - DONE
  • Merchants Guild
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Ghost Hunters Guild - DONE
  • Animal Sanctuary
  • Pandora's Socks - Have socks, haven't worn them yet.
  • Herman the Hermit
  • Talisman Maker and Heinlein Books
  • Hook Your Honey on Internet Crack - DONE


Duelling is actually quite easy, because some people seem to be quite, um, 'lacking in tactics'. My planned tactic was to sit around in Fire City until I had maximum AP, then go hunt a duelist. Once I'd found one, teleport back, register, put on some James Bond music, then hunt them down with a Golden Gun. As it happens, there was someone sitting on the Temple of Fire all signed up and not doing anything, so it was a five second job to register and shoot them.

I upset someone by doing this, because apparently some people consider it dishonourable to use a gun. Personally, I consider it stupid not to. You can't tell whether they have a gun, or a glass sword, or an elemental weapon of just the right type. It just becomes random whether you win. At least assuming everyone is using a Gun (and if you don't have one, why are you dueling?) evens it out, and puts the focus onto the skill of the hunt.


A while back (whilst trying to navigate by terrain), I noticed that Dark Satanic's maps were out of date. Looking for an excuse to play around with Greasemonkey, I've written my own mapping script, and now have my own map server which keeps track of how 'fresh' the data is, allows you to view very big areas of the world at once, and allows you to leave notes for yourself or other players at a location. Currently being beta tested by a few people.

There's a big map available at Glendale.

Dragons Blood

 * Motivated (+50AP)
 * Motivated (+50AP)


Trying to finish my reading list.

 You've read Beyond This Horizon.
 You've read Rocket Ship Galileo.
 You've read Space Cadet.
 You've read Sixth Column.
 You've read Farmer in the Sky.
 You've read Between Planets.
 You've read The Puppet Masters.
 You've read The Rolling Stones.
 You've read Tunnel in the Sky.
 You've read Variable Star.
 You've read Double Star.
 You've read Time for the Stars.
 You've read Citizen of the Galaxy.
 You've read The Door into Summer.
 You've read Have Space Suit - Will Travel.
 You've read Stranger in a Strange Land.
 You've read Time Enough for Love.
 You've read The Number of the Beast.
 You've read Job: A Comedy of Justice.
 You've read Red Planet.
 You've read Starman Jones
 You've read Farnham's Freehold
 You've read Methuselah's Children
 You've read Friday
 You've read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
 You've read Podkayne of Mars
 You've read The Star Beast
 You've read Starship Troopers
 You've read To Sail Beyond the Sunset

I haven't read:

   The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
   Glory Road
   I Will Fear No Evil
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